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Do you want to level up some skills more quickly?

Posted on 2015-08-07

Some skills of the RuneScape game are really hard to level up - it can take much time and cost a lot of RS gold. However, there are some skills which can be maximized more easily than others. Today I will introduce you to five main skills of the game.

  • Prayer

It is a skill which can give you one very special ability - when a player enters a combat, he/she can pray for the help from Runescape gods. As you are leveling up your player skill, you are getting access to new prayers. New prayers mean new gods, and new gods mean new and stronger help from them.

Prayer skill is not very hard to improve. However, it will cost a lot of gold if you want to improve this skill more quickly.

  • Cooking

In order to cook food, you will need to improve your cooking skill. That doesn't mean that a player must eat to survive another day. However, cooking can help you to restore your health or give a temporary increase to your skill levels.

  • Firemaking

I think, that this skill is one of the easiest skills to maximize. If you want to make a fire, all what you need to have is a log and a Tinderbox. Making fire is very useful skill, because you can use it for cooking meat, fish and even rats.

  • Fletching

This skill is increased by making bows and arrows. It is a very useful skill, because by fletching you can make some products and use them later to improve other skills. For example, if you will produce arrows, you will be able to increase your range skill as an archer. The fletching is also very useful for making materials which can be used for magic later.

  • Range

There is a type of people, who are like obsessed with the idea to be an archer. They are shooting arrows at everything with the help of a bow. Well, this skill is called range on the RuneScape. Actually, it can be pretty hard to improve range skill, because it requires a lot of money.

These are the skills, which can be learned a little more quickly than other skills. However, if you want to level up your skills even faster, you will need to spend a lot of gold. So, first of all, you will have to earn or buy that needed RS gold.

Good luck in your game!



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