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God Wars 2 Boss Helwyr – Overview

Posted on 2016-05-26

While raiding the Grand Exchange like a Dothraki Khal is very fun, players sometimes wish to do something different. The GWD2 dungeon is a good place to go to do something different. With the spoils of your GE raiding, you should be able to afford the gear needed to complete the fight. While training the required skills for this boss fight could be time-consuming in case your character is new, you should consider investing the time, because content like this is very fun.

Helwyr is the general of Seren’s (one of the Gods involved in the dungeon) army. He is an elf from the Cywir clan. After prevailing over a great monster Hunllef, Helwyr used his powers of transformation to assume the form of the beast for himself. Even though he looks like a bear/wolf hybrid now, the fact that he’s supposed to be an elf sounds extremely weird to us. No matter, lore is lore.

This boss fight is a decent way to make money, as its drops can be sold on The Grand Exchange. You could farm this… creature to make your flipping more interesting.

While we could give you the complete rundown of the fight, the aim of our blog is to provide basic information and let you have fun discovering the details yourself. This supports our position against account buying/selling. The only exception can be made in some cases, when we find a super awesome video on the subject we’re writing about. Then, we will link it. Especially if that video is not very popular. After all, everyone should support true RuneScape enthusiasts who make superb content because they love the game just as much as we do. The more RuneScape content creators can earn a living from their efforts, the better for all. Here is the amazingly detailed Helwyr guide by Teh Proez:

 Teh Proez's Helwyr Guide

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