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What Happened This Weekend?

Posted on 2016-05-26

This weekend was quite calm, with a couple of videos about upcoming content and a Podcast coming out. Many players also took full advantage of the third Mega May Weekend, which offered some very attractive bonuses to those starved for Slayer XP. Some dedicated players took full advantage of it, earning several million Slayer XP over the promotion and getting their Slayer skill up-to-snuff.

First of all, the developers answered some questions and generally talked about the Void Knight Outpost rework. They were quite proud of a ship they made to switch with an old abomination, which looked like it was made of plywood. Who knows, they might change all ships in the zone.

The whole zone also received several changes, which resulted in a dark and moody “feel” when there. It looks like there’s a perpetual storm raging over the Void Knight Outpost. We have to point out that there are plans to include other weather patterns if some new content around the area comes out.

The developer who presented the changes and asked the questions said that he would prefer if the number of players required to enter the zone went down, as the zone is quite old, current RuneScape players overgear it, while also having higher Combat level. If the developers’ reasoning turns out to be sound, this change should turn out to be successful.

Being a purely graphical update, the rework of the Void Knight Outpost will not overly alter any quests taking place there. Granted, some action taking place in the beach was moved to The Hearth, so SOME things will be different; however, it’s will not be too difficult to figure it out and adapt.

Where this rework is concerned, there is one final point of interest: no lore changes aimed at bringing the zone into the Sixth Age are planned; however, it would be a welcome change, according to developers.

If that wasn’t enough, Jagex released a trailer for the Kindred Spirits Quest. You can see it right here. We found it very dark and interesting. To tell you the truth, we actually can’t wait to try it out.

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