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How to earn gold in the most efficient way

Posted on 2015-08-07

It can take a lot of time to earn big sums of money while playing the RuneScape. However, there is a thing called "Money making guide". This guide can help you to learn how to earn RS gold more easily and enjoy your gameplay at the same time.

Each money making guide has its requirements. These requirements must be done if you are interested in earning big sum of gold.

There are two types of methods how you can earn that precious gold. First type will give you hourly profit and the second one - one time profit, but you will be able to repeat the same method after some time.

After this introduction, I'm ready to share my knowledge with you and tell some basic tips about money making in the RuneScape universe.

If you aren't a member...

Have you ever heard about flipping? It is a process, when you are buying something and selling it for the bigger price in a short amount of time. Flipping is an easy way to earn money, but the profit from each sold item won't be very big. However, if you are keeping an item for a long time, you can decide to sell it when the price is really high - and that's called investing. Investing is good way to earn RS gold, especially if you are keeping rare items.

and if you are a member!

Being a member of RuneScape has its own advantages. One of these advantages - more efficient ways to earn gold.

For example, in the world of RuneScape you can find Elder trees. An Elder tree can be cut down when a member is at level 90 in skill called woodcutting. Cutting the Elder tree will let you to obtain elder logs and 325 experience is given per log cut. By cutting Elder trees you can earn 37 500 experience (in woodcutting) and 634 700 gold in just one hour.

If you aren't in the mood for cutting trees and want some action, you can try to fight Chaos dwarves. Fighting this creature will give you experience in slayer skill and big sums of money.

What to do if you don't want to fight either and just want to have a lot of money? What's then? The easiest way to be wealthy is to just buy RuneScape gold... You will need to find a trustworthy website which can offer the best prices. I suggest you to try Food4RS.com.

Get some money and enjoy your game even more!

 Chaos_dwarf_female elder_tree-08145855-400px     (http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131003162447/runescape/images/4/45/Chaos_dwarf_female.png, http://services.runescape.com/m=rswikiimages/resized/en/2013/10/elder_tree-08145855-400px.png)

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