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Kindred Spirits, Void Knights’ Outpost Rework Live Now

Posted on 26 May 2016

While we covered the Kindred Spirits quest extensively, some new information was released with the official announcement. We recently informed you about the Developer Q&A for the Void Knights’ Outpost graphical rework; however, we have to announce that it’s now live, just in time for the mini-game weekend promotion, when you will get double points on Pest Control and Conquest.

We have discussed the general atmosphere and theme of the Kindred Spirits quest line, as well as its part in the whole Sliske’s Endgame storyline; however some details were not released before. We told you that you will start the quest by talking to Linza at the Burthorpe’s smithy and that you will need several skills above 60 to take part. It turns out that the required skills will be Smithing, Crafting, Herblore, and Agility. Missing Presumed Death is also mandatory.

Jagex is pushing their Mega May extravaganza by making you take part in Meg’s Cases, making it a requirement to solve Robber From the Darkness Part 7 in order to participate in the Kindred Spirits quest. The jury is split on this decision, as you should not have to play through content you have no interest in to gain access to separate parts of the game. With that said, Meg’s Cases are fun. That particular one is also thematically suitable to go together with Kindred Spirits. You will just have to break the tie. If you decide that you don’t want to solve the Meg’s Case, you can just wait for Mega May to be over, as this requirement will be removed at that time.

The NXT update to Void Knights’ Outpost is now live, just in time for the last May Weekend, which will boost mini-games. The best time to explore the updated Void Knights’ Outpost will probably be from the 27 to the 30th of May.

There will be several live streams on the official RuneScape Twitch channel, where developers will talk about their plans for the future and various issues. On Tuesday, at 20:00 Game Time, Mod Raven will host a Kindred Spirits playthrough, the Chronicle: RuneScape Legends launch event will take place at 17:00 Game Time on Thursday, while Saturday will be dedicated to discussing Jagex’s plans for the Summer. Tune in at 16:00 Game Time to learn more. For those who love PvM, Sunday is the day to look forward to, as Mod Lee will host some Community PvM at 19:00 Game Time.

If you miss any of the live streams you’re interested in, check our website, as we will do our utmost best to keep you updated on anything relevant.

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