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May Weekend 2 – Dungeoneering

Posted on 2016-05-26

From Friday, the 13th of May (what a creep day it is, right?) to the 16th of May, your Dungeon activities will be more rewarding than usual. While some kind of bonus to skills that relate to the Grand Exchange would be nice, many players genuinely like blowing up monsters more, so we could understand why Jagex did it like that. We approve.

Probably the least exciting bonus to RuneScape players who are determined to spend this weekend in Gielinor is going to be Double reputation gains from Nemi forest and Trinks’ tasks. Unless you are a reputation buff, you will probably find it more exciting to take advantage of the other bonuses, which we will analyze now.

First of all, the people who like raiding will be very happy to know that raid bosses will drop loot once per day. While you don’t really get that much more loot, it’s still a very welcome boon. Especially if you need that one item or all of them. This boost will get your gear up-to-par faster.

Secondly, you will be happy to know that the game is going to be more forgiving towards mistakes this weekend, as deaths won’t give an XP penalty. While certainly nice, this isn’t really encouraging of careful gameplay, which we would like to see encouraged. In our opinion, content should be played through carefully, with attention paid to details that could get you to push daisies up in heaven, because dying is not only bad, but punishing as well. In opposition to that, we can understand that players want to relax on the weekend, so it’s great from that point of view. Whatever floats your boat, we guess.

The last RuneScape weekend bonus for the second weekend of May gives a 50% boost to your base Dungeoneering XP from completing dungeons. If you enjoy blasting dungeons to smithereens, this will be awesome, as your skill will get higher much faster. After this weekend, we could see many more RuneScape players with maxed out Dungeoneering skill. This is the beauty of Weekend bonuses.

Whatever floats your boat in RuneScape, there was or probably will be a bonus weekend for you. If you enjoy Dungeoneering, Divination skillers’ time is up, your time is now. Try shouting “The champ is here!” after coming into a dungeon, sneak around, muttering “You can’t see me.” Most importantly, have as much fun as possible playing RuneScape. We wish you an awesome weekend. Food4RS out.

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