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Mid-Week Report for the 12th of May

Posted on 2016-05-26

This week in RuneScape is half-way done already, so it’s time to quickly summarize what you may have missed if your life doesn’t revolve around RuneScape like our does. While we have to congratulate you for participating in the real-world, we wouldn’t want to be you, because we love what we do.

While we realize that it’s a slight overstatement, Jagex decided to say BOOM goes the dynamite this week. They introduced Boss Pets Overrides, which promise to be almost as cool as the White Walkers are cold. Once you kill a Boss and get its pet drop, you can skin your familiars to look similar to that boss. Jagex even promises these overrides to have new animations.

Also, Jagex staff recently announced a scheduled 5 hour live stream, where we should get some great reveals about new game features. Between the shocks of the revelations, there will be Q&As to give allow you to relax a little bit.

Another good thing to come out this week so far was the announcement concerning small updates to the God Wars Dungeon 2. You can read our previous article concerning this subject if you want to know more.

NXT is also getting some of its bugs fixed. Who knows, it could be that the PC Master Race hooligans will lose some of their bragging rights if the NXT client starts working on Mac systems properly. Who knows, though. The list of planned fixes didn’t include Mac changes specifically.

That’s all folks, you have been brought up to date on RuneScape news. Now, the only remaining thing to do is bringing you up to date on Game of Thrones if you haven’t watched the latest episode yet. We should probably put it in spoiler tags or something but to hell with it… SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!!!

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