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Posted on 07 Aug 2015

If you aren't a new player of RuneScape, you do remember what happened to this game in 2013. Old RuneScape servers were released and people started playing game from the beginning on the new servers. Everyone was happy about the new servers, but there was one big problem - many players had a lot of wealth on their earlier accounts. There was the only way to do something about it - you had to find a person, who had gold on old RuneScape servers and wanted to move it to RS3  servers. In such a way, both players could swap their gold.

So, where was a time, when many websites and forums were full of proposals to swap RuneScape gold. However, it was really hard to find a trustworthy person for the swapping. There was no assurance that a person won't cheat. Situation changed a little over time and only ranked players there considered as trusted.

There are some tips and you should know them, if you want to prevent yourself from being cheated.

  • Find a trustworthy person. You shouldn't trust and give money to a random person. If someone represents itself as a swapping service, you still can't be sure about the reliability. The best way is to find a friend from real life who will do swapping with you.
  • Don't try to swap gold with persons, who are writing in "swappers" friendchat or on livestream. They can offer you to swap gold and say that it is legit. There is a huge chance, that you will give your gold and won't get anything back.

Swapping is an opportunity for the player to bring his money to the new game. It is not cheating, so it is not against any RuneScape rules. This means, that swapping is legit and you won't be banned for doing this. However, if you will get cheated on, cheater won't be banned too and you won't get refund.

To sum up, try to find a really good person, who is trustworthy. If it is not possible, try to find some websites which can do swapping for you.

Good luck in your game!


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