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TeamViewer Legitimacy

Posted on 2016-05-26

As some RuneScape players may be aware, it is possible to play the Old School version of the game on your iPhone, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry mobile device by using Teamviewer and other mobile apps to control your computer remotely. While this might be an attractive option for those players who want to progress on their RuneScape account even while dealing with their daily tasks, we caution you to consider the risks and rewards of such activities.

While researching the matter, we discovered that Jagex mods expressed their opinion several times concerning this subject. RuneScape’s Mod Balance and JagexSupport have said that it is fine, as long as you aren’t using any additional tools that could be considered cheating. Jagex can see that Teamviewer is being used; however, you should be in the clear, unless the one click = one action rule is broken.

Despite that, you risk your account when using any third-party software. It is unlikely that you will be banned for using Teamviewer to play RuneScape but the possibility still remains because bot detection software might accidentally interpret it as a bot. Ban waves are handled automatically and in mass numbers, so you might get stuck in the net of the bot hunter software.

This isn’t the only danger presented by Teamviewer use. Any time that you use Teamviewer, the signal is prone to be hijacked by hackers. Your account could be used for their purposes. While it’s not very likely at all, the possibility is still there and should be considered before you decide to play RuneScape remotely.

If you are still grinding away on your Old School RuneScape account, the opportunity to keep doing it even when your daily life brings you away from your computer is certainly tempting. Having downtime when going about your business is certainly annoying, remote control apps could help you minimize it; however, consider the dangers before you start. If you do, be mindful that your account, no matter how unlikely it actually is, may be lost because of it.

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