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The most expensive armour sets in RuneScape

Posted on 2015-08-07

Armour sets in the RuneScape are designed to protect the player and can help to improve skills more easily. There are a lot of types of armour in the game. There are PvP, Hybrid, Power, Tank and All types of armour. Each type has its own list of armour styles. However, some of the armour sets are really expensive and you have to pay a lot of money to get them. I will try to introduce you to the most expensive armour sets.

First armour is called Third-age prayer set. It is an ancient set and includes Third-age druidic robe, wreath, staff, cloak and robe top. The total price for this set is about 2,670,00,000 RS gold. Some people say, that this set can cost even more. However, only a big sum of money paid for this armour set won't let you to wear it so easily. You will need to be at level 65 in defence and prayer skills to wear it.

A Third-age full helmet, platebody, platelegs and a kiteshield - all worn together can form another expensive armour called Third-age melee set. The total price for all set is about 834,270,000 RS gold. This set is well known for being one of the rarest and most expensive armour sets in the game. Unlike the Third-age prayer set, to wear a Third-age melee set you don't need to reach a high level in prayer skill. The only skill - defence - needs to be at level 65. However, players wear this armour not because it is very good or something, but to show that they are really rich.

The last armour to talk about is a Third-age mage set. The total price for this set is about 256,800,000 RS gold. This set is well known for being the most expensive magic set in the game. Unlike other sets, Third-age mage set has an amulet which can be bought for about 74,60,000 RS gold.

So now you know how much can an armour set cost. To earn so much money for a rare armour set you will need a lot of time. If you are thinking about buying an expensive armour set, remember that it can be a perfect investment too. After some time you will be able to sell it even for bigger price.

If you don't have enough money, try to visit some websites (for example food4RS.com). You will be able to buy some RS gold for good price ant invest it in a fabulous armour set.

melee Third-age_druidic_equipped_male 3rd_age_mage_set_equipped

(http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130409211844/runescape/images/5/50/Third-age_melee_armour_equipped.png, http://images.wikia.com/runescape/images/archive/f/f3/20121108012228!Third-age_druidic_equipped_male.png, http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120910002003/runescape/images/5/55/3rd_age_mage_set_equipped.png)

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