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5 Most Expensive Items in Old School RuneScape for Easy Gains

Posted on 2018-05-30

Legendary items you’ll want to use today.

  You know the gains I mean. That hefty amount of experience per hour. That lethal boost of accuracy and damage. It’s the unfair advantages you secretly want. But as you know, high ticket items cost serious piles of OSRS gold. Therefore it feels like your XP gains are forever capped. Your best boss time goes unbroken. And if you’re high combat, others probably think you’re a poor noob. Oh dear… But don’t sweat a storm in your pegasian boots. Why? Because we’ve crafted a list of old school runescape most expensive items and useful places to unleash them. Here’s 5 useful items that bring in the wins.

5 Most Expensive OSRS Items

1. Dexterous Prayer Scroll

Dexterous Prayer Scroll Runescape Released January 5, 2017, the dexterous prayer scroll is sought by range tanks, mains and, pkers alike. Discovered in the Chambers of Xeric, it gives you access to the rigour prayer. Rigour costs 61.8M. Thus it delivers top-tier range benefits. Requiring level 70 defense and 74 prayer to unlock, it boosts your range accuracy by 20%, range strength by 23%, and defense by 25%. This spike in power makes the dexterous prayer scroll useful in many combat situations. Events such as:
  • Bosses (KBD, Jad, Dagannoth Kings, Kree'arra, Commander Zilyana, Zulrah)
  • Slayer tasks ( TzHaar, aberrant specters, dragons, cave horrors, dagannoths, wyverns)
  • PvP (Pking, staking, minigames)
Picture how fast you’ll bolt down enemies. Even lasting longer on those bottomless slayer tasks. If you want consistently high hits, get rigour. Pro Tip: Want to save prayer? Try pray flicking. Right before you fire an arrow, turn rigour on. Once you see your experience drop, turn it off. You’ll save so much on prayer pots over time.

2. Kodai Wand

Kodai Wand Runescape It’s what every master mage wants. A wand that ignites fear with one wave. In essence, if you consider yourself a true wizard - you’ll want the Kodai Wand. Costing 105M, the Kodai Wand combines a master wand with a Kodai insignia. Released with Chambers of Xeric, this spellcaster of death requires level 75 magic to equip. And it boasts some impressive abilities and stats. Firmly grasp it and instantly gain +28 magic accuracy and +5% stackable damage. Best of all? This elite wand gives you unlimited water runes! Plus has a 15% chance of saving all runes per cast. Try using yours:
  • Bosses (Raid bosses, Dagannoth Rex, Scorpia, Zulrah, Barrows)
  • PvP (Wilderness Pking (single/multi), combat minigames (castle wars, fight pits, clan wars)
  • Slayer tasks (dust devils, metallic dragons)

3. Ancestral Robe Set

Ancestral Robe Set Runescape Strong. Stylish. And fit for a mighty magician. What’s not to love? Discovered in the Chamber of Xeric, full ancestral costs 221.4M
  • Hat = 23.7M
  • Robe Bottom = 85.5M
  • Robe Top = 112M
It requires level 75 magic and 65 defense to wear. Once on, this opulent set provides +69 magic accuracy and +61 magic damage. Similar to ahrims robes, but offers you slightly better defense, and never degrades. Whether you’re a PvMer, pker or fashionscape connoisseur, these silky robes always impress. Check it…
  • Bosses (Inferno, Great Olm, Barrows, Zulrah, Abyssal Sire)
  • Slayer tasks (Bronze - rune dragons, Tzhaar, smoke devils)
  • PvP (wilderness pking, duel arena staking, PvP worlds, castle wars)
Imagine how victorious you’ll feel fighting in these robes. Scorching Pkers with fire wave. Catching freezes in the inferno. Don’t battle in pixie scrubs. Instead suit up in robes fit for a master-class mage.

4. Elysian Spirit Shield

Elysian Spirit Shield Runescape One shield to block it all... Dubbed one of the most expensive RS items, the Elysian spirit shield pushes the money needle at 641M! It’s forged from an elysian sigil and spirit shield and requires 75 defense and prayer to wield. As a result, it provides some of the best defense bonuses in game. Plus it has a notable passive effect. Once equipped, there’s a 70% chance of reducing incoming damage by 25%. Meaning that 40 hit splat becomes a 30. With unbeatable defense comes great reward. And this shield practically blocks it all like magic. Try your Elysian spirit shield here:
  • Bosses (General Graardor, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Abyssal Sire, Barrows, Great Olm, Cerberus)
  • Slayer Monsters (abyssal demons, dark beasts, gargoyles, hellhounds, nechryaels)
  • PvP (Staking, Pking, Minigames)

5. Twisted Bow

Twisted Bow Runescape Coined the most expensive item on runescape, the twisted bow was released on January 5, 2017. Since then, rangers have drooled with envy over this omnipotent weapon. How come? Other than stylish looks, it possesses unmatched power. With a range requirement of level 75, and the ability to hurl any arrow, this bow sits on top of the money pyramid at 1.2B. But what adds to its strength is its special effect. Here’s what it looks like: Twisted Bow Bonus Runescape How it works is simple. The higher your opponents magic level, the stronger your hits. Making your max hit in PvP combat 89 (with max range gear) and 250 in PvM (outside of chambers of xeric) With these potent hits, you’re probably thinking where’s the best place to use a twisted bow? Try:
  • Bosses (Jad, Inferno, Raids, Zulrah, KBD, Skitzo, Abyssal Sire, Dagannoth King)
  • Slayer beasts (Brutal black dragons, cave horrors, dust devils, dragons, wyverns)
  • PvP (staking, pking, minigames)


Food4Thought Runescape-gold There you have it. 5 most expensive items on OSRS for quick practical gains. As you see, these pricy rare give you god like power. Think of how happy you’ll feel landing nearly every ice barrage. Absorbing incoming damage like an armored tank. Even hitting harder on bosses. Quickening slayer tasks. And winning loot all over the wilderness. It doesn't even matter if your stats are low. Or if your cash stack isn’t tall. Because when you visit our blog and gold shop, you’ll discover what you need to gain a powerful advantage over your competition. Remember, determination is the crystal key to your OSRS success. It’s what's gotten you this far, hasn't it? So get those items. Secure more wins. And have fun. Because items you use today sculpt your experience tomorrow. P.S - Our blog is expanding fast! Check out our new posts now. P.S.S - Gold prices are at record lows. Get gold while these discount prices last!

5 Most Expensive OSRS Items

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