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The most famous Twitch streamers

Posted on 07 Aug 2015

Have you ever heard of opportunity to stream your gameplay online? In fact, it is very popular thing to do and many people like to watch how other players are playing. Today I will give you some information about a successful streaming of a gameplay on Twitch and introduce you to the most famous streamers.

First of all, what is Twitch? It is an website which is used as a live streaming video platform. A person, who is streaming his/her gameplay, is called a streamer. Streamers can have a lot of followers or subscribers, who are especially interested in streamers gameplay.

One of the most famous streamer on the internet is Adam Lyne, best known as a B0aty. He started to play RuneScape in 2003. You can easily calculate that Adam Lyne has been playing this game for about twelve (!) years. B0aty has over 150 000 followers and one gameplay, which is streamed by him, gets about 4000 of views. However, this popular streamer isn't interested only in getting more views or followers. For example, Adam Lyne held two separate gaming marathons on Twitch in 2014. During these gaming marathons, he asked viewers to donate money for a charity and was able to collect 50 000 pounds. All raised money were donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Another well known streamer is called MmorpgRS. This streamer streams his gameplay about every two days. He gets about 1500 views each time when he is on Twich. With such a result, MmorpgRS can be the most popular streamer online (in situation, when B0aty isn't streaming his gameplay too). MmorpgRS twitch has about 47 000 followers.

These two streamers are the most popular streamers on the Twitch. You can learn from them some gaming tips or you can just enjoy watching their gameplay. Moreover, they are a perfect example how you can make some money from the game, because viewers give donations for streamer. How cool is that?


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