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The Tournament arena

Posted on 07 Aug 2015

Are you ready to fight? Are you really sure?

I'm just kidding, the Tournament arena of the RuneScape isn't such a scary thing. In fact, you can gather up a group of game-friends and test your abilities and skills.

To start a fight, you will have to find nine more people for the teams. Two teams are needed to have a war. Each team must have five players.

If you want to access Tournament arena, you should visit one of these RuneScape worlds:

  • World 352
  • World 353
  • World 357

So, there are three options for you to chose from. As soon as you will be logged in one of the worlds written above, your account will be risen to max stats.

You will be able to use unlimited tournament supplies. This means, that there is an opportunity to pick out your ideal setup for the fight.  Will you have to pay for it? No. How cool is that?

However, there is no chance that you will be able to bring all used supplies and armor from the Tournament Arena to the RuneScape world. In fact, your progress won't be transferred to the normal world too. Are you sad about this and don't want to go fight for no reason? You need to know, that the war in the Tournament arena has its own advantages. Tournament Arena  is a place, where:

  • you can improve your fighting skills;
  • you can play with your friends and have an amazing time;
  • you can gear up yourself as you always wanted;
  • you can test supplies which you don't have in the real RuneScape world.

The best thing is, that after the fighting you will be able to know what you need to improve or change. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to decide, which things you would like to get in the real RuneScape world.

So, gather up your friends, gear up and get ready to show your best skills at war!



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