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    Why do players put up RuneScape gold for sale?

    Posted on 07 Aug 2017

    You have probably already heard that some people put up RuneScape gold for sale. If you are a new player, or you never had money surplus, it might come as a surprise for you: why would anyone do this when they can use it to buy required items in the game? There are many reasons why some players decide to sell their currency and we’ll try to go through some of them today.

    Player decided to quit

    It is quite sad for game creators when some players decide that it was enough to play their game and now it’s time to move on. Of course, the players also don’t want that their long time game play would not go to waste. If they have quite a lot of gold pieces piled up, they can just choose to sell it and have some of their expenses returned. Since they will not need any items anymore, you can also exchange them in the Grand Exchange and get more gold. That can you as well sell to get more money.

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    Get some extra money

    Another reason, why people decide to put up surplus RuneScape gold for sale is to have another income for their real world budget. Of course, it has to be noted, that this should not become the main income for people. But if you need a few hundred dollars soon, this process can be much easier than just taking a payday loan or getting a raise or working a few extra hours.

    If you want to sell your gold, you should note, that usually the sales start from 1 million coins. So if you only have a couple of coins surplus, you should first complete some quests, get more skills before even thinking of what to sell.

    To put or not to put up RuneScape goold for sale is personal decision. Some people might do it for the extra money, some people might do it so that their game wouldn’t go to waste after they quit. Either way, it’s best to sell when there’s a significant amount in your bag, otherwise you won’t get a lot of money.


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