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3 OSRS AFK Money Making Skills that Save You Time

Posted on 2018-03-30

Ugghhh...11:30 pm already?! Your eyes widen in disbelief. You should get rest, but why stop now? You just need to collect 3 more inventories. Knock out two herb runs. Then take one final shot at securing that prestigious pet. Afterall, tonight may be your lucky night, right? You hastily bank your overstuffed backpack and rub your amulet of glory, yet again... Do you want to know Old School Runescape most formidable foe? It affects every player. Yourself included. It freezes your momentum like a powerful arctic ice barrage. It delays your money making in OSRS success rate with unrivaled force. What is it you ask? Time. As you know, Runescape can swallow days of it. Between classes, work, family, and friends, you feel as if your fun is sliced short. And how could you not? This means less time PKing with your clan. Less time maxing your stats. Less time filling your bank with money and rares. That’s why we’re bringing you proven OSRS AFK money making methods. Yes, the same ones busy players like you use every day for time efficient cash. It’s AFK money making OSRS style. You ready? Here’s how to make money in OSRS training these 3 AFK skills.

1. Cooking

Runescape Cooking Money Making If it swims, sprints or flys - toss it on the fire. Released on January 4th, 2001, cooking is as iconic as Runescape itself. It allows you to transform raw foods into savory masterpieces that heal your hitpoints. You may say “As AFKable as cooking is, you can’t profit, especially in 2018.” However, that’s not the case. Check it… Your profit is based on player demand. Ask yourself, what foods are popular amongst the community? Why do they need that food?

Consider Sharks

Imagine buying 1k raw sharks at their base price (598 GP each). Now sizzle them over a red hot fire or range. Then sell your cooked sharks at base price (698 GP each). You gained 100k in that hour for nearly no effort! Yes, of course, it’s quick Runescape AFK money making. You can even finish your homework while you cook...if you think you’re time savvy. Pro Tip: Want to cook more and click less? Try cooking at one of these popular locations:
  • Rogues Den Fire
  • Catherby Range
  • Cooking Guild (with level 32 cooking and a chefs hat)

2. Woodcutting

Runescape Woodcutting AKF Ahhh...that strong piney scent every lumberjack sharpens their dragon axe to. Woodcutting was released January 4th, 2001. And as with many resource skills, the logs you obtain can be used to train other skills like fletching, firemaking, and construction. So what makes AFK woodcutting one of OSRS best money making methods? The ability to rake in cash and experience while you chat, chill or train on another account. It’s great! But there is a catch… ...you have to know what trees yield what you’re looking for. Because after all, you want to know how to make money OSRS style don’t you?   Then consider magic trees. Accessible at level 75, you’ll make nearly 41M on your path to 99.

So where’s an effective AFK spot to chop? Try the Hosidius House. Located in the Southwest corner of Great Kourend. Not only is the bank a log throw away, you instantly receive an invisible +7 woodcutting boost. Once you enter, simply select your magic tree. Tightly grip your favorite ax. And swing with the mighty force of Zamorak himself! Within minutes, you’ll see your inventory burst to life with stacks of magic logs. This AFK method gives you plenty of free time. Free time to spend scrolling through OSRS Reddit or getting more OSRS gold today. Think of how accomplished you’ll feel when you see your cash pile go green with minimal effort!

3. Fishing

Runescape Fishing AKF Go on, grab your bait. Carefully unbox your powerful dragon harpoon. And slide into your stylish yet salty scented angler outfit. Because we’re going fishing! Off the topic, but you can also read our new (2019-02) complete and ultimate LVL 1-99 OSRS fishing  guide. Released on June 11, 2001, fishing has supplied PVMers, PKers and, skillers for nearly two decades. So if you want to start making money OSRS style, at nearly 300k per hour, keep reading… What’s the method? Try Karambwan fishing. It’s simple and one of the best AFK money making OSRS methods available.

How to AFK Karambwan Fish

What you need:
  • 1 Karambwan Vessel
  • 300+ Raw Karambwanji
  • Ring of Dueling
  • Access to Fairy Rings
  1. Teleport to an easily accessible fairy ring and use code DKP.
  2. With your hand woven karambwan vessel, run to the bubbly fishing spot and plunge it into the warm coastal water (remember your raw karambwanji).
  3. Now fish here until your inventory is stuffed to the brim.
  4. Teleport to Castle Wars.
  5. Bank.
  6. Now teleport back to that fairy ring to rinse, wash and repeat.
Pro Tip: These fishing spots are unique. Why? Because the karambwans never move locations! Pretty cool, don’t you think? This means you don’t have to focus and click every few minutes. Now you’ll enjoy massive profits and EXP for virtually no work! How’s that for a Runescape AFK money making 2018 method?  


Runescape separator There you have it ladies, gents and internet dads - 3 AFK ways to make money OSRS style. As with any method, give it a few runs. Test it out. Let the muscle memory sink in. And watch your bank steadily grow. Before long, you’ll not only make more OSRS gold, but you’ll free yourself from hours of intense focus. Focus you can spend on improving, fulfiling or satisfying any aspect of your life. Hungry for more? Check back daily and click our blog or shop for quick easy tips, tricks, and Runescape gold!

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