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OSRS Gold Guide: 3 Simple Ways to Get a Bond in F2P

Posted on 12 Apr 2018

Runescape Gold Bond Guide

We’ve all been there. As a free to play (F2P) player, you may feel like your Runescape adventure is limited. Incomplete. Lackluster at times. You often think about carving monsters to pieces with a razor-sharp dragon scimitar. Or successfully bolting down Jad for that legendary fire cape. You even considered battling alongside the tenacious void knights at pest control. But as you know, one thing halts your journey. It keeps you locked in those silver star worlds. It prevents you from advancing like Talverys locked gate of mystery... What is it? A membership bond. Every player has asked themselves “is it a good time to buy bonds? Anytime to buy Runescape bonds is really. They’re low priced when you get yours with OSRS gold on the Grand Exchange. But if you think you want some simple methods, keep reading… We’ve all launched our Runescape adventure in Lumbridges cobblestone courtyard. And if you’re new to OSRS, you may find OSRS gold making guides tricky. You’re not alone. So don’t get your iron full helm plume in a tizzy. Just imagine cashing in your bond. Fingers primed, you click your way into world 2. Seconds later you warp a new yet familiar territory. A smile traces your face as your F2P shackles turn to sand. What’s the first member skill you’ll train? What distant lands will you bravely explore? Think you’re ready to find out? Here are 3 simple ways to get a bond in F2P.

1. Anti-Dragon Shield Buyout

Runescape Anti Dragon Shield Buyout

F2P worlds can test your OSRS money making skills like a clue scroll puzzle box. You’ll soon realize they shell out minimal amounts of gold. And due to limited land to explore, swarmed resources areas and a sea of hungry bots, competition remains fierce. But hey, you're probably relieved you found this post. Because you stumbled on a little known yet effortless money making method in Runescape buy bonds. It starts with an anti-dragon shield. And ends with your bank growing at nearly 100k an hour. Look at this… How to Turn Orange into Gold What you need:
  • 100K+
  • Completion of Dragon Slayer Quest
Steps to take:
  1. Walk to Edgeville and trade Oziach (north-west corner).
  2. Buy out his anti-dragon shields.
  3. Sprint to Edgevilles bank and deposit your shields.
  4. Repeat until your golds run dry.
  5. Sell on the Grand Exchange.
Oziach will sell you anti-dragon shields average of 32gp each. What makes this easy to follow method rewarding? How you can turn around and sell them for 75gp each. This is one of Old School Runescapes legit money doubling systems. Plus, you’ll feel happy when you buy old school Runescape bonds freely with little requirement. Pro Tip: Play around with prices when you sell your shields. When you log before bed, bump up your selling price. You may be surprised at what people pay to satisfy desire...

2. Rune Shop Stop & Hop

Runescape Rune Shop Stop and Hop

For F2P players, this method can be a vessel of opportunity. Why? You ask yourself. Simply because it requires zero skill. For decades, rune shops across Gielinor fueled mystic magicians of all levels. Providing them runes to alch. Runes to sap blood from the living. Even runes to bake pie...you know, if you’re into magical sweets that is. However, this tactic isn’t simply cows and goblins. You need to know which runes net you massive gold. Remember - supply and demand. Most players use magic for combat. Think PVP or Slayer. Therefore combat runes (chaos and death) are fruitful choices. How to Efficiently Stockpile Death Runes What you need:
  • 100K+
Steps to take:
  1. Choose one of the F2P rune shops - Varrock or Port Sarim.
  2. Trade and buy all death runes or chaos rune in stock.
  3. Hop worlds and follow step two until your cash vanishes.
  4. Sell death runes on the GE to increase your revenue.
Understand, death rune max stock is 250 in shops. Lowest you’ll buy them for is 180 GP each. More you obtain, higher the price spikes. And yet, you still profit. How so? The max price for shop death runes is 224 GP each. The average GE buying price is 245 GP each. Meaning you can make nearly 175k+ an hour! Not bad for some magically imbue rune essence, wouldn’t you say? Pro Tip: When buying runes, consider the day and time of day. This method is most effective weekdays, during working/sleeping hours.

3. Telekinetic Alchemist

Runescape Telekinetic Alchemist

Two spells at once? Not quite. It’s well known that the alchemy spell (level 55 magic) turns virtually anything into a gleaming pile of gold. Ideally used to train magic, you stand to make a pretty penny. But unfortunately, GE prices constantly shift with instability - what profited yesterday may not today. So if you want to buy Runescape bonds now, efficiency is the key to your membership. Consider this, why rely on one OSRS money making method when it’ll seamlessly interlace with another? You’ll profit from alching while casting telekinetic grab (level 33 magic). That’s what gives this tactic a leading edge. Even if you lose money every high alch cast, you get it back with Zamorak's unholiest of red wines - tenfold. How You can Make 375k an hour F2P What you need:
  • Air Staff
  • 100+ Law Runes
  • 400 +Nature Runes
  • Falador Teleport
  • 400+ items to Alch (EX: steel/mithril plate body, black d’hide chaps, etc…)
Steps to take:
  1. When your inventory is filled with these items, dash to the chaos temple.
  2. Once there, cast telekinetic grab on the wine of Zamorak.
  3. While it respawns, high alch your noted items (average 8-9 alches in between).
  4. Look at the table. See that tasty wine? Cast telekinetic grab on it again.
  5. Full inventory? Teleport to Falador and bank.
  6. Now run back to the temple to heist even more.
Not only will you bask in a pool of magic experience, you stand to make virtually 300k per hour! Pro Tip: Want to discover profitable items to alch right now? Use 2007 HQ GE Watch. Get up to date prices on every tradeable item. 


Runescape Food4Thought

There you have it - 3 simple ways to get a bond in F2P. As a F2P player strapped for gold, you may feel as if these methods are right for you. They’re easy to follow. Host minimal requirements. Plus, you’ll probably pull in 100k+ an hour. Even so, how will you know unless you get your hands dirty? As with any OSRS gold guide, experimentation paves your road to riches. Like life, nothing’s set in rune ore. Play around. See what OSRS money making methods you like. Streamline them as you progress. And remember - have fun. Because your real adventure has just begun… P.S - Do you need more quality money making methods? Check out our blog today. P.S.S - Want quick gold for a powerful elder maul? Sleek ranger boots? Impressive 99 herblore? Visit our discounted gold shop. Yes, the only one thousands of satisfied Runescape players trust for their gold. All day. Every day. 24/7 for your convenience.

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