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OSRS Gold Guide: How to Runecraft, Hunt and Slay Your Way to More Money

Posted on 15 Mar 2018

Because not every skill delivers osrs gold like this… You’ve probably heard it before. “If you want to make money, why not go PKing? Why not stake at the duel arena?” It’s simple. Not everyone wants to shed blood through combat training just to make osrs gold. As you know, in Old School Runescape, the foundation of your account is built on 23 unique skills. Skills ranging from resource gathering and combat to artisan and support. Each brings new challenges to face and obstacles to hurdle. Some skills level fast. Some skills level slow. Some won’t make you any money. While others will make your bank grow. Afterall, you want a reliable way to generate rapid wealth right now correct? So how do you plan on getting that new powerful Armadyl Godsword? That indigo blue Kodai wand? That extra 50M to flaunt around friends? When you’re not the biggest fan of staking, PKing or you haven't recently bought OSRS gold? The answer is hidden in plain sight like a splintered casket from a master clue scroll. Consider investing your time into profitable skills. Skills that not only beef up your overall stats like spicy stew but kickstart your journey to a reliable source of income. So out of the notable Runecrafting, Slayer and Hunter skills, which training methods are the most profitable? Check it... Here what you should know about making OSRS gold with Runecrafting, Slayer and Hunter:

1. Runecrafting

runecrafting runescape gold

Dubbed as one of the longest skills to train, runecrafting unquestionably takes the bakers cake as one of the most profitable artisan skills. Why? Because runes are constantly in demand. Runecrafters have supplied PKers, alchers and yes, even skillers for years. Therefore, transforming pure essence into castable cash. As with many OSRS stats, higher your level, juicier your reward. And in Old School Runescape, double runes from essence is like a calculated max hit from your dragon claws. More profit potential for your efforts. Check it, from 44-99 abyss nature runecrafting, you stand to gain nearly 400M! That’s a lot of osrs nature runes. But let’s say you don’t want to invest time into 92 runecrafting. You simply want a unique way to max your profits per hour. Try astral runecrafting. Osrs astral runes can be crafted at level 40 and doubled at 82. Assume they sell at a baseline price of 180gp each. At level 82+ runecrafting you stand to make a tasty 1.4M an hour! #Sweet! Since you need level 92 to double nature runes, this method saves you an inventory of precious time. Not only will you satisfy your hunger for osrs gold, you’ll gain a cheeky 24k magic and 35k runecrafting experience an hour doing so. Not too bad wouldn’t you say?

2. Slayer

slayer runescape gold making

Dust off your abyssal whip, strap on your primordial boots and string your short bows because we’re about to slay some rugged beasts. Released in 2005, slayer is a support skill widely known for its long-term revenue at high levels. With it comes new weapons, fresh creatures and delicious drops that would make an ogre look thrice. From 1-99 slayer you can expect to make nearly 500M! Wow. Imagine your playing with your friends. Your off task. And everyone decides to boost their osrs max hit training strength or range. Do you know where you can get decent exp and money even at a medium combat level? I do...

3 Profitable OSRS Slayer Monsters

1. Blue Dragons (level 111)

blue dragon gold making

Though requiring no osrs slayer level, you can melee or range blue dragons for their blue hides and dragon bones. You’ll find these dragons dwelling in Taverly Dungeon, Ogre Enclave or the Heros Guild - each with their own respective safe spot. Now depending on your combat style (melee or range) and level, you can walk away with virtually 200k-500k per hour. Just remember to bring your anti-dragon shield!

2. Skeletal Wyverns (level 140)

skeletal wyverns gold guide

Those big boney birds in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon? Yes, and while you only need level 72 slayer, they dish out some of OSRS most savory drops. Lush loot that include:
  • Rune items
  • Dragon legs and plate skirts
  • Plus the iconic dragon visage
At wyverns, expect to pull in a solid 400k-700k per hour with range or melee. Pro tip: When unleashing your fury on skeletal wyverns, bring an ancient, mind, dragonfire or elemental shield. Their ice breath attack chills you to the bone and lowers your stats if not properly protected.

3. Greater Nechryaels (level 200)

greater nechryaels osrs money making

Is it a demon? A skeleton? Nechryaels require level 80 slayer to perish and you’ll find them in the slayer tower or catacombs, which house greater nechryaels. Nechryaels can be tricky because they summon 2 death spawns in the heat of osrs combat. Their mission? Wipe you out. Luckily, their max hit is 2 but they’ll ignore your protection prayers. You may be thinking “so...how much can I make in one hour?” Nearly 700K! Some of their notable drops include:
  • Rune items
  • Runes (blood, law, death)
  • High-level herbs and seeds
Pro Tip: Since nechryaels are demons, try using the osrs arclight. As it provides +70% accuracy and damage against demons. Realize, you’re not limited to these osrs slayer monsters. However, if you want fast consistent Runescape gold - consider these three monsters solo or with friends.

3. Hunter

osrs gold making hunter

Lastly, there’s hunter. The gathering skill which allows you to catch, net or box a plethora of creatures. What’s great about hunter? It’s versatile. Like slayer, hunter allows you to swim in a lake of gold at high levels. Plus, for enormous amounts of EXP and money, you’re not limited to one method. At level 27 you gain access to box traps. These allow you to catch those fluffy chinchompas. And since red and black chinchompas are used to train range quick - they’re always in demand. At level 63 you can catch red chinchompas in Feldip Hills. And at level 80, expect to generate an average of 370k per hour at red chins. Not bad. But you’re probably thinking to yourself “370k an hour? Why not runecraft or slay?” Remember what I mentioned about versatility? Here’s how it braids in… At level 80 hunter, you can catch black chinchompas. The slightly frightening part? They dwell in level 30+ wilderness. Brave it, and you’re likely to claim an exciting 964K per hour (assuming you don’t constantly get PKed). Plus in the wilderness, you can lay an extra trap for faster money and experience. Pro Tip: Bring an imp box. They let you send an item or stack of items to the bank anywhere you can teleport. Think about it, why risk your hard work when you don’t have to?


osrs gold making guide

There you go ladies and gents. You’re more aware of OSRS 3 most profitable skills. Skills that not only show your dedication but also, are powerful instruments to generate a reliable money system. Now don’t feel limited to just these three. Mining, smithing and farming also deserve a noteworthy mention as they’re remarkably profitable as well. So if you crave quick Runescape gold, click here or give these 3 skills and methods a go. You may even get an eye-catching pet to flaunt! And as always, enjoy your Old School Runescape adventure. P.S - Check out our popular blog for new Old School Runescape tips, tricks and, guides to get more osrs gold today.

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