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RuneScape Gambling story and best gamblers in RuneScape

Posted on 29 Jun 2015


Player types. There are two types of players when gambling occurs: the host, or player, that offers a deal, takes the bet and makes the event occur. And the "player" or "gamer", who places the bet. Odds are almost always favour the host, who can make millions off of lost bets. The host is at the risk to lose slightly less than the gamer should win (since hosts keep up to 10% of the winnings as their "fee" when chances of winning are 50-50), although the player/gamer is often put at even more risky through the dangers of a scam.
Spots. The best spot for gamblers was Duel Arena or Grand Exchange. On trading worlds it was not uncommon to see the entire South of the Grand Exchange flooded with "Flower Gaming" and vice versa on staking worlds at the Duel Arena. The South entrance of the Grand Exchange on worlds 2, 6 and 18 were unofficially known as the "Gambling Grounds". March 18th, 2013, all forms of player-run gambling were against the RuneScape terms and conditions. As part of this rules change, Jagex made several changes to the most common factors in player-run games of chance.
At 2013, gambling was removed from RuneScape forever.
Methods of RuneScape gambling:
Dice games (the king of gambling);
Flower games (most popular);
Classic cape game;
Horn games.
Gambling kings. Now, let‘s talk about RuneScape gambling kings. Best RuneScape friends chat for gambling was called Win all day. This guy created friend chat without hopings, that one day he will be the richest player in RuneScape. He has a video on his Youtube channel, showing 200B in items and coins. It is confirmed that he was banned for RWT. He confirmed that his accounts had over 100B in shards/rares when it was banned. He also claims that the reason he got banned was because one of his old ranks made a gold selling website and putting his name as the leader of the group getting him ban. However it is relatively well known that he has made thousands of real dollars playing the game.
And in August 17th, 2012, Win All Day was banned without unban.

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