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OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) Guide To Sarachnis – A Great Supplies Source

Posted on 2019-07-23

About the boss:

Sarachnis is a brand new, mid-difficulty boss which was released on 4 of July 2019 and is notable for wide range of supplies drops like seeds, herbs, uncuts high tier ores etc. You can also obtain cool looking “sraracha” pet, book pages which can be exchanged for a 10k xp lamp and a new one-handed crush weapon Sarachnis crudgel which currently sells for 6M at G.E. (July 2019). Another great feature about Sarachnis is that you don’t need any quests, diaries or mini games completed and you can try your luck even if you have mid leveled character or kill it with your friends, as this boss is located in multiple attack area. If you die, you will be able to retrieve your items without any fee, unlike killing Vorkath or Alchemical Hydra. 

Drops and profits:

Average profit from a single kill is around 30k+ OSRS gold. But your profits could be boosted by Sarachnis crudgel which costs around 6M 2007 runescape gold at current G.E prices (July 2019) and Jar of eyes which currently costs 1.2M 07 rs gold. Along with regular drops, there is a common chance to receive Giant egg sac and Tattered moon/sun/pages. Giant egg sac contains 100 red spiders’ eggs and Tattered pages in packs of 5 each, could be exchanged for 10k xp lamps during the “In search of Knowledge” mini quest. Therefore, this is boss is also friendly for Ironmen who are looking for skilling supplies. 

Requirements and recommendations:

There are no quest or stats requirements for this boss, but high combat stats will help you to get more kills per trip, therefore I highly recommend having at least these combat stats:

75+ Attack

80+ Strength 

70+ Defence

80+ Hitpoints

70+ Prayer (for using Piety)

If you don’t have these stats, you can also consider inviting your friends, as this boss is in multi-attack area. You can also compensate your lower stats with high tier gear options. Also note, Sarachnis is highly resistant to magic and ranged attacks, therefore good melee weaponry is recommended, especially crush weapons like Leaf-bladed battleaxe (55 Slayer lvl. required to wear it) or Abyssal bludgeon as this boss is weak to crush attacks. Sarachnis could also be killed during spiders slayer assignment, which will reward you with nice slayer xp boost and 15% attack bonuses with your Slayer helm or Black mask. 

Gear setup:

Below you can see and pick one of three possible gear setups which is listed from the cheapest and least effective to the most effective but costly.

  1. First gear setup is enough to make 1-3 kills and it will only cost your around 3M gold. Amulet of Glory will also provide an easy teleportation out method. 

Head slot: Serpentine Helm, 3.4M (which is best head slot item except if you’re on blue dragons’ task, then swap it for slayer’s helm)  

Items list with current (July 2019) G.E. prices:

Head slot: Neitiznot helm, 55k

Neck slot: Amulet of Glory, 13K

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: Your best cape, switch to Infernal or Obsidian (400K) 

Armor slot: Karil’s leathertop, 1.8M and Torag’s legs, 400K

Weapon: Leaf-bladed battleaxe, 110k (55 slayer required)

Shield slot: Dragon Defender

Gloves: Combat Bracelet, 13k

Boots: Dragon Boots, 400k

Ring: Ring of wealth, 13k

2. Second gear setup will cost you around 25M and is a decent option, especially if you have 90+ combat stats. You can expect to get 5-8           kills per trip and make some nice hits with Elder maul :)

Items list with current (July 2019) prices:

Head slot: Verac’s Helm, 180k

Neck slot: Amulet of Fury, 3M

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: Your best cape, switch to Infernal or Obsidian (400K) 

Armor slot: Karil’s leathertop, 1.8M and Torag’s legs, 400K

Weapon: Elder Maul, 17.2M

Gloves: Barrows Gloves

Boots: Dragon Boots, 400k

Ring: Berserker Ring (imbued), 3.1

3. Top tier option which will cost you around 140M. This might sound like a lot, but this is the best option if you want to camp Sarachnis for good, also, if you have lower combat stats. If you don’t have enough gold, you can swap some items for lower tier or purchase some gold on our website by clicking on this link.

Items list with current (July 2019) prices:

Head slot: Verac’s Helm, 180k

Neck slot: Amulet of Torture, 14M

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: Your best cape, switch to Infernal or Obsidian (400K) 

Armor slot: Karil’s leathertop, 1.8M and Bandos Tassets, 30M

Weapon: Abyssal Bludgeon, 31M

Gloves: Ferocious gloves, 7.7M

Boots: Primordial boots, 31M

Ring: Ring of suffering (imbued), 14M.

Inventory setup and spec. weapon options:

For your first trip, this inventory setup should work on any gear tier. Once you will get more experience on the boss, you will feel which inventory setup works best for you, but for now, take your best food, some sara brews prayer restoring pots like displayed below: 

But before setting sails for Sarachnis, here’s is few spec. weapons options: Saradomin (36M), Bandos (11M), Zamorak (5M) godswords are good options against this boss, as they all have high crush damage potential. Bandos’ special will lower Sarachnis’ defences, which will make your kill quicker. Saradomin’s special attack will restore your HP and prayer which will make your trip last longer and Zamorakian special attack will freeze Sarachnis on the spot which will help you to land more hits without running back and forth. If you want cheaper option, you can also use Crystal (requires hard western provinces diaries completed) or Dragon (required Regicide quest) Halberts. Dragon mace or DDS will do the job as well. Make your choice and let’s check how to get there:

Getting there:

Sarachnis is located in Great Kourend, Forthos dungeon which is marked by red cross in the map displayed below:

There are few teleportation methods which are marked by yellow crosses:

  • Xeric’s Look out for which you will need Xeric’s Talisman. 
  • Woodcutting guild, which could be accessed using Skilling Necklace.
  • You could also plant a spirit tree, which is the closest to Forthos dungeon. But you will need at least 83 farming (boostable).
  • Kourend House teleport, which could be accessed by locating your player owned house in Kourend or using scrolls of redirection oh home.

Once you get inside the dungeon, you will need a slashing weapon to move through few spider webs. Therefore, if you will be using Elder Maul or Abyssal Bludgeon don’t forget to take a knife, or slashing spec. weapon, like godswords. 

Below you can see a route, marked by light green line which leads from the entrance (light green cross) to the Sarachnis nest:

Before entering, check some fighting tips and mechanics below:

Fighting tips:

The most useful way to kill Sarachnis is by using a massive newspaper:

But, as this weapon is not available yet, so you will need to do it hard way:

Before you enter the instance, make sure your auto-retaliate mode is off, because Sarachnis will be spawning some lesser spiders. 

Sarachnis has only 2 basic attack styles and 2 special abilities. Once you will be in melee range, Sarachnis will be using melee attack, once she will get out of melee range, she will hit you with range attacks. Therefore, you must flick prayers accordingly:

Failing your prayer flicks might result in up to 31+ damage. Also note, her successful melee attacks will also heal her for 5 HP.

Every 4 basic attacks she will use her 1st special ability – a sticky web. You can determine this, by when she says “Hsss!”. Sticky web will root you for like 3 seconds, while root is active, she will walk away from you, which means you will have to pray ranged and get back to her ASAP and protect melee again:

After every 8-10 basic attacks, she will also spawn 2 smaller spiders, which will be using magic and melee-based attacks which can hit up to 13, therefore, your Karil’s top will come in handy. Nevertheless, you still want to keep your focus on Sarachnis, because there is no limit on how many spiderlings she can spawn and you will get overwhelmed by them eventually, even if you had the best gear:

Killing Sarachnis will also kill all spiderlings, then you will have 30 seconds to get your HP back up before she respawns again. First kill might be tough, but after some practice you will figure it out. P.S. If you’re struggling with this boss, you can always choose our website to buy some OSRS gold to improve your gear:



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