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OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) Alternative Dagannoth Kings Solo Guide For Highest Profits

Posted on 2019-06-11

About Dagannoth Kings:

Dagannoth kings are a group of 3 high combat level monsters, laying in Waterbirth island’s dungeon. They are relatively easy to kill especially if you’re on Dagannoth slayer’s task which is quite common if you’re using Nieve/Steve or Duradel. This money making method is excellent choice for low-to-mid-range players as it don’t require such hardcore quests like Dragon Slayer 2 or Regicide. Also, you won’t need any high level skills like Slayer or Agility, but this doesn’t mean they have low profit making potential.

These kings, also known as DKS, are notable for dropping best in-game rings for different attack styles which are listed below with the current (2019 June) prices:

Berserker ring – 3.5M

Archers ring 5.3M

Seers ring – 450k

Warrior ring – 76K.

Official rate for dropping these rings is 1/128 but this is divided among other unique drops, so you can expect your first ring in first 30-50 kills, but this also depends on your RNG, I got my first berserker ring in 3 kills but it is very possible to even get few rings in single trip like this lucky duo below:

DKS have more unique drops which won’t be included in this guide as they have low price and our main goal is a highest possible profit. This is what actually makes this guide alternative, because most DKS solo guides are focused on killing all 3 kings. But in this guide, we will ignore Prime (magic) king and focus on Rex (melee) and Supreme (ranged) kings as they drop the highest value rings.

Requirements and recommendations:

There are no strict requirements for DKS and it’s even possible to do it without any quests completed. Although, I highly recommend having The Fremennik Trials completed, as this will help you with a pet rock which could be used to enter the dungeon without a door partner. But if you don’t feel like doing the quest, you can find DKS clan chat via your minigame list and look for a door partner there. But please note, this might take a while to find one and if you die, you don’t want to spend too much time looking for a door partner. If you have Elite Fremennik diaries completed, DKS will also drop their bones noted which are 9K each. This will increase your gains significantly, for example if you have 150 dagannoths as your slayer task you will receive over 1.3M runescape gold just out of bones. Bringing Rune thrownaxe is also required. Any different type of thrownaxe won’t work! You will also need antidote as you will get poisoned in DKS room. Sanfew’s potions offers antidote’s effect along with restored prayer points but it costs more.

High combat stats are highly recommended as this will make your kills faster and your trip longer. Although, 70 Defence is required to wear Guthan’s set. Having 55 Slayer will allow you cast slayer darts, if you can’t afford Trident Of The Swamp or don’t have gods spells unlocked. And don’t worry about having negative magic attack bonus. Dagannoth Rex has 0 magic defence therefore you will always pierce him through.

Recommended combat stats:

80+ Attack

80+ Strength

75+ Magic

70+ Defence

70+ Prayer

Gear setup:

Having full Guthan’s is a must for this strategy. Below you will find 3 different gear setups affordable for different players, but if you don’t have access to some of the items, you can swap them for any high prayer bonus giving items. Also note, if you are going to use god spells don’t forget to wear matching cape for damage boost. For example, if you will be casting Guthix Claws take Guthix cape.

  1. First setup is enough for beginners and you can expect to make 15-25 kills, but your kills will be slower, and you won’t be able to tank most of the damage. If you don’t feel confident with your survivability, you could also swap 1-3 sara brews for good food, like sharks. Below you can see full gear and inventory setups:

Neck slot: Amulet of Glory (ei) 14KThis setup will cost you around 7.5M with current prices (2019 June). If you’re looking for specific names here is a list below:

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: any god’s cloak, using Bandos in this example.

Armors/head slot: Guthan’s set 3M

Weapon: Slayers’s staff (e). 20k / Abyssal whip (2.6M)

Shield slot: Blessed spirit shield 1.2M

Gloves: Combat braclet 13K

Boots: Dragon Boots 500K

Ring: Ring of Wealth 13k

Inventory: Use runepouch for your cast runes, if you don’t own one, swap some sara brews for inventory space.

  1. Second gear will cost you around 26M and it offers high defence bonus which will extend your trip significantly. Bandos godsword will help you to lower Supreme’s defence bonus for faster kill and Guthix Claws spell is used as magic damage source, but if you don’t have 80 Magic level, Slayer darts will work as well. You can see all setup and its list below:

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~Neck slot: Amulet of Fury 3M

Cape: God’s cape which matches your god’s staff.

Armors/head slot: Guthan’s set 3M

Weapon: God’s staff to match your god’s cape 80K / Abyssal Tentacle 4M.

Shield slot: Dragonfire shield 6M

Gloves: Barrows Gloves 100K

Boots: Dragon Boots 500K

Ring: Ring of Wealth 13K.

Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M

Inventory: Use runepouch for your cast runes, if you don’t own one, swap some restores and/or sara brews for inventory space.

  1. Third gear setup will cost around 110M and you can expect highest potential with it. Amulet of Fury is used in this example for its higher defence bonuses, but you can swap it for Amulet of Torture if you want even faster Dagannoth Supreme kills. Spectral shield is very helpful against prayer draining effect which will be caused by DKS lair dwellers -Spinolyps. Bandos godsword is used in this example, but you can swap it for Saradomin godsword and its HP/Prayer restoring effect. You can see a full setup and its list below:

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~Neck slot: Amulet of Fury 3M

Cape: Fire cape

Armors/head slot: Guthan’s set 3M

Weapon: Charged Trident of the Swamp 3.4M / Abyssal Tentacle 4M

Shield slot: Spectral spirit shield 52M / Dragon Defender

Gloves: Barrows Gloves 100K

Boots: Primodial Boots 29.3M

Ring: Berserker Ring 3.5M

Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M

Inventory: Sanfew’s potions works well with this setup, but if you want a safer option, swap few restores and Sanfew potions for sara brews and bring antidote ++

How to get there:

Getting there for the first time can be quite tricky, but I will try to explain it in the easiest manner. First of all, you will need to get in Waterbirth island. You could use direct teleport via lunar spellbook, but this will only waste your valuable inventory space. Therefore, I recommend moving your player owned house (POH) to Rellekka and follow your path to Jarvald who will legally ship you to the island. You can check map below:

Once you are in Waterbirth island, move yourself next to the western dungeon entrance sign, but before you enter check instructions below first:

For first step (line marked red), switch your auto retaliate off and move to double door, drop your rock pet on one of the stands, move your character to another stand and open door just like displayed below:

For second step (line marked green), move to the thrownaxe doors, equip your thrownaxe and switch its special attack ON, then thrown it to the marked door(displayed below), take a sip of stamina potion and climb ladders down:

While moving through rooms you will find “Wallasalki” using magic attacks and dagannoths using ranged/mele. Use magic protections against Wallasalkis and ranged protections against dagannoths, both creatures are displayed below:

After climbing down, you will need to move through multiple rooms which might look like a confusing maze. But only 1 room have more than 1 possible exit. Therefore, rooms which has only 1 exit will be called “single room” and room with more exits will be called “double room”.

Climb down for the first 3 single rooms and use this prayer protections rotation: Magic>Ranged>None>Ranged. On fourth room you will reach your first double room with two exits, take WESTERN LADDER. All following rooms will have single exits, use this protections rotation for each room: Magic>Magic>Magic>None>Ranged>Ranged>Ranged>Ranged.

Once you’re in the room with rock lobsters, switch your melee protection ON and make your way to the safe spot displayed below, you can also switch to protection mage when near Wallasalkis:

While on safe spot, you can peek through a crack to see if there are any players fighting DKS. If world is taken, switch to another world until you find an empty one. You can also use Slayer room if you’re on Dagannoth task. Useful tip: if you’re low on HP you can leave your safe spot to the EAST with your Guthan’s armor on and heal yourself on dagannoth monsters.

DKS Fighting strategy:

Before getting in DKS lair, lets analyze its map and dwellers:

King Supreme is a ranged based dagannoth who has a max hit of 30 and is weak to melee attacks. You will have to kill him first once entered the instance. Then you will have to pull Rex on you, he is melee based dagannoth who is weak to magic attacks and have a max hit of 26. Dagannoth Prime is a mage based king who will be ignored by having magic protection on. Water area in the lair will be filled with Spinolyps. They will be attacking you with poisonous mage-range based attacks which can hit up to 10. A successful attack will also drain 1 prayer point, which is halved when wearing spectral spirit shield. They might be very annoying, but when you’re low on HP you can use your Guthan’s set to regenerate HP on them. With this covered, lets move to the steps you will need to make.

When on safe spot above the lair, switch your quick prayers to Protect Mage, NEVER switch it off and check your prayer points carefully. Dagannoth Prime’s magic attack will rip your nuts in few hits. Take a sip of super combat potion and equip your melee weaponry while on safe spot. Make sure you have high HP before climbing down to DKS. When down, make sure Dagannoth Supreme is as close to the entrance as possible. If you will attack him somewhere in the middle of instance, you will have a bitter pleasure of fighting all DKS at a time. Don’t do it:

If Supreme will be too far from the ladder, just climb back up, wait a moment and climb down, if he’s still to far, keep climbing up and down before you lock him in the right position. When Supreme is down, equip your magic weaponry and attack king Rex with a single hit, when he is pulled, move to the most eastern point of the instance (marked as Rex lure point in lair map). Then wait for his melee hit and quickly move north or south to the one of safe spots which were displayed in lair maps:

Both safe spots are separated by some seaweed animations, below you can see both safe spots displayed with a marked lure point (yellow cross):

After Rex is finished, you can restore your missing HP by attacking spinolyps with your guthan’s set. Don’t worry about Rex or Supreme attacking you while you’re in east part of the instance and they won’t attack you unless you pull them. When you’re full on HP, I highly recommend waiting for Rex to respawn and kill him before going for Supreme. Don’t go for Supreme when Rex is about to respawn! Dagannoths will also drop some food, but save it for Supreme’s fights, for all other occasions use sara brews or Guthan’s set to regenerate HP.

Other items you should consider buying:

  • Ring of gods which will cost you around 16M OSRS gold. While imbued, this ring will provide you +8 Prayer bonus, which is important to make your trips last longer.
  • Serpentine helm which currently costs 3.4M. This helm will protect you from spinolyps poisonous attacks which means you won’t need to bring antidotes, but you will lose money in the long run as zulrah’s scales are much more expensive than antidotes.
  • Amulet of Torture which costs 14M. Its high attack bonuses will help you to kill Supreme quicker. But you will sacrifice Fury’s defence bonuses.
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