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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Animal Magnetism Quest

Posted on 2019-04-15

Animal Magnetism


Start point Travel to Draynor Manor and speak to Ava
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Adventurers, rejoice! There‘s a new resident in Draynor Manor and she is a damsel in distress. However, she is not the Sleeping Beauty you would have expected and not so comfortable Manor‘s bed causes her to suffer from insomniac nights. Help Ava in her search for a good night‘s sleep and the budding scientist may reward you with something worth your while.
Official length Medium, but the quest might become long if you won’t bring necessary items

Completion of the following quests:

●The Restless Ghost

●Ernest the Chicken

●Priest in Peril

18 Level Slayer

19 Level Crafting

●30 Level Ranged

●35 Level Woodcutting

●31 Level Prayer (only for Ironman)

Items required ●Mithril axe (required to obtain the blessed axe, no other type of axe will do)
●5 iron bars
●Ghostspeak amulet
●20 Ecto-tokens (bring 4 bones, 4 empty buckets, and 4 empty pots if you want to get the tokens during the quest)
●Hard Leather
●Holy symbol
●Polished buttons


●Burthorpe Games Room teleport or Games necklace

●Draynor manor teleport tablets or amulet of glory

●1300 coins (to charter to Port Phasmatys from Port Sarim)

●Ectophial (if you completed Ghosts Ahoy)

●If you haven’t been in Morytania yet, bring Varrock teleport

●Skills necklace to teleport to house tablets if your house is in Rimmington or to teleport to the Crafting Guild.

Enemies to defeat None


Travel to the west wing of Draynor Manor and talk to Ava on the ground floor. You’ll only get to her by searching a bookshelf and opening a secret door.

She now works at the top of the manor as a new assistant of the professor. She promises to make you something, if you bring her the items, required for fixing her bed. She asks you to bring two undead chickens. WOW, where did that come from?!

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Undead chickens

Items needed: 20 ecto-tokens and a ghostspeak amulet (take 4 empty buckets, 4 bones and 4 empty pots if you wish to obtain the tokens during the quest)


The start point

Travel to west of Ectofuntus where undead chicken farm is located. Take your ecto-tokens (or materials for them) along with a ghostspeak amulet and talk to Alice.

  • If you have completed Ghosts Ahoy, the easiest way to reach Alice is to teleport to the Ectofuntus using the Ectophial.
  • Use code A*L*Q to travel to the Haunted Woods just south of the farm. This is only available if you have access to the fairy rings.
  • If your travels have taken you to Morytania before, pay 1,300 coins and sail from Port Sarim to Port Phasmatys.
  • You can get to Canifis pub using the POH Kharyrll Teleport. Afterwards, you just need to run north-east. These can be used via hosted house as well.
  • You can also teleport straight to the castle just west of the farm by using a Fenkenstrain’s castle teleport tablet.

Once you finish speaking with Alice, go to the farm, near the undead cows and speak to her husband. Keep talking between them both until you spot that he just wants to speak to her directly. This can only be done by convincing the Old Crone to make a modified ghost-speak amulet for Alice’s husband.

Travel to the east side of Slayer Tower and look for a small house. You should find the crone in it. She will give you a crone-made amulet, but only if you speak with her twice.

Note: Crone-made amulet can only be given to Alice’s husband if you will be wearing a ghostspeak amulet at the same time.

Travel back to the farm and deliver the amulet to Alice’s husband. Once you talk to him again, you will see a cutscene in which a fake player character will take place. Alice’s will offer to sell you some undead chickens for 10 ecto-tokens each.

Fake player appears and kills Bessie!

Note: Port Phasmatys will only be accessible with two additional tokens, so take extra materials with you.

Pay 20 ecto-tokens to Alice’s husband and buy two undead chickens.


Items needed: Skills necklace for teleporting to Crafting Guild, a hammer, your two undead chickens and 5 iron bars.

To start with, get a hammer and 5 iron bars. Travel back to Ava and hand her the undead chickens. She will ask you to deliver a magnet. Head to the north-west corner of the manor, speak with the witch in there and give her 5 iron bars. She will instruct you how to make a magnet out of a bar and will give you a selected iron.

Crafting Guild – that’s where you should now teleport your skills necklace. Travel to the north-east of Rimmington and look for a mine. Once inside, head to the center of it and use a hammer on the selected iron to turn it into a bar magnet. However, note that you should be facing north while doing so, as otherwise, this will not work.

Creating the bar magnet

Once you obtain a magnet, return to Ava. She will give you next assignment.
When you give Ava the magnet, you will also get 50 XP in Crafting.

Undead twigs

Items needed: Holy symbol, games necklace and mithril axe.

Ava will ask you to bring undead twigs from the undead trees. You can find the trees around the manor. Please note that you will need to cut one of Draynor’s undead trees (the type that attack you, not the normal dead trees that you chop).

Return to Ava once you fail cutting an attacking tree. She will ask you to talk with Turael, as he is figuring out a way to defeat the undead trees.

Teleport to the Warriors’ Guild using your combat bracelet and talk to slayer master, named Turael. He will offer you a blessed axe in exchange for a holy symbol and a mithril axe. Agree to exchange and receive a blessed axe, which can be used to cut the undead trees.

Cutting the undead tree.

Head back to Draynor Manor and use the blessed axe for chopping the undead tree. You will receive undead twigs in case you manage to chop successfully. However, if you do not have a proper Slayer level, it is highly possible that you might fail at this. But this is not the end of the world, as you can always click the tree again and try until you obtain the twigs.

Once done, bring those twigs to Ava. She will tell you that some of the research notes for the invention she was preparing for you still need to be translated.

Translating the notes

Items needed: Polished buttons and hard leather.

It’s time to translate those research notes and it’s up to you to do it. The combination can be seen in the picture. Colours of the buttons can be changed by simply clicking on them.

The notes translated

Talk to Ava after you finish with the notes. She will ask you to deliver some polished buttons and a piece of hard leather to finish the device. Polished buttons can be obtained by pickpocketing H.A.M. Members or simply from the Grand Exchange. Afterwards, you will receive 50 Crafting XP and a pattern. Combine those with the polished buttons and a piece of hard leather to create a container.

Quest will be completed after you give the container to Ava. Congratulations!


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