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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Bone Voyage Quest

Posted on 2019-06-12

Bone Voyage


Start point Travel to the Varrock Museum and talk to Curator Haig Halen
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Varrock museum crew needs to be taken to an unexplored landmass to the east, but a barge construction needs to be finished fist. Curator Haig Halen needs your help with that. Many have attempted to reach the island, although none have succeeded. This quest will require you to aid the Varrock museum crew and travel across Gielinor.
Official length Short-Medium
·        100 Kudos
·        Great Kourend have to be visited at least once prior to this quest
Completion of the following quests:
·        The Dig Site
·        Druidic Ritual
Enemies to defeat None
Items required
·        2 vodka
·        Marrentill potion (unf)
·        Digsite pendant or 4 Digsite teleport scrolls to teleport to Digsite.
·        Skills necklace for teleporting to the Woodcutting Guild
·        You’ll need to teleport to Xeric’s Look-out, which is located just north of the Woodcutting Guild, so take take Xeric's talisman
·        Varrock teleport
·        Explorer’s ring 2 or Amulet of glory to reach Port Sarim
·        2 willow logs for Balloon Transport System to Varrock Lumberyard or 2 Lumberyard teleports to reach the Sawmill north-east of Varrock
Post-quest recommended:
·        2 oak planks, An iron bar, a hammer and 5 nails if you want to build the bank chest on Fossil Island (Note: Level 21 Construction or above is required for this)  


Starting out

Head to the Varrock Museum and talk to Curator Haig Halen at the Varrock Museum. Ask him for any interesting news. He will tell you about a recently located island north of Morytania. He will also tell you that it may also have some archeological significance. They are making the voyage and are looking for experienced adventurer to help them along the way. Make your way to the Digsite once you agree with the offer.

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Map Showing the Bone Voyage Quest Legend.

The finishing touches

Head north of the Digsite and look for the canal barge. Find the barge foreman and speak to him. He will say that preparations are in the final stages, but there is still some work to be done until getting the crew ready. He will ask you for a sturdier type of wood. This is required to keep the barge afloat. Note that magic logs don’t have particular side effects so they will not work. He will only accept wood found in the distant Western lands.

Barge foreman will ask you to go to the Sawmill north-west from the barge and talk to the Sawmill operator.

Speak with the Sawmill operator at the Lumber Yard. A Fairly generous offer was arranged between sawmill and himself in the Great Kourend’s Woodcutting Guild in order to obtain redwood planks. Travel to the Woodcutting Guild and deliver the sawmill proposal you received.

Use your skills necklace and travel to the Hosidius, where the Woodcutting Guild is located. Once you reach the destination, talk with the Sawmill operator and hand him the proposal. Try to open the eastern gate if you don’t have the requirements to enter the Woodcutting Guild. In this case, Berry will sing the proposal on behalf of the guild’s sawmill operator.

Head back to Sawmill operator and trade him the sawmill agreement.

The cursed voyage

Travel back to the barge foreman. He will ask you to board the barge. Lead Navigator should be your next contact once you enter the barge. Once the dialogue stars, pick the first option if you wish to know what happened with the previous attempts of the expedition. If you do not, simply pick the second option and skip the dialogue.

The completed barge.

  • The fist barge didn’t float after it faced some serious design flaws.
  • The second barge was designed in some strange way. ‘Go faster stripes’, walk-on mini-museum and a portable fossil centrifuge – that’s only a few unnecessary features from the full list of them that were added by a senior museum staff. Well, not a surprise it didn’t worked as planned.
  • The third barge finally managed to sail out to the sea, but the sea monsters smelled a special sealant, so they didn’t make it very far.
  • The fourth one had to deal with icebergs.
  • Wonder what happened with the fifth and a sixth barge? Well, they just simply crashed into one another.
  • We lost the seventh one.
  • The eighth barge should still be out there somewhere, although, it were involved in a magical explosion.
  • The ninth barge ran itself aground near Crandor.

He will refuse to sail unless you can ensure the safety of the crew, as he believes that the voyage is cursed. He instructs you to go Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim and talk with some experienced sailors.

Use the Rimmington house teleport and travel to the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim. Once in there, talk to Jack Seagull and ask him about his experience his with the cursed voyages. He will instruct you to speak to the Odd Old Man in Silverea and obtain a lucky bone charm. Afterwards, Ahab will claim that a ‘potion of seagels’ have to be used to sail the voyage unscathed. Ask the navigators which one of these would they personally prefer to have.

Travel back to the Lead Navigator. The Junior Navigator will prefer the bone charm, but the Lead Navigator will want the potion of seagels instead.

Travel north of the Digsite and speak with the Odd Old Man by the Silvarea mine. Speak with him about the cursed voyage and retrieve the bone charm.

Head to Varrock and speak with the Apothecary. He will require two bottles of vodka and a marrentill potion. After you bring him those, you will receive the potion of seagels.

The "cursed" voyage

Head back to the barge and provide Lead Navigator with the potion of seagels and Junior Navigator with the bone charm.

The potion will make everyone pass out. Well, except the Junior Navigator. You will have to steer the barge, as he had never navigated in the open waters. Use the controls on the interface and steer right of left. Keep an eye on the progress bar, as it will show you how far you still need to go until you reach the island.

The barge controls.

Sailing the treacherous waters to Fossil Island.

You will reach the Fossil Island once the progress bar fills completely.

That’s it, quest complete!

Post quest:

Exit the barge by speaking with the Junior Navigator. Head east until you find the tent. Inside, you should see a bank icon. Unlock the bank on Fossil Island by selecting the dismantled chest.

Required: A hammer, 2 oak planks, 5 nails and at least 21 Construction.



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