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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Desert Treasure Quest

Posted on 2019-06-05

Desert treasure

Looking to earn powerful Ancient Magicks spellbook? Well, Desert Treasure quest is just for you.      


Start point Travel to Bedabin Camp and talk with archeologist.
Official difficulty
Rumours are spreading that clues leading to treasure south of Al-Kharid were found by some archeologist. If you will offer your assistance to find this treasure, you might share a very large reward at the end.
Official length
Very Long
·        53 Thieving
·        50 Firemaking
·        10 Slayer – If you obtained a Gas mask from Plague City before, this is not required.
·        50 Magic
Completion of the following quests:
·        The Dig Sit
·        Druidic Ritua
·        Temple of Iko
·        The Tourist Tra
·        Troll Stronghold
·        Death Platea
·        Priest in Peril
·        Waterfall Quest
Items required
·        650 Coins
·        12 Magic logs
·        6 Steel bar
·        6 Molten glass
·        Ashes
·        Charcoal
·        A blood rune
·        Bones
·        A cake
·        Spiked boots
·        Climbing boots
·        Garlic
·        Hair clips or at least 50 lockpicks
·        Spice (coloured spices or gnome spice will not work)
·        Mortar and a pestle
·        Gas mask, facemask or a Slayer helmet
·        A tinderbox
Strongly suggested:
·        Quality food
·        Stamina potions or Super energy potions
·        20 lockpicks or more
·        Prayer potions
·        Super restore potions
·        Ice gloves to wield a weapon against Fareed  
Enemies to defeat
·        Kamil (level 154) and five ice trolls (level 120-124)
·        Dessous (level 139)
·        Fareed (level 167)
·        Damis (his will grow from level 103 to level 174)
·        Scarab swarms (level 96) and Mummies (level 103)


Desert Treasure is probably one of the most popular quests in RuneScape. Most of the players try to complete it for the reward of Ice Barrage spell. You should read through each section before proceeding, as the bosses you face throughout the quest are quite difficult to defeat. Each one of them will force you to use different fighting mechanics, as they do themselves. Pure players should consider using cannon against every boss, however, quest is filled with a numerous amount of combat, so they should prepare at least 500 (or even more) cannonballs.

You may be attacked by a level 95 Stranger with a poisoned dragon dagger at any point of this quest, should you have one or more diamonds in your inventory at that point. Always have an antipoison and teleport when carrying a diamond, to avoid any unnecessary issues. Although this might not happen to every player, but you should use any safety measures available. If you do not wish to fight with the stranger, you can teleport out of the area and bank the diamonds in order to avoid him appearing in the future.

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The Kharidian Desert – Bedabin Camp is the place to start Desert Treasure quest


Enchanting the mirrors

Items required: 1500 coins, charcoal, 12 magic logs, 6 molten glass, two shantay passes or other methods of entering the desert, blood rune, 6 steel bars. Recommended: Desert clothing, several waterskins and teleports to the Digsite and Al-Kharid.


  • Take the path south of Al-Kharid, through the Shantay Pass and run or use flying carpet to finally reach the Bedabin Camp. Northeast of the camp can also be reached by using fairy ring code B*I*Q near the Kalphite Lair. Once you reach the destination, go near the water pool and speak with archeologist. He will forward you to Terry Balando ask to bring him some etchings. He is archaeological expert and can be located at the Digsite Exam Centre.
  • Speak with the expert in the Exam Centre east of Varrock. Once you give him the etchings, speak with him again and he will give you translation, which needs to be delivered back to the archaeologist.
  • Head back to the desert and speak with the archaeologist. Pick “Don’t read book” option when speaking with the archaeologist and agree to help once you talk to him again.
  • Travel to the Bandit Camp. Avoid taking any equipment that depicts Zamorak or Saradomin imagery. This would only make bandits aggressive and they may start attacking you. Speak with bartender and pay 650 coins for a beer (WOW, I mean WOOOW, I would stop drinking with those kind of prices). Bartender will tell you about four Diamonds of Azzanadra. This step is mandatory before speaking with Eblis. Otherwise, you won’t be able to speak with him about the diamonds.
  • Eblis should be located east of the bar, in the same camp. Speak with him about four diamonds. He will tell about scrying glasses that he is planning to create, although, he needs various items prior to that.
  1. Bones
  2. Ashes
  3. Bones
  4. 12 Magic logs
  5. 6 Molten glass
  6. Charcoal
  7. 6 Steel bars
  • It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you do not bring those items with you. In such case, simply head back to the back and collect or withdraw required items. Afterwards, return and hand those items to Eblis. Bones can be accidentally buried, so consider noting them when doing this.
  • Eblis will vanish and re-spawn on top of a hill in the southeast of your location. This hill will be surrounded by six mirrors and will be shown as a grey circle on your Mini Map.

The mirrors

Note: Looking into the mirrors is optional, meaning that you can save time and questing the quest without doing so. However, if you do look into them, they will enhance the quest experience and you will see locations related to the diamonds.

  • Elbis will tell you that mirrors aren’t perfect and that is due to finicky nature of magic, meaning that you will only see a location, where they been only one point in time. Jaldraocht Pyramid and Bedabin Camp – these are two locations shown by two specific mirrors. These locations will only become available after you collect diamonds from other locations. Apart of that, diamonds can be acquired in any chosen order.

Bug warning: You may be attacked by Strangers even after you complete the quest and even without diamonds in your inventory. Unfortunately, it is still unknown at what frequency and how long after the quest this bug can still bother players.

Blood diamond

Items required: Garlic powder, mortar, pestle and silver bar. Recommended: At least 2 prayer potions, Draynor teleport method, Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleports and quality food.

Note: Your silver pot must be blessed. This can be done in Entrana. Although, you cannot access it without combat equipment. Take your weapons and armour from the bank only after returning.

  • Use fairy ring code C*K*S and head to Canifis. Once in there, go to the pub, speak with Malak and tell him that you’re looking for a diamond. He will ask you to kill Dessous and give you list of items required for killing him. He will give you diamonds only after you succeed with this task.

Note: Go to Ruantun only after inquiring Malak about how to kill Dessous. Otherwise, he won’t create the silver pot.

  • While you’re in Morgan’s house, it is recommended to go upstairs and take some garlic from the cupboard. After that, take silver bar and go through the trapdoor to enter Draynor Sewers. Speak with Ruantun north of your location. He will create you a silver pot.
  • Bank all armours and weapons and bring the pot to Entrana. Head to the church after you arrive and bless the silver pot by using it on High Priest.

Note: In case you forgot to do this, High Priest can still bless your pot. However, this can only be done if it is full of blood.

  • Speak with Malak again after you return to Canifis. Your blood will be used to fill the pot. Be aware that this will also cost you 5 Hitpoins.
  • Prepare for the battle by adding spice and garlic powder to the pot.

Routes for reaching Dessous

Afterwards, you should see the sentence, stating that blessed silver pot was filled with spices, blood and garlic. In case you attempt to kill Dessous without ever noticing this, the bastard will regain full amount of Hitpoins and pot has to be refilled.

Take all necessary items, including weapons and good armour and head to the Graveyard. Pour the blood on the tomb after you arrive. This will trigger Dessous to appear.

Dessous appearing

  • Safespotting Dessous might become difficult in case you use prayer, as Dessous will immediately teleport to you after that. Dessous will say that he’s bored if you make him teleport more that three times. This will mean that you’ll have to obtain new pot and start the fight from the beginning.
  • Dessous can attack you by using magic, which hits double 5’s or use melee, that can hit up to 19. His hits can be reduced to 10 at any time by using Protect from Melee.
  • You can attack him with melee or magic through the fence even despite his teleport. However, this is pointless if you have access to Prayer, as he would simply teleport next to you at any given time. However, this can be used to avoid melee combat. Use Protect from Magic and safespot him with prayers. This will allow you to avoid his powerful melee. You can avoid him teleporting entirely by keeping protection prayers disabled. However, this part might get tricky and pretty random, as he could still teleport to you without any explanation.
  • Be extra aware, as Dessous can use all three attack styles. His double 5’s can lag sometimes and stick you 15 altogether. To avoid getting too much damage, always keep your health above 16 and eat food.
  • Take advantage of his low stab defence by utilizing a stabbing weapon. This can be very helpful for those using melee. Combat potion can also come in handy.
  • Air spells are super effective against Dessous, as he is very weak against them. Mage him by using the fence method. If you do this correctly, this will drastically reduce his damage-per-second.

Note for low HP pures: Dessous can be killed by using a Dwarf multicannon. However, this can be inaccurate against him. Use a lot of high healing food. Double 5s could make this difficult, but you can still try surviving with low HP by tick eating. Once again – keep your HP above 10 to avoid dying from his double attack. Low HP pures should constantly eat HP boosting food. Especially, if it boost it above your current level. Saradomin brews or Guthix rests can be considered during such situations. If your HP is at 10, you HP can be boosted by 3 by using brew. You can also drink a brew after eating a slice of pineapple pizza at the same tick. This will boost your HP to 13 after every hit Dessous will make. Open the coffin only after you set up the cannon. It is essential that you bring at least 50 cannonballs. Use the fence safespotting method after turning off auto retaliate. His melee can hit you with hit, so be aware of his teleports. Other side of the fence should be click immediately after using the pot on the coffin. If you fail, he will be left outside, and you won’t trap him inside.

Note: Don’t worry if Dessous states that he has gotten bored and left. This will mean that you have defeated him. However, this only applies to situations when his health becomes fully depleted, as otherwise, you’ll have to fight with him again.

  • Head back to Canifis, speak with Malak and take the Blood diamond. Remember that this may trigger Stranger to appear. To avoid this, travel to the nearest bank as soon as possible and deposit it.

Ice diamond

Items required: Spiked boots, climbing boots, cake. If you are a mage and plan to cast fire spell, standard spellbook should be acquired prior to this part. Recommended: Super restore potions, runes for fire spells, prayer potions, lobsters or better food, emergency teleport (without Magic requirement). For magic users: Staff of air, Tome of fire and Chaos Gauntlets. Magic level before the final fight can be easily restored by using wizard's mind bomb.

One of the harder bosses of this quest, named Kamil, will have be defeated during this part. Path to Kamil is filled with multiple level 100+ creatures with high hits, so Protect from Melee is a no brainer during this part. Players are strongly recommended to re-stock before starting each section. You carefully read the following section in full before trying to complete it.

Take the Ice Path after reaching Trollheim

  • Use the Trollheil Teleport spell and take the path in Troll Stronghold and travel to Trollheil. Once there, head to the western path to the Troll child. Thrower trolls have to be passed if you decide on taking the path from Burthorpe. Use Protect from Ranged to avoid any damage taken from them. However, if you have no prayer, to can avoid taking hits by following other players and allowing them to soak all the hits. Avoid entering the path with a boulder when running past the thrower trolls. If you do, it will take you to the God Wars Dungeon. Continue going through the main path until you reach the ice again. Next to it, you will see a Troll child. Entering the gate will take you to the Ice Path. Snow will start approaching once you get to the gate.
  • Troll child will refuse to talk with you and start crying. Use the case and try speaking again. He will tell you that his parents are frozen further up the path. Afterwards, simply interact with the gate and go through.
  • Note: Your stats will start draining while you take the Ice Path and your run energy will momentarily reduce to zero. This will also result in you taking 1 hit-per-second. If you’re planning to use special attacks on weapons and raise stats, consider doing that before entering, as once inside, all of your special attack energy will be drained as well. You can recover drained stats by using Super restore potions or simple restore potions. All of your stats and prayer can be restored by using a ring of dueling and teleporting to Clan Wars. Once there, leave the portal and this should do the trick.
  • Five trolls must be killed after you pass the Ice Gate. All of them will feature different combat levels, but you can choose to kill any of them, as long your ground at least five of them. If you do not have Protect from Melee, avoid getting into melee distance with them, as they can hit up to 21. Bring at least several hundred cannonballs if you’re planning to use cannons, as they are working here, but can become extremely inaccurate against trolls. If you feel the need, you can leave to re-stock at any time, as the trolls do not have to be killed in one session. Cave at back should open after you kill the five trolls. Proceed through it and this will take you further. Dozens of trolls lure in this area, so it can be difficult to reach the cave for pure players. You can avoid fighting them by entering a PvP world and attacking a friend. This will keep you in combat with another player and allow you to avoid dealing with trolls. Trolls will start attacking you should you start eating. Avoid doing so until you reach the cave. You can always check the progress by examining the cave. This will allow you to check how many trolls you have already killed. Consider re-stocking your supplies before returning.
  • Reach Kamil by following the Ice Path. Use Protect from Melee while taking this path, as you may come across some wolves capable of hitting 10s in multicombat. Once again, if you are a Pure player, follow other players and let them tank the hits. This way you will avoid taking damage.
  • Reach the wolves by continuing along the path. Walking further will result in path suddenly opening and turning to the left. Continue taking this route until you come across the rock, which will mark the area, where you’ll finally find Kamil.
  • FINALLY, the time to fight with Kamil has come. He uses two different fighting methods: Magic, which is quite like Dessous’. He always hits 5, but due to lag, this number can sometimes stack to 10, so always consider keeping your HP at least 12 or above. He can also use melee attack and hit up to 23. He can also freeze you consistently if you’re outside of melee range. This will not happen only if he is blocked by the rock. Your movements or attacking possibilities will be disabled for several seconds in case he freezes you. To avoid this, mages should forget about Autocasting and cast directly from spellbook instead.
  1. Melee combat can be used, although, not recommended. His method might be easy to use if you have very high defence. Otherwise, use Protect from Melee. If you won’t, you will damage him slower than you’ll be eating.
  2. No other spells except Fire spells will work here, so if you are a mage, this is your only option. Iban Blast, splashing trident of the seas and Flames of Zamoral will only hit 0s. It is possible to constantly restore your stats with potions, however, you will face less problems when using fire spell. Spell’s maximum hit can be restored by utilizing the chaos gauntlets.
  3. Toxic blowpipe is accurate against him, however, using ranged is not recommended. If you wish to use cannon, set it up at least two squares north of the rock. This will help you safe hide from Kamil, however, you’ll need to restock it after it runs out of cannonballs. Bring at least hundred cannonballs, as the cannons position will also cause it to attack the wolves.

Using another player to safespot Kamil

  • After you kill him, follow a very hard path to the troll parents. Ultimately, you should reach the edge of an ice lodge. It should be surrounded by ice formations, so it should be easy to find it. The path you need to take can be located by checking the world map.
  • Climb the ledge after you equip your spiked boots. Parents can be reached by following a long ice path. Consider using super restore potions while you walk there, as you might fall along the way and take damage as a result. Once you climb the ice path up until the very top, go through the ice gate. Soon you will see troll’s parents encased in ice. In order to free them, you must attack the cases. It is much easier to melt them with magic, as they only have 10 Hitpoints each. Ice can be hard to break if you don’t bring extra super restore. This will help you to free the parents more easily. Troll parents will take you outside after you free them and give you the Ice diamond.

Saving the ice troll child's parents

  • It is likely that you might be out of food after reaching the final ice path. If you have at least 49 Prayer level, use Redemption and it will keep you alive. Should you run out of food, this prayer will keep you alive without risk of dying. However, it is strongly recommended to use this only if you have several doses of prayer potions or super restores, as this prayer will drain all the remaining prayer potions after your trigger its effect.
  • Use Clan Wars portal after returning to safety. This will restore all stats and you won’t have to drink restore potions. Use Ring of Dueling and teleport to Clan Wars. Afterwards, head west and reach the Free-for-all portal.

Smoke diamond

Items required: facemask, tinderbox, Super energy and stamina potions, water spell runes or ice gloves, prayer potions and food, shantay pass, 200 coins and an emergency teleport.


A map of the dungeon.

Location of the Smoke Dungeons.


  • Don’t underestimate Fareed, even if he is considered as one of the easier bosses in the whole quest. He can hit up to 40 damage with melee, which is his main attack or 36 with ice gloves. He may sometimes use a magic attack, although, Protect from Melee, basically, will make his attacks useless. However, if you have at least level 43 Prayer or you are low on Hitpoints, ensure that you are not in melee range, as Fareed will also remove the weapon of those not wearing ice gloves to their inventory. This will cause melee becoming impossible for those without them. He has high defence, so melee is still not advised to use. If you are a mage, weapon removal can be bypassed by casting from your spellbook. You can also trap Fareed behind another player and safespot him. Fareed will leave the fight you walk too far out of his range, although, consider using binding spells, as they can be super effective at maintaining distance. Fareed is very weak to water spells, so magic is extremely recommended to use. Note that any other spell will not work against him. If you took the ice arrows from the Temple of Ikov quest, those can be very effective for Ranged players. However, if you choose to fight him using ranged, remember that usage of bows requires Ice glows. Cannons are also available to use in the dungeon.
  • Travel to the Smoke Dungeon when you gather all the items listed above. Use headgear (facemask is recommended) while in the dungeon. Otherwise, you will take 20 damage every 12 seconds. Although you won’t die from this, protection should still be used in dungeon to avoid this effect. To reach the dungeon, head towards the cliffs on the west side of Pollnivneach, and head south to find it.
  • Go inside the well. Inside, you will find torches in the each of the four corners of this dungeon. To proceed, you must light them all using your tinderbox. Be aware and don’t take too long, as the torches will burn out otherwise. Use 1 or 2 doses of stamina potion and you’ll manage to light all torches in less than two minutes. Go to the centre of the dungeon when you finish with them and open the burn chest. Take the Warm key you’ll find inside. In case you die while holding the die, there is no need to repeat all this procedure with the torches. Simply return to the chest and reclaim the key.

The torch you need to light

  • Once you obtain a key, simply head to the east part of the dungeon and use it on the gate to face Fareed.
  • Protect from Melee will be extremely important for Melee players. Note that Fareed’s melee attacks can hit up to 40 without ice gloves. However, if you are struggling to manage magic attacks, use Magic-resistant armour (Dragonhide or studded leather would be a perfect option) would almost completely block it out.

Fighting Fareed

  • Bring runes for the Snare spell if you are a Pure player and have not access to protection prayers. This will allow you lure Fareed around the large room and water spells on him. Fareed can be attacked by two or three offensive spells while he is still ensnared. After Fareed’s brakes free, he will be immune to snares for a few seconds. It is important to keep a few squares distance from him while waiting to recast. Even if the spell splashes, the snare might still bind Fareed, although, this might be a bug.
  • Fareed will drop the Smoke diamond after you kill him. Diamond will reappear in the chamber on the ground in case you somehow loose it. You won’t have to fight Fareed in such case. In all others cases, should you have free inventory space, diamond will simply appear in there.

Shadow diamond

Ring of visibility

Items required: 20 or more lockpicks. Recommended: Shantay pass, quality food (which can be noted), antipoison and skills necklace to teleport to the Fishing Guild.

  • Head to the Fishing Guild and travel west until you come across several moss giants. North of this area, you will find a fenced location and an NPC, called Rasolo. He will promise to give you ring of visibility, should you bring him a gilded cross.

Note: Speak with Rasolo before pick-locking the chest.

  • Take lockpicks, antipoison and some food. Should you consider to note those items (which is possible during the quest), also bring coins to exchange the notes for items with Tiles at the Bandit Camp general store. Martin Thwait’s Lost and Found is the place where you can buy lockpicks. However, this is only available if you have at least level 50 Thieving and 50 Agility. Antipoisons and lockpicks can also be easily obtained by pickpocketing the nearby bandits if your thieving level is sufficiently high.
  • Head to the most southern tent in the Bandit Camp and look for a secure chest. Open the chest with your lockpicks. Take the gilded cross you’ll find inside. However, this is usually easier said than done, as you will have to break three locks in total. Each one of those will lock themselves if any attempt should fail. You will face damage and lose a lockpick with each failure. Anti-poison potion and food might be your good friends during this part, as you may also be poisoned while lockpicking.

A chest you need to open

  • Opening the cross will up your Thieving level by 150 XP. Apart from that, you will also receive the gilded cross.

Shadow Dungeon

Items required: Gilded cross you obtained in the previous quest part. Recommended: Prayer potions, runes for casting spells such as Entangle and Earth Blast/Wave, combat equipment, skills necklace for teleporting to the Fishing guild, prayer potions, dragon dagger(p++) for its special attack, and an emergency teleport.


Shadow dungeon

  • Give your gilded cross to Rasolo in return for the visibility ring.
  • Ladder will appear to the east of Rasolo in the fenced area after you equip the ring.

Note: Lure his first form there, if you plan to use the Safespotting method. His second form will vanish in the shadows if you decide not to do this. Fighting with him again will not be required if you just leave after defeating his first form. However, should you decide to return, you will only have to defeat his second form.

  • Head east and then north after climbing down the ladder. Turn east and look for a way south at the first option. Take the path to the east again. As you go past, you will see a little cave to your south. You can save your vital supplies by running into this and recharging Hitpoints and Run energy. Once done, head north, then east until you find Damis’ cave. Ward off the shadow hounds and giant skeletons by activating Protect from Melee. Note that this is a multi-combat area. Stay on a course and Damis will appear.

Fighting Damis

  • Damis’ first form is level 103. He is fairly easy to beat as he only attacks with Melee. Kill him to proceed further.
  • Afterwards, he will change into the second form. He will rapidly drain Prayer at a rate of 5-6 points per second. As he will be level 174, this form will be significantly harder to defeat.
  • Damis’s second form can be defeated by a several tried and tested methods. Few of them will be listed below. Read through all of them and choose one that best fits your style of play. Damis will drop the Shadow diamond after you kill him, regardless of which of these methods you choose.
  • Killing a Shadow Hound in the dungeon might be hard, although, it is advised to do so if you wish to complete the Kandarin Diary.

Method one

Combat style: Magic

Inventory: Runes (earth, death/blood, nature, water and air). Take as many prayer potions as you can, bring a one-click teleport and a bunch of good food. Protect from Melee will be your most used attribute, or otherwise, you will be killed within minutes, because you will be tanking 2-4 giant skeletons and shadow hounds while trying to kill Damis. Drink a dose of prayer potion every 5 seconds or so. To do this more effectively, drink another dose of potion when you’ll be left with only 5 prayer points. Prayer potions are drained based on percentage, so this is extremely effective.

Optional: To shorten the journey through the maze, a couple of super energy potions should be considered as a no brainer.

Tactic: Basically, you’ll have to trick Damis into a regular fight, although, this will be a bit harder. Have you ever fought against creature, which relies only on Melee with Prayer? Well, this is practically the same, only Damis will force you to use more potions. Kill him quickly by using Magic spells. Damis is incredibly strong against Melee, so it is recommended to use Magic instead. Another tip: try casting Snare/Entangle on Damis while fighting. This will weaken him significantly.

Note: Mod Ash already confirmed that Damis is not particularly weak to earth spells.

Both forms can be fought by using a trident of seas.

If that’s on enough, note that Damis will only drain Prayer when he is within a few tiles of you. To reduce the burden of using prayer potions, simply bring a stamina potion and kite him around the arena.

Method two (not recommended if your combat is below level 90)

Combat style: Melee

Inventory: One-click teleport, a dragon dagger, inventory full of quality food and a few prayer potions.

Optional: To shorten the journey through the maze, use a couple of super energy potions.

Tactic: Activate Protect from Melee prayer immediately after you spot Damis. Afterwards, use all of your Dragon dagger (p++) Special attacks on him. This will help you poison him and lower his health. Run into the safe room to the northwest after doing this. Hide and see what happens. When poison damage hits as low as 2, return and hit him with another 4 specials. Keep doing the same routine until he is dead.

Method three

Combat style: Ranged/Magic

Inventory: Runes (earth, death/blood, nature, water and air), a one-click teleport and inventory, divided into food and prayer potions.

Optional: Journey through the maze can be shortened by using a couple of super energy potions.

Using a giant rat to safespot Damis

Tactic: Activate Protect from Melee prayer immediately after spotting Damis. Afterwards, go through the same way you came here, turn south and head east. You should find a giant rat eventually. If look around the passage northwest of the area where Damis appears, you should see another rat. Whichever rat will catch you eye, stand beside it and attack Damis with Magic without you being harmed. Small bat found in the southwest corner of arena can be used for the same purposes. Draw its attention without killing it by using some fun weapon, like flowers, for example.

Jaldraocht pyramid

Items required: Shadow diamond, Ice diamond, Smoke diamond and Smoke diamond. Recommended: Holy wrench, prayer point-boosting equipment, 1 super antipoison, at least 2 prayer potions, one stamina potion or some energy potions, waterskin(s), shantay pass, food (cooked sweetcorn is recommended as it is very lightweight), emergency teleport.


Head back to the six mirrors in the desert and talk to Eblis. Start conversation only if you have four diamonds in your inventory. Travel to the southeast of Eblis, where you will find the Pyramid. You will also see it marked as “Pyramid” on the world map. Once there, you’ll have to place one diamond in each of the four obelisks at the outside corners of the pyramid. Diamonds cannot be put in random placement, as each obelisk takes a specific diamond. You can use trial-and-error placement, however, appearance of the obelisk should let you determine the diamond more easily. Don’t event consider this task easy, as it is much easier than word “easy” could describe, because it is not possible to put a diamond into the wrong obelisk. Also, once you put diamond into the correct obelisk, it is not possible to take it back.

The pillar absorbs the gem

Pyramid will open when all four obelisks are activated. Afterwards, you can enter it from the top.

Tomb raider

Since the desert heat will not bother you inside the pyramid, you will not suffer from lack of dangerous interior inside it. Wherever you go, level 124 scarab swarms occasionally boils out of the floor. If that is not enough, level 110 Mummies will start popping out of sarcophagi at the random order. Scarab swarms can use poison and melee, although, all other monsters use only Melee. What’s worse, you cannot detect those mummies, traps or scarab swarms in advance. You will only be safe after reaching the room contacting the altar. It is on the 2nd floor .. joking ..  in the 3rd floor .. also joking .. in the 4th floor! Damn it, get ready for a bloody battle!

Animation will start every time the mummy pops out of a sarcophagus or a scarab swarm pops out. You won’t be able to move until the animation finishes. It’s funny, but you avoid scarab swarm entirely by luring him behind a mummy. Also, you will be sent back to the entrance of the pyramid, should you accidentally activate a randomly placed trap along the way. Reduce the chances of running into one of these traps by bringing plenty of stamina potions or super energy potions and weight-reducing clothing. Should you get caught by a trap, you will appear south of the pyramid, although, no damaged will be applied to you. Chances of getting caught by traps can also be reduced by clicking to you goal, instead of clicking to the ladder. To start over, simply walk north and re-enter the pyramid. Strange fruit inside the pyramid cures any kind of poison and recovers 30% run energy, so it should be considered as a great asset while inside the pyramid.

The levels in the pyramid will be numbered in the identical order that you have encountered them in the quest. Route is marked by the purple line.


Pyramid must be accessed from its top. Southern entrance will only become accessible after you complete the quest.

Level 1

Reach Level 2 ladder by running from the entrance ladder. This level contains fewest mummies and it’s the smallest in the area. Save your run energy and flick the prayer.

Level 2

Reach Level 3 ladder by running from the Level 2 ladder. This level also contains a few more mummies and it’s the second smallest in the area. Be aware, as there might be a few traps in this room.

Level 3

Reach Level 4 ladder by running from the Level 3 ladder. This area will be bigger than the ones before and will present more of a challenge to players traversing it. There is a vast amount of traps and a significant number of mummies in it.

Level 4

Reach the altar room by running from the Level 3 ladder. This is the largest area in entire pyramid. A lot of mummies are roaming everywhere except the altar room. Do not entirely rely on the minimap, as the altar room is separated by a door.


You will only find a scarab swarm boiling up inside the altar room if it was boiling up before you entered the room. Otherwise, it is not possible. Should this happen, simply trap it between the obstacle and a door. You will need to speak to Azzanadra afterwards. It appears that he believes that God Wars are still going on. Oh boy, he clearly lost the track of time. He will start talking about some unknown ancient civilizations like Lassar, Annakarl and Paddewwa. He will also express his disbelief that Zaros somehow vanished from his mind.

Azzanadra will eventually come back to reality and reward you with the Ancient Magicks of Zaros. Use the altar should the Azzanadra will not be present at the time you enter the area.

Note: To unlock a hard task in the Desert area, pray at the altar twice.

Before leaving, make sure to check which spell book you are on at the moment.

Congratulations! Quest complete!


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