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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Dwarf Cannon Quest

Posted on 2019-06-08

Dwarf Cannon


Start point Travel northwest of the Fishing Guild, south of the Coal Trucks and talk to Captain Lawgof
Official difficulty
Dwarven Black Guard have been acting poorly in projectile warfare for several years now. The dwarven troops protecting the mines have to finally use their secret weapon in action, as the attacks of goblin renegades constantly intensifies. True power of this cannon be harnessed, although, only with your help!
Official length
Items required
·        A hammer (you can collect it during the quest)
·        If you are a low level, bring some food
·        Combat bracelet teleport to the Edgeville Monastery or an Amulet of glory
·        Games necklace or a Ardougne/Camelot teleport for teleporting to the Barbarian Assault arena
·        You will need to teleport to the Fishing Guild, so bring a skills necklace
·        A Falador teleport
Enemies to defeat


Travel south of the Coal Trucks and look for Captain Lawgof within the gates. You will need to enter the fenced area from the south via the gate, although, only if your Agility level is below 20. Otherwise, you can simply cross the log. Captain Lawgof will talk about goblin forces approaching from the south. Ever dreamt about joining the Black Guard? Well, this is your time to shine, as Captain will allow you to join the elite of the dwarven military. Once you accept the honor, Lawgof will give you a hammer and 6 railings. Although, if you already have a hammer, then you won’t get another, just the railings.

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Broken railing in need of repair.

Damaged railings need to be fixed. You can do so by clicking on exact sections of railing. However, you will take 1-2 damage at maximum or either your Crafting or Strength will be temporarily reduced, should you fail to repair a rail. Once you finish repairing those rails, return to Captain and talk with him again. He will tell you about communications that was somehow lost with the watchtower. Investigate this issue by traveling south to the watchtower.

Note: Dwarf remains will not spawn if you won’t finish the conversation with the Captain Lawgof. Just let the guy speak, ok?

After you finish the pep-talk with the captain, go to the top level of the watchtower, as the dwarf remains will be waiting for you right there. If you look on the map, you won’t see any red dots, although, you will see actual corpses in the corner, so be cautious.

Retrieve the dwarf remains in the top level of the watch tower and bring them back to the Captain Lawgof.

Captain Lawgof will be shocked after hearing about about your findings and tell you about one of the dwarfs, who were killed during the siege of the watchtower. His name was Gilob and he had a son named Lollk, who, unfortunately, is still missing.

The missing son

Items required: None.

Recommended: Take a skills necklace and a bunch of food if you are a lower level player.

Travel east of the Fishing Guild and search for a cave. You should find Lollk in it. Using skills necklace can let you teleport straight to the Fishing Guild. You can easily find the cave by simply heading east of the Fishing Guild’s entrance.

Location of the dwarf child in the Goblin Cave.

Once you enter the cave, you will see three possible passages. Take the centre passage and find the goblin outpost at the end of it. If you go northwest from there, you will find crates in one of the rooms. When you search the one standing in the northwest corner, the Lollk will jump out of it, as seen in the picture. Lollk will thank you for saving him and head back to Captain Lawgof.

The dwarven multicannon

Items required: None.

Recommended: Amulet of glory/A Falador teleport/Ardougne teleport/combat bracelet and a Camelot teleport/skills necklace.

Talk with Captain Lawgof again. He will tell you about his broken multicannon and ask you help to fix it. To start repairing, use the toolkit he gives you. On the screen you will see three tools and three parts. Simple task – you will need to match them all.

The interface shown when using the toolkit on the damaged cannon.

Have you ever wondered whether these OSRS NPC’s are suitable for anything at all?? No coincidence, as when you talk to Captain Lawgof again, you’ll understand that he has no clue how to get freakin’ ammo for the cannon. Does the guy really owns the cannon??? :) You will be asked to go to the Ice Mountain, where the dwarf base is located above the entrance to the Dwarven Mine and look for the ammo.

That’s when the combat bracelet comes in use, as using it to teleport to the monastery will be faster method that any other. This is not an only option, though, as you can also teleport to Falador and walk from there. In the western building of the base you will find Nulodion. He is your next contact – talk to him. He will give you some instructions and most importantly, the ammo mould.

Captain Lawgof requires Nulodion’s notes, so do not destroy them! The quest won’t be aborted if you do so, however, you will need to head back to Nulodion and speak with him again.

Nulodion's location.

Travel back to Captain Lawgof and talk to him. Your efforts will be generously rewarded.

Quest complete! Congratulations!



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