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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS): Effective Strategy of Killing Alchemical Hydra

Posted on 2019-04-15

Killing Alchemical Hydra – Effective Strategy

About the boss:

Alchemical Hydra is a new, solo boss released on 10 of January 2019. She is notable for considerably easy mechanics compared to such solo boss as Zulrah and very profitable unique drops. Just like Zulrah or Vorkath, Hydra always rolls 2 drops per kill instead of one, but only one drop will have a chance to hit unique drop table which contents along with grand exchange prices (April 2019) are listed below:

500-1000 Dragon thrownaxes 206-413K
500-1000 Dragon knifes 1-2M
Hydra Tail – 250k
Hydra Leather – 6.7M
Hydra’s Claw – 93M
Hydra’s Eye, Fang and Heart which combined will get you brimstone ring currently selling at 6.5M in G.E.

According to runescape wiki, there is a 1/513 chance to receive a hydra tail or leather, 1/1000 chance to receive Hydra’s claw, 1/2000 chance to receive dragon thrownaxes or kinfes and 1/183 chance to receive a piece of brimstone ring

According to famous PVM’er woox and clan Oblivion, you will be able to make 20-25 kills per hour, average Hydra kill will earn you approximately 236k runescape gold which converts to 4.7M-5.9M per hour! Such potential makes Alchemical Hydra one of the best money-making strategy.

For regular drops, Hydra will spoil you with such drops as onyx bolts (e), magic or dragonfruit seeds which costs up to 500k, she will also drop supplies which will extend your time in instance.

Another perk about Hydra, is exceptionally good ranged xp. In just 2 slayer tasks I managed to get my ranged level from 97+ to 99 which makes this boss one of the best ranged training methods.

It’s natural that you will die few times before you will be able to make your first kill. In this case, you will be able to receive your lost items for a 100k gold fee. With this covered, lets move to requirements.


To kill Alchemical Hydra, you won’t need any quests completed which is not true for such bosses as Zulrah or Vorkath. Although, you will need to be on slayer task which will require 95 Slayer level.

As you will be fighting Hydra in Karuulm slayer dungeon, you are required to wear boots of stone, which could be bought from any slayer master. If you can afford it, you can swap these boots for boots of brimstone or granite boots. You can also complete elite Kourend & Kebos diary achievements which will turn your feet into stone. Just joking, but this achievement will allow you to protect your feet from electrical damage within Karuulm dungeon so have a look.

Combat Requirements: there are no strict requirements, but it’s recommended to have high hitpoints, prayer, ranged and defence levels. This will help to increase your kill counts per hour, forgive some mistakes and extend your trips. Therefore, I recommend having at least these stats:

85+ Ranged

90+ Hitpoints

90+ Defence

80+ Prayer

Gear setup:

Below you can find 3 different gear setups. You don’t have to wear identical armors, but it’s important to display affordable gear options for everyone.

Gear setup 1.

This gear option will only cost you around 6M Oldschool gold. You won’t be able to score exceptional results with such setup, but it should be affordable for everyone. If you're short, buy some gold at Food4Rs at the best price 24/7! 

Items list:
Head slot: Slayer Helm (imbued)
Cape slot: any Ava’s assembler available
Weapon: Toxic blowpipe
Amulet slot: Amulet of Glory
Armors slot: Black d’hide body and chaps
Boots slot: Boots of stone
Gloves slot: Barrows gloves or any vambrace.
Arrows slot: Unholy or any other blessing
Ring slot: Ring of Dueling  

Gear setup 2.

A reliable gear option with some good prayer bonus too. This setup will increase your trip duration and make your kills faster. It’s currently worth 30M in old school Grand Exchange.

Items list:
Head slot: Slayer helm (imbued)
Cape slot:  any Ava’s accumulator
Weapon: Toxic blowpipe
Amulet slot: Necklace of Anguish
Armors slot: any Blessed d’hide body and chaps.
Boots slot: Boots of stone
Gloves slot: Barrows gloves or any available vambrace.
Arrows slot: Unholy or any other blessing
Ring slot: Archer’s ring (imbued)

Gear setup 3.

The best available gear currently available. Because of good magic defence bonus this gear will forgive you a lot of mistakes, you can expect for best results with this setup.  This will cost you around 150M gold in Grand Exchange.

Items list:
Head slot: Slayer Helm (imbued)
Cape slot: any Ava’s assembler
Weapon: Toxic blowpipe
Amulet slot: Necklace of Anguish
Armors slot: Armadyl chestplate and chainskirt.
Boots slot: Boots of stone
Gloves slot: Barrows gloves or any available vambrace
Arrows slot: Unholy or any other blessing
Ring slot: Archer’s ring (imbued)


It’s very important to have at least 1 anti-poison potion, Antidote++ is the best for this matter as it has the longest effect. I recommend using adamant or better darts for blowpipe. For inventory setups, I displayed 2 possible options, first picture below is recommended for beginner Hydra killers:

having a lot of regular food will prevent you from additional confusion which might be caused by drinking saradomin brew’s, super restores back and forth. This is optimal inventory option for all new learners.

Second inventory setup is dedicated to more advanced and experienced Hydra killers.

Such setup will make your trips last longer, you can expect 10+ kills per trip with such setup, runes pouch with high alchemy will help you to save some inventory slots for Hydra bones, or additional supplies which being dropped by Hydra quite often.

Additional items:

  • If you have completed elite Kourend & Kebos diary achievements, you can swap your boots of stone with any other boots which gives you ranged attack bonus. Pegasian boots is the best option which will cost you around 36M OSRS gold.
  • If you can afford it, Twisted bow can be a handful tool to increase your damage to Hydra. Although, this bow will cost you over 1.1B with current price and will only increase your kill counts per hour by 2 kill counts. (according to PVMER woox)

How to get there:

You can find Alchemical Hydra in Karuulm slayer dungeon. This dungeon is located on Karuulm mountain, which can be reached by Rada’s blessing teleport (after completing hard Kourend & Kebos diary), fairy rings (teleport code C*I*R) which will get you just south of Karuulm mountain, or skills necklace which will get you near Farming guild. All these traveling methods are displayed below:

Once you get to the dungeon, which is located in the center of Karuulm mountain, you should follow a path through regular Hydras, just like displayed below:

Alchemical Hydra strategy:

Hydra’s basic mechanics includes 2 attack styles which is magic and range. Both styles looks quite similar, but magic attack looks more like a form of cloud or smoke, and ranged attack has pointed heads and looks more like an edge. Both attacks are displayed below:

Once you enter the instance, she will attack you with one of the styles for 3 times in row, then she will switch to next attack style. You must flick your prayer protections accordingly to her attacks! For example, if upon entering the instance she will hit you with mage attack, you should protect mage, then after 3 attacks switch to ranged protection and so on. Because of this mechanic many PVM’ers are joking that counting to 3 is the key skill to kill Hydra, because once you will get used to other mechanics, killing Hydra will be as easy as counting to 3. But there are few more things you need to know.

Hydra has 4 different forms with unique special abilities, but these forms are easily predictable and are easy to counter. At first, Hydra will always come in green form.

You must lure her into red chemical pool to decrease her chemical defences. Therefore, always start instance by running to Eastern wall, this should position you for easy  first quarter of the kill:

Green Hydra’s special attack is a poison spit, simply avoid standing on squares which has poison on it:

She will use her special attack after 3 basic attacks, then she will continue attacking with basic attacks for 9 more hits before using her special attack again. For example, she hits you with magic attack for 3 times, then she will use her special ability, then she will be hitting you with ranged.

Very important! This special attacks rotation is the same to every Hydra form!

After you will lower her hitpoints to 75% she will transform into blue form. For this step, simply run to northern wall to lure her into green chemical pool to decrease her chemical defences:

After Hydra’s first 3 hits she will use her special ability which might be called a lightning storm, but this storm isn’t anything dreadful. Simply run north east corner like displayed below:

This will protect you from 1 out of 2 lightning attacks which can be easily absorbed. But don’t lose your count to 3! You don’t want to absorb basic attacks and lightning attack at the same time, unless you’re feeling like Leroooy Jenkins today. Once you will get Blue Hydra to 50% HP she will transform in her red form. Move your character to western wall and lure her into blue chemical pool, to decrease her defences:

After her first 3 attacks she will start walking away to the center of instance and use her special attack which might be called a fire maze:

Toggle your run off and start walking around, try to avoid touching the fire which will be tracking you from behind. Failing to do so will hit you for 20+ damage, inflict damage over time and stun you for 1 sec. Therefore, be extra careful on this step. Once she will start hitting you with her basic attacks again, you’ll know it’s time time to stop moving ant continue attacking her until she will get down to 25% HP and transform into her final black form.

On this step, black hydra won’t have any chemical resistance, don’t lure her on any chemical pools, this will only make her stronger!

Her basic attacks count will restart, this means, if her last attack on red form was magic, she will start hitting you with ranged, if she finished with ranged attack, her next attack will be magic. Also note, her basic attacks will now change every single attack, not 3! Focus on your prayer flicks! After first 3 basic attacks she will use her special attack which is the same poison spit from green form:

After evading her poison attack just keep your focus on prayer flicks, you don’t need to move around, unless she will make it to another 9 basic attacks and use her poison spit again.

Congratulations on your first kill count! Now you can teleport out, or loot your stuff and run to eastern wall for further kills.

If you died during fight you can retrieve your items for a 100k fee here:

Don’t forget your boots of stone when you’re going to collect your items. If you will die on your way to the chest, you will lose all your items!

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