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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Lost City Quest

Posted on 2019-05-18

Lost City


Fairy land Zanaris has its own quest and it’s called Lost City. In searchs of a mystical lost city, a group of adventurers have set up camp in Lumbridge Swamp. Gain entrance to the moon of Gielinor, Zanaris and find the truth about the mystical city.


Start point Go to Lumbridge Swamp. Talk to the campers there.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description The legendary lost city of Zanaris is out there somewhere. Can you find it?
·        31 Crafting
·        36 Woodcutting
·        Only limited weapons and armour will be available. Level 101 Tree spirit will be standing in your way. Ability to kill it is a must have.
Items required
·        A knife
·        A woodcutting axe
·        You’ll have to cast the Crumble Undead spell at least 50 times, so bring a lot Runes. Take a note that you’ll need at least 39 level Magic for it.
·        Tabs or Runes to teleport out of Entrana Dungeon
·        Quality Food  
·        If using Melee, a prayer potion is highly recommended. When you enter the dungeon, prayer potion will be drained to a few points.
·        If using Melee, 3+ Ring of recoil is highly recommended
·        Lumbridge teleport
·        Unstrung bow and a bow string to save your runes and fight against zombies.
·        Arrows to save your runes and fight against zombies
Enemies to defeat Tree Spirit (level 101)


Starting out

Items required: A woodcutting axe.

Start point.

There are couple ways to start this quest. You can either teleport to Draynor and head Southeast or head straight into the Lumbridge Swamp. Afterwards, navigate to northwest corner of the swamp to find a Wizard, an Archer, a Monk and a Warrior standing around a camp-fire. Conversation should be started with the warrior and here is the dialogue options you should choose in order:

  • "What are you camped out here for?"
  • "Who's Zanaris?"
  • "If it's hidden, how are you planning to find it?"
  • "Looks like you don't know either"

After the last option, he becomes angry and accidentally reveals about leprechaun hiding in a nearby tree. He also tells that you should inquire him about Zanaris whereabouts.

"Chop", instead of "Chop down."

Afterwards, head west and look for a tree that strangely instead of “Chop-down” has only “Chop” option. Leprechaun named Shamus will pop out after you click on the tree. Once you ask him about Zanaris whereabouts, he will instruct you to intervene with Dramen staff. Chopping a tree inside of Entrana Dungeon is required to get this.

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The island of Entrana

Items required: Combat runes, a knife and quality food

Entrana rules won’t allow you to bring weapons or armour, but instead, you can take the following:

  • Arrows
  • Quality Food
  • A knife and logs
  • Items to make better armour, such as thread, a dragonhide, need or leather
  • God books
  • Potions
  • Some clothing options, such as Full Graceful and H.A.M Robes
  • Jewellery
  • Runes (for combat and teleporting)

Travel to Port Sarim. You will see a bank deposit box and monks of Entrana on the north east dock. Take the boat to Entrana after storing your axe in the bank deposit box. Go the east through the temple after boarding off the boat. After that, head north over bridge and then west. Next to a dungeon entrance you will find a monk. Enter the dungeon by climbing down.

Note: Your prayer will be reduced to nearly 0 when you enter the dungeon. It’s strongly suggested to bring at least one prayer potion if you’re not safespotting.

After you reach the dungeon, kill level 25 zombies until of them drops a bronze axe. A spot next to the west wall is perfect for safespotting. You can find another of those by the little group of mushrooms in southern part of the zombie area. Zombies can be killer by using the Crumble Undead spell, however, use mathematics and save runes for at least 20-30 casts against the tree spirit later. Finished fighting with the zombies? Excellent. Now venture around the cave until you see a small cave off to the south and some greater demons. Avoid using the magical door to the east, as it will take you to level 32 Wilderness. Enter the cave and chop the Dramen Tree found inside with your axe.

A safe spot for ranging or casting magic on the Tree Spirit.

Be prepared for a level 101 tree spirit, as it will come out of nowhere. If you run all the way to the north and then hide behind the mushrooms in the south, you can easily safespot this fight. If your armour level is around 25, bring more that 200 arrows for Range. Materials will be required to craft your own armour and fletch your own bow. Tree spirit absorbs most melee attacks and hits very hard, so melee is not recommended. You can make a smart move and travel to a rune store in Port Sarim to buy runes, hide behind the fungi to the south of the tree and use magic. Crumble Undead is highly recommended, as it is extremely effective against those type of creatures. Even at the starter level, tree spirit can be disposed with as few as 10 casts.

This is not the only method that can weaken the tree spirit. For example, if you bring a friend or other player to do this quest alongside you, he must not directly damage the tree spirit. Although, he should use the ring of recoil is required to achieve this. If the player doing the quest deals at least 1 damage at any point during the fight, this should do the trick.

Cut the tree again to get a Dramen branch after you kill the tree spirit.

Note: Get another Dramen branch if you’re planning to do The Fremenik Trials later. Just don’t make it into a staff so that you can smuggle it in Thorvald’s trial. Also, if you plan to free Sir Amik Varze in Recipe for Disaster, take another branch.

To get a Dramen staff, you must use a knife with the Dramen branch.

CAUTION: Once again, don’t use magical door, unless YOLO, because you will be teleported into level 32 Wilderness.

Finishing up

Items required: Dramen staff


Entrance to Zanaris.

Travel back to the Lumbridge Swamp. If you prefer quick transportation, use Lumbridge Home Teleport.    Enter the small hut in the middle of the swamp while wielding your Dramen staff and you’ll find yourself in Zanaris.

That’s it, quest completed!



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