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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Monkey Madness II Quest

Posted on 13 May 2019

Monkey Madness II


The sequel to Monkey Madness I is called Monkey Madness II: The Renegade Returns. This is also the 129th quest on Old School RuneScape. This time you will realize that Glough has vanished and King Narnode Shareen will ask for your help in tracking the criminal and unveiling his next evil plan. Before starting the quest, make sure you have some RuneScape Gold, which you can buy here at Food4Rs - better safe than sorry!

Start point Travel to the Grand Tree and speak with the King Narnode Shareen.
Official difficulty
The war criminal, named Glough, has escaped the watch of the Grand Tree gnomes. Glough has a history of creating conflicts and planning to overthrow the Gielinor. He must be stopped as soon as possible and King Narnode Sharren asks for your help in this.
Official lenght Very Long
Completion of the following quests:
o   Enlightened Journey
o   The Eyes of Glouphrie
o   Recipe for Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei)
o   Monkey Madness I
 Troll Stronghold
o   Death Plateau
o   Watchtower
No boosts allowed:
o   69 - Slayer
o   70 - Crafting
o   60 - Hunter
o   55 - Agility
o   55 - Thieving
Boost allowed:
o   60 – Firemaking  
It is beneficial to have a high Agility and Combat level.
Items required o   A lemon
o   Grapes
o   A pestle and mortar
o   A pickaxe (if you choose the tanking route)
o   Logs
o   A light source
o   A hammer (obtainable on island)
o   A chisel (obtainable on island)
o   An m'speak amulet
o   A monkey talisman
o   A ninja monkey greegree (small or medium)
o   Food (monkfish or better)
o   A slash weapon (to slash webs if you choose the tanking route (Wilderness sword of any tier recommended for this due to 100% web slash ability) )
o   Magic logs (for flying back to Gnome Stronghold)
o   Stamina potions
o   Prayer potions
o   Antidote+ or Serpentine helm
o   A good weapon
o   Weight-reducing clothing such as Graceful outfit
o   Armour with high Melee/Ranged Defence
o   A one-click emergency teleport
Enemies to defeat
o   Kruk (level 149)
o   Keef (level 178)
o   Kob (level 185)
o   9 Tortured gorillas (level 141)
o   2 Demonic gorillas (level 275)
o   Glough (level 378)



Warning: Bring only what you are willing to risk when entering the Ape Atoll and its dungeons. Treat this place as a wilderness, as it is very (I REPEAT – VERY) dangerous. Always be sure to have superantipoison potions, food, emergency teleport and use protection prayers. Teleports may be useful when travelling through the island.

Chapter I

Items required: grapes, magic logs, pestle and mortar, translation book, a lemon and 3 inventory spaces. Translation book can be obtained from King Narnode. Note that armour or weapons are not required during this chapter.

Talk with the King Narnode Shareen to start the quest. Glough has escaped and you are sent to his house to start searching for clues of his whereabouts. You will find his house just south-east of Grand Tree. Once you climb the tree on the other side of the house, select ‘Investigate’ on the tree branch. You will see the initials ‘A.A.’ on the handkerchief you receive.

Glough and Anita's houses.

Climb up the most north-western staircase in the Gnome Stronghold and speak with the Glough’s wife Anita. She will tell you that Glough may be seeing another woman. Tell her that you will help her, as Glough might be in trouble. She will also tell you about the whisperings she heard upstairs.

Glough's house.

Head back to Glough’s house and reach the additional level of this house by climbing up the tree twice. Activate a hidden switch on the gnome statue. Take a book of spyology from the cupboard. Read the book. In it you will find a detailed method how to reveal text on a document encrypted with spycraft. Head north-west and search crates. Take a brush from one of them. Investigate the fire remains and obtain a mysterious note. Below you will find the steps on how decrypt the code:

  1. Use the mortar and a pestle on the lemon and apply it to the note.
  2. Use the note on a lit candle or on the nearby candles.
  3. Apply grapes to the brush. First you need to use mortar and pestle on these grapes.
  4. Receive a scrawled note after using the juice-coated brush on the mysterious note. This note will be written in the ancient Gnome language. Read it.

Return to King Narnode if you don’t already have the translation book. Obtain the book by talking with him. Speak with the king again only after using the book on the note. If you have already completed The Grand Tree quest, you may already have this book. King Narnode will instruct you to speak with Anita, who appears to be the author of this book. Head back to Anita and ask her to translate the book. Return to King Narnode after you receive the translated note and finish reading it. The King will discover that Assistant Le Smith helped Glough to escape.

Travel south of Glough’s tree, where you’ll find the Assistant Lori. Talk to him and ask who he is. He will recommend you to speak with Auguste about it, as he is Le Smith’s replacement and has no clue on to what has happened. Reach the Entrana by flying with the balloon. Take note that no weapons or armour can be taken into the Entrana. Bring one magic log with you and you will be able to use balloon once you decide to return to Gnome Stronghold. This will save your time significantly. Auguste will tell you about the accident, which resulted in Le Smith disappearing while attempting to use air balloon for traveling to Ape Atoll.

Head back to King Narnode, who will ask you to speak with Garkor, who is located in the Ape Atoll.

Chapter II

Items required: M’speak amulet, ancient gorilla greegree or ninja monkey greegree, Pickaxe, slash weapon and light source. Note: If you running ability route, slash weapon and pickaxe will not be required.

Recommended: Antipoison, combat equipment, on-click teleport, food, stamina, super combat and prayer potions.

Warning: Dungeon can become your grave if you underestimate it! You will be constantly attacked by 130 and higher Combat level monsters. Prepare yourself and keep your Prayer and heath levels high at all times.

Garkor’s location.

Travel to the northern section of the island after making your way to Ape Atoll. Wear a gorilla greegree or M’speak amulet along with Ninja greegree. Speak to Garkor on the eastern side of the island and he will redirect you to King Awowogei. Speak with him and inquire about his military plans. He will insist against speaking with anyone except Kruk. Head back to Garkor. You will require to battle and kill Kruk. Afterwards the greegree must be created from his remains. This will allow you to disguise yourself as him.

Travel west of the main gate and look for a hill where the monkey archers are. Inspect all of them and find the one that has a talk option. Ask the monkey about Kruk’s whereabouts. It appears that Kruk was disappearing a lot lately and you should start looking for him from the bottom of the hill. Once you come down, search for some footprints or tracks. Head near to the tree and search for a trapdoor, which should be located south of the northern transport-icon.

Location of the trapdoor.

Once you enter Kruk’s dungeon, the greegree will lose its effectiveness. Your greegree will also be dropped to the ground if your inventory is full. Run north of the entrance, where you will find Kruk behind handholds. In order to reach him, you will have to venture through the whole dungeon, which is full of Agility obstacles, monsters and traps. Dungeon can be approached in to different ways.

Kruk’s Dungeon map can be seen below:


The Agility Method

Note: Every player can choose a different patch to destination.

This route is only recommended for players with level 70 Agility of higher. You will have to deal with many obstacles in this part of dungeon, although, there is only one correct path. Use trial and error to often find the right course. Pay attention to the messages that game will be giving you. For example, if you get a message stating that something about the route feels wrong, you can be 100% sure that this is the wrong path. Bottom floor is dark, so a light source is highly recommended. Be cautious and prepare to be bitten by insects until you exit the area.

Prepare to face Maniacal monkeys, if you fall during the first two vines. Note that they will only use melee on you. However, if you manage to pass the first two vines, and fall after the third one, be prepared to fight against Maniacal Monkey Archers. Obviously, those will only use range. “Checkpoint” will be located on the each of those vines, so going to the bottom floor until your reach the end of the maze is not an option.

  • To proceed with the agility method, travel east, until you find the “Dodgy Ground”. Afterwards, simply follow the flat parts and the ground, however, avoid stepping on those marked with an “X”, as you will set the trap and simply fall.
  • Continue moving forwards until you come across a large room filled with the Dodgy Ground. Look for the door on the east side of that room. Find your way to the chest by following the correct path. Search the chest and obtain a bronze key.

Take the key from the chest.

Note: Take the second key if you plan to teleport out before reaching the end of the dungeon. This will save your time significantly.

  • Make your way north after going back out onto the dodgy ground. Open the door using your bronze key and make your way through the maze.
  • Once you pass all the obstacles, travel through the western corridor until you reach Kruk’s lair. If you prefer the tanking path, choose eastern corridor.

WARNING: Bronze key will be required again, if you will die or decide to teleport out after passing the bronze door!

The Tanking Method

Note: Bring pickaxe to clear rocks and a slash weapon to make your way through webs, should you decide to choose this method.

Dungeon is not very hard in terms of path looking so simply venture straightforward and you shouldn’t face any difficulties to reach the end of it. However, be extra cautious, because those tunnels are filled with extremely aggressive monkeys, snakes and old scorpions.

  • Even if you take good tanking equipment, monkeys can still deal very high damage. Monkey archers have a much longer range than usual and are just as dangerous as those melee ones, so consider using Protect from Missiles.
  • You’ll need to get as much healing as possible, should you decide to choose the tanking route, so bring saradomin brews, which can be extra helpful. Any other items, like super restores, for example, are not necessary required, unless you plan to kill Kruk on the same run.
  • Runes for barrage or blood burst can become extremely useful if you’ll need to heal off the maniacal monkeys.

Slash webs and proceed further through the dungeon. During your path, you come across three chests. Unlock those chests by clicking on them and selecting “unlock chest”. If you fail to open one chest, simply try another. Once you open any of those chests, search for a combat damaged key, which will be used further ahead. If you plan on banking before the end of the dungeon, consider taking a second key. If you travel further down the path, you will eventually find another chest. However, you can always choose to pick-lock the door later and skip getting the key.

Once you pass the door, be prepared for numerous traps, including spinning blades and dart dispensers. They can be disabled for a short time by tinkering with them. If come across any traps that you won’t be able to disabled, note that you have taken the wrong path.

Reaching Kruk

At the end of this dungeon, two paths will converge. If you travel west, you’ll reach another vine, which will obtain the final checkpoint. It will be guarded by three Maniacal monkeys, so be cautious. Maybe even consider praying melee until they won’t be able to reach you. Afterwards, the path will divide into eastern and western route. Finally, you’ll come across the dodgy ground. Unlock a shortcut to the entrance by investigating the nearby wall. Do this before proceeding through the last dodgy ground.


Traveling through Kruk’s dungeon.

Always consider banking. Especially, before you decide to start the battle against Kruk. Skip to the end of the cave by using a shortcut. Reach Kruk’s chamber by taking a cavern entrance.

Killing Kruk

Warning: There are many difficult things in the world of RuneScape, but defeating Kruk can be one of the most difficult. Note that any dropped items cannot be reclaimed and will disappear forever once you enter the lair.

A short dialogue will start when you enter the room with Kruk. Attack Kruk only after turning on Protect from Missiles. Note that this creature can hit up to 33. None of the attack styles can help you deal Kruk more damage, as he has no particular weaknesses to any of them. Best way to defeat him, is to use stamina potions while attacking with range. Remember the fight against Commander Zilyana? Well, this is quite similar. Try staying out of melee range and run away immediately after attacking him. This way you will reduce chances on Kruk hitting you with high hits. Also, despite what method you use during the battle, you will still be hit by some ranged attacks. In additional to already activated Protect from Missiles, you should also consider praying Steel Skin and Eagle Eye.

Fighting with Kruk.

Finally killed the Kruk? Congratulations, now pick up his paw and use the rope west of the chamber to exit the dungeon. This will take you to the same building, where you previously hid from the monkey’s aunt. Remember to good old times? Well, back to action. Now you have to use recently obtained paw and a monkey talisman and create a Kruk monkey greegree. Finally, just make your way through the same tunnel you travelled during the Monkey Madness I quest.

Note: Spiders and undead monkeys can be avoided by wearing a greegree. To become immune to spike damage, use antipoison or anything similar. However, this will not save you from falling rocks. They will still deal you some damage. Take a bunch of quality food and super energy potions while going to Zooknock.

Talk with Zooknock about your current quest. He will make you a Kruk monkey greegree. Kruk was extremely powerful before dying, so Zooknock will express his unsureness about what you might face after taking his form. Take the greegree and teleport out of the dungeon. Afterwards, head back to Awowogei. He will tell you about another attack, which monkeys are planning to initiate along with the generals of the Troll Stronghold and Gu’Tanoth ogres. Once you hear the news, finish Chapter II by talking with Garkor.


Chapter III

Items required: Armour, weapon and 20 coins for Gu'Tanoth.
Recommended: Stony basalt, Ape Atoll teleport or Trollheim teleport, Castle Wars or Yanille teleports, chisel, hammer and food.

Challenging Kob to a deadmatch.

Fight will Kob near the troll generals at the Troll Stronghold. You can safespot him by simply walking through the door, as can’t pass through them. Kob hits up to 57, so consider using Protect from Melee even before speaking to him. However, this will not remove any damage taken, but only reduce it to 27, as he can still hit through Protect from Melee. Kob will beg for mercy once you defeat him and promise not to help the monkeys.

Find Keef in the Gu’Tanoth. He is located in the same place where you solved the guard’s riddle in the Watchtower quest. More specifically, is it near the other city guards past all the bridges. If you want to pass the bridges again, you may need to bring 20 coins or steal a rock cake. Afterwards, you’ll need to fight against Keef. He is quite similar to your previous opponent – Kob. You won’t avoid damage totally while using protection prayers, however, you can significantly reduce the amount of hits taken. You can safespot Keef by using the nearby tree. Before starting dialogue with Keef, activate Protect from Melee. The same as Kob, Keef will beg for mercy once he nears to death.

Fighting with Keef.

Note: Final section of the chapter might be very hard to complete, so before heading back to Garkor, consider taking stamina potions and weight-reducing clothing. Remember to take your m’speak amulet and Kruk greegree.

Speak to Garkor and inform him that you managed to convince trolls and ogres against helping the monkeys.

You’ll be sent to Ape Atoll, where you’ll need to find Assistant Le Smith, who should be located somewhere on the high places within the city.

A possible location of Assistant Le Smith.

Talk to Le Smith. He will tell you about the fleet of ships that monkeys are constructing on the west coast of Ape Atoll.

Speak with Garkor and travel to the north western coast of Ape Atoll. Equip your Kruk greegree and speak with monkey, who will take you to the platform.

Labelled map of the platform.

You will return to your human form once you get on the platform. To proceed further, you will be requested to fill six satchels with explosives and place those charges next to the platform.

The airship platform.

Note that you will be thrown out of the platform if any of the guards will spot you. You can save a bunch of time by “corner tricking” the guards. Guards can also be avoided by remembering the patrol patterns and acting accordingly.

Stealthily navigating through the platform.

Follow the main path and skip the first ladder you come across. Reach the ladder located at the very end of the road. Climb it and travel south until you find another ladder. Climb down and reach the satchels. Collect six satchels and head back to the ground floor. Follow the path by using the ladders to climb up and down and look for a barrel with the explosives. Fill already obtained satchels with the explosives and avoid being detected by the guards, as otherwise, the explosives will be soaked and you will be forced to get more explosives again. Make your way to the places, where the charges must be placed. Note that even if you log out, any already placed charges will stay on the rig.

You must place the charges on two floorboards on the middle floor, two pillars on the ground floor and two gas canisters on the top floor. You will see your character acknowledging the fact that you planted all of the explosives, once this part of the quest will be completed. Finally, leave the area by using the ladder at which you arrived.

Travel back to Kruk’s Dungeon after talking with Garkor again. Forgot to take chisel and a hammer? Not a problem, although, you need to search the crates downstairs and fight with gorillas at the same time until you find one of each. Equip Kruk’s greegree and use the monkey bars to skip traversing the maze and head north. Once you cross the monkey bars, look for a passage and enter it with Kruk’s greegree equipped. Make your way to the three tortured gorillas.

Glough will instruct you to navigate three gorillas back to their cage. Use Protect from Melee and fight all three gorillas. Of course, one at the time. Gorillas will go back into the cage once they reach low health.

Talk to Glough and he will say that the last strain of mutagen was unstable. Ask him about the army of creatures he is preparing. He will tell you that everything is in preparation stage, but he plants to unleash it across Ape Atoll soon. Soon after the conversation, he will teleport out and travel to find Le Smith.

Glough's device.

Once he teleports out, find the nearest holding area and dismount from the demonic gorilla. Unequip the greegree, climb back up the stairs, inspect the device at the north end of the room and take already charged onyx out of it. Invert the flow of energy by using the hammer and chisel and create a deconstructed onyx. Please it on the same device and double-check any of the incubation chambers to make sure that energy has been drained.

Head back to Garkor. He will forward you to Awowogei. Tell him about the trolls and ogres and that they decided to back out of the alliance, but the secret weapon had some complications during the preparation period and it’s not ready yet to use on the battlefield. He will become extremely frustrated and strips you of your duties and your rank. However, don’t get too upset, because the real Kruk is already dead and this don’t really matters anymore. Travel back to Garkor and tell him about your recent conversation. Immediately afterwards you will see a cutscene, showing Glough proceeding with his attack plans anyway.


Chapter IV

Several Tortured Gorillas, which you come across during this chapter, can only be killed with top quality combat equipment, so make you have it.

As you now, Gnome Stronghold will be attacked by Glough’s airship. Travel back to King Narnode Shareen and tell him the news. He will redirect you to the highest-skilled warrior on their ranks, named Nieve. Find your way to the entrance of the Stronghold Slayer Cave and ask her for help in defending the Stronghold. Her cousin Steve will take her place and she will agree to assist you.

Glough's airship flying above the Gnome Stronghold.

Tortured gorillas will appear after you start walking around the Stronghold with Nieve. Use various scenery and trees in the Stronghold to safespot them, as they are only using melee attacks. Return to bank, if necessary, after killing four of them. Nieve can be found outside the Grand Tree, in case she disappears at any time. If’s she’s not there, simply log out and log in again and she should appear. Note that you can also you “Call follower” option at any time.

Once you talk with the King, he will direct his 10th Squad to eliminate the remaining forces. However, there’s another task waiting for you and Nieve. Confront Glough at the crash site. Of course, only if he is still alive. Afterwards, speak with Garkor north-west of the Grand Tree. Enter the Crash Site Cavern and run past four more tortured gorillas. You don’t necessarily have to fight again them, so just pray magic or range.

The remains of Glough's airship after the crash

Fight against two demonic and two tortured gorillas. Walk through the cavern to see that Glough has eventually survived the crash. What’s even worse, he has taken his best experiments with him.

The tortured gorillas will start attacking immediately after the cutscene ends. These will use multiple Combat styles, as they are slightly stronger that the ones you fought before. Demonic gorilla will enter the fight after you kill one of the tortured gorillas. As you may already know, demonic gorillas are far stronger and deal more hit points and damage.

Warning: Battle area will be instanced, just like during the Kruk fight. In case you die and drop your items, they will be lost forever. Also, Nieve will be waiting for you outside the Grand Tree in case you die.

Nieve fighting side by side


The demonic gorillas can attack their opponents using all three attack styles. Their green attack is Magic, white is ranged and the last one is melee. Use all your knowledge to protect against them effectively. Also, all four gorillas can be killed by Nieve. That’s right, it’s indeed possible. In order to proceed with this method, run out of the room and hide behind the pile of rocks after Nieve starts attacking one of the gorillas. Make sure that demonic creatures are not using Protect from Melee. However, if they are, Nieve will only be able to hit them after they change prayers. This can be forced by attacking them with range or magic. Don’t use “call follower” option, as otherwise, Nieve not attack the gorillas.

Note: Use slayer helmet if you are on a black demon slayer task, as this way, the demonic gorillas count as on task kills.

For Struggling Players: Leave the room after killing both tortured gorillas that appear and hide in such way, that demonic gorillas get stuck behind the wall. Nieve will attack the last monster you were in combat with, but first, you MUST tank at least few hits from a gorilla. Tank a few hits from Demonic Gorilla 1 after defeating both of the tortured gorillas and Nieve will then know which one to attack. Let her finish off the specific gorilla without interrupting. You can just hide somewhere and wait until she finishes what she started. Use magical or ranged attacks if they are praying Protect from Melee and wait for until they switch to Protect from Missiles.

Chapter V

Glough will drink a mutagen and transform himself into an abomination after his demonic gorillas will be defeated. Nieve tries to play a hero and attempt to stop him. However, she gets knocked back to the wall, which will cause a boulder to fall and crush and kill her instantly. At this point, you will have to fight with Glough and defeat him. You should consider returning to a bank to re-supply as no matter how experienced of a player you consider yourself, this fight might get be a hard nut to crack.

Nieve is killed by a collapsing boulder

Once Glough’s health falls, he will move to another chamber. You’ll have to fight him in three separate chambers in total.

Note: Of course, dying can hardly be avoided. But apart of that, avoid teleportation out of the chamber or exiting the fight at any stage of it, as this will result in progress reset and you’ll have to start fighting with Glough from the very beginning. We strongly suggest reading the following the section before proceeding further with the quest. Don’t bring any items you don’t want to lose, as you will lose them in case of failure.

Phase 1 & 2

Once you enter the first room, you will notice that Glough can be attacked using Magic or Ranged from the hallway, as he is only using Melee attacks. He will proceed to the second room after his hitpoints falls to 75%.

A safespot for the first phase.

Glough use melee and ranged attacks in the second room. His max hits can deal up to 30+ damage. Glough can be safespotted, although, this is not as easy as previously. Consider using a weapon that has at least 10 squares of attack range. There are the most logical options: dark bow, crystal bow, twisted bow or magic longbow.

Safespot for the second phase.

Read carefully now, as the safespotting must be done extremely precisely in this part. Stand exactly one square out of his attack range. More specifically, this is about in the same point, where he went in the first phase. Taken damage can be reduced by activating Protect from Missiles. Although, this will only reduce his hits to 21 or less. Easiest way to fight with him at this stage, is to lure him back out of the second room. Move to the first room and hit him. You’ll be amazed how easily this will look. Once Glough’s hitpoints fall to 50%, he will proceed to the third and final room.

Phase 3 strategy #1

Glough will attack you using both magic and melee in the third room. Strongest Glough’s melee attack can deal you up to 66 damage. Not bad, huh? Keep your health always at 80 or above, as this will help you avoid dying instantly after one hit. If you choose to attack him using melee, consider activating protect from Melee. You will only be teleported by Glough after he takes damage. If you attempt to safespot him (details on how to do this can be found below), use rings of recoil, as they will help you significantly. Attack Glough only when you are not in danger of dying and keep Auto-Retaliate disabled. After he teleports you, eating will be unavailable for a short period of time.

Glough drags the player towards him.

You will be dragged within distance after Glough’s magic attacks and you will deal a large amount of damage by his melee attack. You may avoid this and only take damage from his magic attacks. This can be done by standing one square west of Glough and using a strong ranged weapon (toxic blowpipe, for example). He will use his magic attack to teleport you to him so act quickly and run to the square just west of him. Continue attacking him afterwards. Glough’s teleport deals high damage, so if you’re using magic or ranged attacks, consider activating Protect from Magic. Using the correct prayer may allow you to halve his damage. However, you should bring a lot of combo and quality foods if you choose to use this strategy.

Another possible method is to use melee attacks and activate Protect from Melee when Glough teleports you to him. Change the tactics and use ranged attacks along with Protect from Missiles when he pushes you away. Whip and a toxic blowpipe should be considered as great weapon choices. Glough’s health can also be chunked significantly by using a crystal or dragon halberd.

Phase 3 strategy #2

This strategy requires perfect timing, connection and skill. If you act without mistakes, you may kill Glough with a 10 square-range weapon without taking any damage.

When he reaches his final form, Glough can be safespotted with a dark bow. This weapon, as well as Magic comp bow deals double attack so can be extremely useful. However, you must be super experienced in Runescape’s 6 tick system, if you decide to safespot him during this part. Glough’s aggression range reaches between 16-20 squares and 11 squares considering his attack. This can be done in two different ways, however, each one requires you to set up quick prayers for Eagle Eye and Magic protection.

  1. Attack him after turning on quick prayers. Be prepared, as he will teleport you to him. You can always switch off the prayer, should you feel the need to do so. Be extra quick and run at least 11 squares backwards immediately after being teleported.
  2. Glough’s aggression can be effectively canceled by continuously running between the hallway and the previous chamber. However, in case he somehow manages to teleport you, consider using quick prayer set up, or he will hit you upwards of 60 damage. This method is relatively slow; however, you manage to kill him more safely. DO NOT use autocast if you are using magic. Instead, use your spell book to cast spells.
  3. Remember to eat before Glough uses his magic attack and draws you back. Doesn’t matter whether you choose walking or running back – this will have a little impact during this method. Using blowpipe will allow you to land 2 hits on Glough and you won’t need to worry about your health.

Enter the first room and start fighting with Glough. Afterwards, run into the room you entered previously. Glough can be safely attacked down to 75% health after he gets stuck between the passageway. This will also help you avoid any damage. Glough will only use Melee attacks during this stage, so protection prayers are not required. Save them for later usage.

In the second phase, Glough will use range attacks, although, protection prayers wont effect his attacks. Head back to the first room and hide behind the grey rock. Glough won’t be able to attack you as long as you stay hidden behind the rock. This spot will allow you to attack Glough until his health reaches 50%. Should you decide to use Longbow, make sure to use Long range also.

During the last phase, look for the grey rock somewhere near Glough. Use Protect from Magic, Rigour or Eagle Eye and attack Glough. Afterwards, look for a grey rock on your Mini Map and spam click on it immediately after you start the attack animation. Restore your Prayer and Hitpoins if needed while moving right behind the grey rock again. Repeat this until you kill Glough.

Note: It is highly unlikely, but if you somehow manage to die at the same time as Glough… well… you will have to fight with him from the very beginning.

Finishing up

Cavern will start collapsing after you defeat Glough. Zooknock will teleport you out immediately after this. Sadly, he won’t be able to pull out Nieve. Bring him the news about Glough’s and Nieve’s death. Zooknock will then teleport you straight to King Narnode.

Negotiating peace with Awowogei and Narnode

Speak with Glough and tell him about Glough and demonic creatures, that is now buried deep within caverns. He will tell you that Awowogei decided to set up peace treatment between the mainland and Ape Atoll. You will see a cutscene afterwards. In it, you will witness King Narnode Shareen negotiating peace treatment with Awowogei. At the end of it, Marim gates to mainland will be opened for all.

Quest completed, hip hop hooray!




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