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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Monkey Madness I Quest

Posted on 08 May 2019

Monkey Madness I


Start point Travel to the Grand Tree and talk to King Narnode Shareen
Official difficulty  
Guess who‘s once again in need of your help? Thats right – the one and only King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen. His Royal Guard, or the 10th squad, to be precise, were recently sent to oversee the decommissioning of the ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja, which are owned by Gnome.
The 10th squad were sent there quite some time ago, although, no one heard a word from them since then. *Ba dumtss* - it‘s up to you now, dear RuneScaper whether you will decide to help and to find out what happened to the 10th squad. Maybe there is still some hope and it is not too late to track them down?
But don‘t think that this would be an easy task. The world is threatened by unknown terror, as the sinister forces have begun to spread through the Gnome hierarchy. The fires of vengeance have taken over across the land once again. Will you succeed and unravel the dark mystery behind this deception? Will you be blinded by the lies? Or maybe you will see truth? Will you manage to separate what is real and what is not?
Official lenght  
Completion of the following quests:  
·        The Grand Tree
·        Tree Gnome Village
The courage and strength to defeat a level 195 Jungle Demon
43+ Prayer level HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as you will face a numerous strong melee enemies on your way to the top
Items required  
·        A gold bar
·        A ball of wool
·        Corpse from Karamja or money bones. You will obtain them during the quest. Please note that you can‘t use melee again the monkey.
·        Antipoison potions, antidote++ potions or whatever poison cures you can find
·        Energy potions, stamina potions or other items that that restore your energy
·        Prayer potions
·        Ape Atoll is rich with pineapple plants, so take a knife for free healing
·        Food with the effect of high healing
·        Clothing that reduce your weight
·        Emergency teleport or ring of life – choose what better suit your style
·        Ardougne teleports or Ardougne cloak 1
·        You will need to bank quickly, so consider taking a ring of dueling or even Ardougne cloak, which is somewhat further from a bank. Always remember that the you can find a spirit tree in Battlefield of Khazard, and a bank, as well as glider service can be located in the gnome stronghold)
·        Take at least 1-2 lockpicks
·        200,000 coins (otherwise you will need to solve the puzzle)
Enemies to defeat  
Jungle Demon (level 195)


Warning: It might seem easy enough. But wait for it, until you obtain a monkey greegree, Ape Atoll will remain as one of the most dangerous areas in the game. Take tons of food, antipoison potions, emergency teleport and other items, which are required. Without those, don‘t step a foot in there. Of course, we are on your side and we would like to see you succeeding, not to mention – surviving, so consider switching off Auto Retaliate and utilizing protection prayers, as it will raise your chances significantly.

4 chapters. Want to complete this quest? You will have to pass them all.

These are the routes you‘ll have to take in the quest.


Chapter 1

Items required: At least 3 free inventory spaces, as you will need ranged attack for monkey bones if not yet acquired.

Start with King Narnode – simply talk with him. As per his instructions, you will need to investigate Glough‘s old shipyard and look for any trace of the missing 10th squad. He will also give you the Gnome royal seal. That‘s it, next stop - Karamja. If you need a glider, you can obtain it at the top of the Grand Tree to Karamja (Gandius). You can grab some monkey bones from the nearby monkeys in the west, if you do not have any of those bones or a monkey corpse. Next up, talk with G.L.O. Caranock, who is located in the Shipyard north of the glider landing site. More specifically, this gnome will be waiting for you by the fence, in the building in the southern area of the Shipyard. Don‘t be surprised at first, as he will advise you to return back to the King, which might sound suspicious. Use the glider to return back to the King. You will be given Narnode‘s orders and he will instruct you to speak to Daero. Within the Grand Tree, on the 1st floor, you will find a bank. This might be your last chance, so use it wisely – bring some antipoison potions, food and other recommended items (please see above). Your next contact is a new head tree guardian Daero. You can find him near Blurberry Bar, on the 1st floor of the Grand Tree. Double-check all the chat options and then just tell him that you‘re prepared to leave. You will be taken to an underground hanger, after he blindfolds you. Talk to Daero again, as this time, he will introduce you to Waydar. You will need to solve a "reinitialisation" puzzle afterwards. This can be done by simply clicking on the panel to the south-east by the southern glider. To view the solution, players can take some spare controls from the nearby crate.

Solve the sliding puzzle.

  1. Slide the 1, 2 and 3 to the upper left corner into their proper positions.
  2. Move the 4 in the upper right corner.
  3. Put the 5 under the 4
  4. Slide the 4 to the left and the 5 up; that‘s it, first row – completed.
  5. Do the same with the next row and leave row above intact.
  6. Finally, solve the last two rows altogether. Work left to right and complete the final two rows as 2 tiles high columns.

The solution to the reinitialization puzzle.


If you ever took the Treasure Trails activity, you quickly realize, that this is quite the similar and sliding puzzle will seem easy to complete. If you honestly think that puzzles is a waste of time, or you cannot solve it for some reason – not a problem, simply bring 200,000 coins and go to Glough. He still resides at the same place, where he was during the Grand Tree quest. If you choose to pay Glough, quickly return back to the hangar via Daero; Glough will do the hard work for you (just don‘t feel ashamed, at least you paid for it, right?) and leave you one tile to slide to complete it. You could pretend that you‘ve done it all by yourself. At first talk to Daero, after that, speak with Waydar. He will take you straight to the Crash Island, where the 10th Squad crash landed. Look for Lumdo and ask him to sail to Ape Atoll. He will respond to you not the way you would like, as he has conflicting orders from his sergeant, Garkor, and therefore will refuse to take you. That‘s where the Waydar comes in. Talk to him, but be cautious, as there might be some poisonous scorpions just to his left. Now speak with the Lumbo again. He will be more cooperative and agree to take you to Ape Atoll.

Chapter 2

Note: You can go all stealth until Chapter 4: „The Final Battle“, as there is no necessary combat until then, unless you choose to go guns blazing.

Part 1

Items required: Absolutely none. However, there are some that we recommend taking: Lock picks for the cell door, high-healing food, knife for free healing off those already mentioned pineapple plants and a form of poison protection. If you have a chance – take them all, you will thank us later!


Caranock speaks with the foreman.

Note: If you want to re-stock your items, you can flee or teleport from Ape Atoll at any point. As long as you will be in human form, all creatures (except from level 5 Birds) will be trying to attack if you come close to them. You can avoid poisonous spiders and snakes by heading west of southern coast of Ape Atoll. If you choose this path and somehow encounter a snake, you can avoid it by simply waiting for it to pass.

Once your reach the Atoll, head to the west and stick to the southern coastline. Once you reach the mahogany tree, take the path to the north. Be extra prepared, because you may be attacked by aggressive level 38 scorpions, level 42 jungle spiders and level 24 snakes. You should consider activating Protect from Missiles once your reach the Ape Atoll gate, as the poisoned arrows will start pelting your way. Once you reach your destination, you will be knocked out and placed into prison. Aberan and Trefaji are the guards that will be guarding the cell in which you awake. You will also see the captured 10th Squad members. Speak with one of them in particular. His name is Lumo. If you come close to the northern cell wall, the guards may punch you for some damage. Keep a close eye on the guards patrolling the cell. Once the guard closest to the cell moves away from the door, pick lock it and get out. Wait for the guard to walk out to switch and walk behind him to reach the exit. Don‘t get frustrated if you won‘t succeed with the first try, as it might take several attempts.

Once you escape the prison, travel east until you find a member of the 10th Squad, named Karam. Karam will be hiding in the bushes and may be difficult to spot, so look carefully. Stay in the jungle grass and travel south, past the large door. While staying in the grass might keep you safe, you should consider activating Protect from Missiles to avoid any unnecessary damage from the monkey archers. Travel south until you reach a Sergeant of the 10th Squad, named Garkor.

Garkor's Location is shown in blue.

While talking to Garkor, make sure not to end conversation until the point where he instructs you to meet Zooknock. Keep Protect from Missiles activated and take the path north until you reach the doorway.

When you enter the house, make sure not to step out of the dark brown ground, or you may end up in the jail again. Inside you will be attacked by poisonous and aggressive spiders, although you should save your antipoisons as their poison only hits 1. You may choose bananas as alternatives. You can find them in the crates next to the ladder.

The layout of the jail.

Search the crates in the middle of the room and pick monkey dentures. Don‘t forget to stay on the dark brown ground. The sleeping guard will call the guards if you choose to speak to him. Otherwise, he causes you no threat.

Search the crate located in the most south-eastern point. Heal up before entering the cavern below, as you will take damage if you drop down. Damage can also be negated if your Agility level is high enough. Search the crates in the north-west part of this cavern until you find the M’amulet mould.

In case you need to re-supply your stock, exit the city by going to the south-east corner of it. Reach the ladder by running through the gravedigger and the guards. Head back to the boat to Crash Island.


Part 2

Items required: M’amulet mould, gold bar and monkey dentures. Recommended: 4+ prayer potions, quality food, 1-2 antipoison potions, emergency teleport, a plank and  4+ energy potions

Note: At this point you should considering teleporting out and banking. You will need to run past the Zombie monkeys and they can deal moderate damage (max of 7). Multicombat area – that’s how you could call the dungeon. Literally, all of it. Gorilla skeletons can cause you most troubles, as they hit accurately and quite hard (up to 12).

Travel back to Grand Tree and straight to Ape Atoll. You should bank at this point, if necessary. Head to the tunnel, which is located just west of Lumdo.

The location of the hut.


Enter the dungeon. You will have to travel through a winding and long underground path. You should consider activating Protect from Melee, as you may encounter some unwanted enemies along the way. You will also be hit by rocks. This will be indicated by a rumbling noise and screen shaking. If you agility level is high enough, the rocks may cause lower damage. 1-3 damage might be maximum, if your Agility level is at least 60. You may also avoid the rocks by sheltering under the overhangs. You will also face claw traps near the end of the tunnel, though you can avoid them by staying at least one square behind. The area is also crowded with level 142 skeletons, level 1 spiders and level 98 monkeys. Waymottin, Zooknock and Bunkwicket will be waiting for you at the very end of the tunnel. Use your gold bar, monkey dentures and m’amulet mould on Zooknock after talking to him. Leave the tunnel after you obtain an enchanted bar.

Red: Dentures crate Green: Banana crate Blue: Sleeping guard monkey


Part 3

Items required: Ball of wool, m’amulet mould and enchanted bar. Recommended: lockpick, a teleport, 1-2 antipoison potions and food. Kill a Monkey Guard for a Gorilla greegree if you are going to do Recipe for Disaster later.

After you return to Ape Atoll, head north-west until you are once again placed in the prison. To escape the cell, use the same methods as before. Head east until you reach the temple door. Go through the trapdoor and use Protect from Melee to defend against powerful monkey guards. Note that most of the guards can be avoided, but the bearded ones must be fought and cannot be ran through. You must go upstairs and climb the ladder down on the east side. This will get you close to the trapdoor. However, you choose another method and just wait until the guards walk away. Avoid getting surrounded by the monkey guards, as you may be unable to escape otherwise. There is also a monkey altar in the area, so you could use it to restore prayer points.


The location of the M'amulet moulds.


Pray against melee and go down the trapdoor. You can either ignore the monkey zombies or kill at least one to pick up the bones, which can later be used for Recipe for Disaster. Head back up the ladder and look for a spot to hide from the enemies. If you need to replenish your supplies, teleport away from Ape Atoll. Use the amulet with the ball of wool. Create the m’speak amulet. Afterwards, you can either continue on to the next part or teleport out to re-supply. Activate Protect from Melee before you ascend the ladder, as you may end up trapped again. Run west until you see a building. While running, use either Protect from Missiles or sneak around in the grass. Once you reach the building, you should find a banana garden to the west of it that has a Monkey Child in it. Be cautious, as it will be guarded by The Monkey’s Aunt. If you enter the banana garden when monkey’s aunt is present, you will be arrested by the guards. However, this can be avoided by entering the building beside and climbing up the ladder. Speak to the monkey child only after aunt walks away.

Ape Atoll Dungeon.


Tip: In case the monkey’s aunt catches you, you can escape the guards by climbing up the ladder in the nearby house. Once upstairs, avoid speaking with the Monkey’s Uncle, or else he alert the guards too.

Introduce yourself to the monkey child by saying that you are his uncle. He will ask you to deliver 20 bananas, although, you do not actually need the full amount, so search the nearby trees and pick at least five. Wait for the monkey aunt to get away and return to monkey child. Ask him for his Monkey talisman and try using drop trick to obtain more that one. This can be done by simply dropping the talisman, speaking with the monkey child again and telling him that you have lost the one he previously gave you. If you face any difficulties, always remember that talismans can be purchased for 1000 coins. Tutab’s Magical Market is the place where you can find them. This is not an option if you are looking to obtain the first talisman. After you finish this part, simply exit Ape Atoll.

Note: At least four talismans are required for the Recipe for Disaster quest. Talismans cost 1000 coins each and can be purchased at Tutab’s Magical Market. Tutab’s Magical Market can only be accessed if you are in monkey form.

WARNING: If you teleport out of the Ape Atoll while equipped with a greegree, it will be lost and you’ll be forced to make a new one.

The trapdoor is directly next to the ladder.


Recipe for Disaster: Three additional (and 4 in total) greegrees will be required for this one. One talisman will be required for each of them plus their respective monkey bones. Get all of these before going to Zooknock and save yourself 1-2 trips. To get all of the bones, you’ll need to kill a Monkey Zombie, a Monkey Archer, a Monkey Guard and a Monkey (monster). A Monkey Guard is healing only in melee range, so it is much easier to kill it by safespotting. Upstairs you can find the easiest ones to kill. Use the front entrance and reach the ladder in the south. Keep Protect from Melee activated up until you get up the ladder. Guard can be safespotted in the corridor that you will come across. Return to Zooknock after you collect everything that is required. If the Zooknock won’t take the next bones you give him, simply try the drop trick with your greegrees.

Part 4

Items required: Only Monkey bones and one talisman are needed for Monkey Madness I (However, make sure those are Karamjan monkey's bones; otherwise, you will have to run back again. Recommended: energy potions and food, a plank, 1-2 antipoison potions and Ardougne teleport.

Make sure you have a teleport and bank for the necessary items. Use the tunnel to head back to Zooknock and venture back to Ape Atoll. Take the path through the tunnel again and use monkey bones and the monkey talisman on Zooknock. You will get a greegree corresponding to the bones you used on him. If you want, ask him if he can make another one. This way he may create you another greegree. In case you abort the conversation, it can be resumed by asking him how to make the monkey talisman.

Chapter 3

Items required: M’speak amulet and Karamjan monkey greegree. Recommended: Ardougne teleport.

Note: Steps 1 through 4 can be done when you return to Ape Atoll. If you want to re-supply –skip to Step 5.

G.L.O. Caranock and Waydar having a conversation.


Become a monkey by wielding a Kajamjan monkey greegree (note that others WILL NOT work). This will allow you to avoid being attacked or approached by any wildlife, or especially monkeys on the island. Head back to Garkor in a monkey form and speak to him. Afterwards, find the Elder Guard near Garkor and speak to him. He will instruct you to speak with Kruk. Travel back to the Marim gate. You will be taken to the King Awowogei after you speak with the Kruk. Talk to him and offer an alliance. You will be asked to travel to Ardougne Zoo and save a monkey from there. Avoid teleporting while equipped with the greegree if you have a full inventory. This may result in potentially losing it. Venture to Ardougne where you’ll find the zoo. Wield the greegree and talk with the Monkey minder. You will be placed in the cage. Talk with the only monkey with a “Talk” option and take it to the inventory. To get out of the cage, speak with the Monkey minder again after you unequip the greegree. Head to the Gnome Stronghold by food. In there, you’ll find the Daero. Speak with him and return to Ape Atoll. If you use teleportation, the monkey will leave your inventory. You will be supplied with some “funny” dialogue by your new monkey friend. He will most likely eat any bananas. Treat him by giving him one, if you have any in your inventory. Using your bananas on him directly may result in a rare chance that he will be giving you a clue scroll. Equip your greegree, head back to Ape Atoll and talk to the king. Alternatively, you can speak directly to the Elder Guard, if you have spoken with the King before. This will result in monkey leaving your backpack automatically and Awowogei considering an alliance. Chapter 4 can be started by speaking to Garkor again.

Chapter 4

Items required: Greegree. Recommended: 1-2 antipoison potions, food and combat equipment to defeat a level 195 Jungle Demon.

"The Final Battle"

Note: By quipping the 10th squad sigil, you can teleport to the Jungle Demon fight from anywhere in Gielinor. The only place not eligible for this is Wilderness.

Speak to Garkor by entering the grass near him. You can do this in any form, there is no need to stay as a monkey. Don’t equip the received 10th squad sigil until you are ready for the final battle! In case you lose the last sigil, you will be required to speak with Garkor again and you will sent back to the very end of the Zooknock’s tunnel.

Waydar, Caranock and King Awowogei plotting.


Note: In case you die during the battle, you will respawn with the sigil, greegree and your 3 most valuable items. Lost items can then be recovered by immediately teleporting back into the battle.

Jungle Demon fight is a tough one to handle, so bank for the required items. Full health and prayer points is a must have on this one. Maging/ranging, using a Dwarf multicannon or by luring the demon into the 10th squad gnomes – those are the best methods to defeating the Jungle Demon. All of these strategies have been tested numerous times by various players, so pick one that suit your method of play best. Bring lobsters or other quality food, a one-click teleport (just in case) and a bunch of prayer potions. Enable Protect from Magic before you teleport. Considerer taking an antipoison as well.

Wear sigil when you decide to start the battle. Shortly after that you will be teleported to the Jungle Demon’s arena. In order to advance, defeat the Jungle Demon. You will receive help from the 10th Squad gnomes, however, you must be the one who hits the final blow, as otherwise Demon will heal for 25% of his max health.


The 10th squad and the player fight the demon.


Strategy for Magic/Ranged: It is highly recommended to attack with Ranged or Magic, as well as having at least 37 or higher Prayer level. Demon can be safespotted from the outside edge across a bridge. This will allow you to range him and 10th Squad gnomes will start weakening him. Wait until Jungle Demon’s heath reaches the lethal range, activate Protect from Magic, quickly jump next to the Jungle Demon and Melee him once. Run back afterwards – don’t pretend to be a hero. As you are protected from magic, this will prevent Demon from using Melee and leave with nothing to threaten you. You can avoid taking any damage throughout the fight by standing still once you are teleported to the arena. This way the Demon will not move and will not use its Melee attack. Note that you will only benefit from this as long you keep your prayer up.

Strategy for Melee: Jungle Demon regenerates its health for a few seconds after he reaches 1 HP from the gnomes. You can use this time to Melee him. Also consider using rings of recoil.

Finishing up

Speka to Garkor once you slay the Jungle Demon. He will be indicated by an arrow. To be teleported to Ape Atoll, you will need to talk with Zooknock afterwards. If you want to stay and explore the banana plantation, simply decline the offer. However, this will result in Zooknock leaving. In this case, speak to Bonzara and he will teleport you out of the arena.

  • Warning: Have an anti-poison when you decide to proceed with the teleportation, as you will be taken near aggressive and poisonous monsters in the jungle on Ape Atoll. Equipping your greegree should be the first thing to do after teleporting out.

You can escape the island either by jumping off the bridge in the south-east part of the city, or by going through the main gates as a monkey. Whatever way you choose, travel back to Gnome Stronghold.

  • Advice for 1-Defence pures: Fish for raw bass and chop a teak tree before returning to King Narnode.
  • Warning for 1-Defence pures: You will no longer be available to return to Ape Atoll after speaking to King Narnode, should your Defense level will stay below 33. You could return to Ape Atoll after killing the Jungle Demon, but you will trigger it to close (until you level-up your Defence) in case you speak with the king.

To finish the quest, speak with King Narnode.

Anyway, if the quest gets to difficult, you may buy some OSRS gold on food4RS and make it easier and faster! 

That’s it, congratulations! Quest complete!

Experience rewards can be collected by speaking with Daero. You will be redirected to him by Narnode, who will assign you for a training as a new 10th squad member.



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