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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Rune Mysteries Quest

Posted on 20 Apr 2019

Rune Mysteries

Rune Mysteries is a requirement for mining rune essence within the Rune Essence mine. This a novice level completely Free-to-play quest.


Start point Go to the 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle and speak to Duke Horacio.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Some fascinating researches at the Wizards' Tower now for the first time in the centuries let’s players to create Runes. Head wizard Sedridor is need of your help in his further researches. Be cooperative and will teach you those secrets!
Official length Short
Requirements None
Items required    
Recommended: Any means to Varrock such as:    
·        A Varrock teleport required for teleportation to center of Varrock  
·        A Ring of wealth required for teleportation to the Grand Exchange in Varrock  
·        The Chronicle required for teleportation to the Champions' Guild south of Varrock    
Any means to the Wizards' Tower:    
·        An Amulet of glory required for teleportation to Draynor Village.  
·        Necklace of passage required for teleportation to Wizards' Tower bridge
Enemies to defeat None


Travel to 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle. In there you will find Duke Horacio. Ask him if he has any quests to give out. Although he won’t propose you any quests, he will tell about you about the strange talisman, that he recently found. He will give it to you and ask you to travel to Wizards’ Tower, where the origins of it must be identified. Travel to Draynor Village where Wizards' Tower is located. Once you reach the place, look for the ladder into the basement, where you find Wizard Sedridor. Give the talisman to him and take the Research package in return. You will be asked to deliver it to Aubury in Varrock. Aubury is located inside of his rune shop south of Varrock’s east bank. It is important that you talk to him twice. You will receive some notes and asked to deliver them back to Wizard Sedridor. Talk to the Wizard Sedridor once more back in the Wizards’ Tower. Remember the air talisman you gave him earlier? He will return it to you and present you with the basics of Runecraft. Quest complete, congratulations!  


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