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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Tree Gnome Village Quest

Posted on 04 May 2019

Tree Gnome Village



Start point Speak to King Bolren at the Centre of the Tree Gnome Village Maze
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description General Khazard began to hunt tree gnomes and they are now in danger of extinction. Find the gnomes secret treetop village after managing your way through the hedge maze and help gnomes to to defeat General Khazard.
Official length Short (You will gather all the required items prior to starting the quest, you might take only up to 10-15 minutes in total to complete the quest)
Requirements Although you can safe-spot him, you’ll still need to defeat level 112 Khazard warlord. So what’s required? Your ability to do so.
Items required ·        An axe, which can be obtained during the quest or 6 normal logs
·        Combat equipment
Enemies to defeat Khazard warlord (level 112)


Getting started

Travel to centre of the Tree Gnome Maze and talk to King Bolren. You’ll soon find out about the three orbs that were stolen by Khazard troops. Once you agree to help retrieve them, you will instantly be taken out of the maze.

This is how to reach Tree Gnome Village

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The three trackers

Items needed for this part of the quest: 6 normal logs.

You need to speak with Commander Montai north to the southern edge of the Battlefield. You will notice him wearing red clothing. You will be asked to retrieve 6 logs for repairing their defenses. Not so much of a defense, if 6 logs does the trick, if you ask me. If you don’t have the required amount of logs, you can head to a bank or kill the goblins in maze, as they use to drop them. However, you’ll spend much more time with the goblins, so unless you intend to level up, we recommend heading to the bank. After talking to Commander Montai again, you’ll be asked to find the three trackers, who were sent out to retrieve coordinates for firing the ballista.

  • Behind the biggest building in the northwest you should find the first tracker.
  • Northeast building in a Khazard Prison Cell. That’s where the second tracker is located.
  • Outside the south-west corner of the stronghold you should locate the third tracker.

The coordinates you need will be obtained with the first two trackers. Chaos has taken a huge effect on the third tracker, so there may be some problems. Most of what he says will be totally useless, however, he will give you a hint leading to a number you need. Although, be prepared to guesswork a little.

Travel back to south-west corner of the battlefield where the ballista is located. Just don’t mistake it for the catapult, which is next to Montai. In there, you will get to enter the third coordinate. If you make a mistake, you’ll always get a chance to try again, just remember that it should be a number between 1 and 4.

The orbs

Talk to Commander Montai after you succeed with the coordinates. Afterwards, head back where Gnome Tracker 1 was (north to the stronghold) and climb over the crumbled wall. Be prepared, as you will be attacked by a level 48 Khazard commander. Although he should not cause problems for most advanced players, as he is pretty low on Hitpoints (22). You can also safe-spot him if you like. This can be done by standing behind northern broken chair. If you wish to avoid the battle, you can leave commander alive and use the door in the other room to proceed further.

Walking through the crumbled wall.

WARNING to Hardcore Ironmen: A conversation with a Khazard commander will start after you climb over the wall. He will ask you how you got in but at the same time will start attacking you. Hits will not be visible at the time, but you will notice them after the conversation, so be extra cautious if you have 12 Hitpoints or fewer.

Climb up the ladder in the western room and inspect the chest. You should find the missing orb of protection inside it. If you get close enough to the commander, he will start attacking you once again, but you can simply run back the ladder and escape through the nearby door.

Head back to Elkoy in the Tree Gnome Village. He will send you to center, where you’ll have to speak with Kind Bolren. Your highness will tell you that Khazard Warlord have stolen the other two orbs of protection.

Note: Don’t fight with the warlord before talking to the King, as the orbs won’t drop the first time and you’ll have to fight him again.

Khazard warlord’s location.

Travel north-west after you exit the village. Below the Underground Pass you should reach the southwest edge of West Ardougne. Level 64 wolves may try to stop you along the way, so be cautious. Once you reach your destination, Khazard warlord will start attacking you after you speak with him. Warlord has a large health pool of 170 HP, although, if you wear a decent armour, he will not hit you often. Even if you don’t have a decent amount of lobsters or other quality food, you shouldn’t face problems while wearing Rune armour and at least a rune scimitar.

Khazard warlord can be safespotted by Magic and Ranged users. This can be done by simply moving out of range behind the small hill. The warlord won’t come towards you and will stay on the other side. Fire Bold or other combat spells can be used for killing him, or at least to prevent him despawning.

If you start attacking the warlord and begin walking west, he becomes prone to flinching and stop fighting with you once you reach the far enough point in the west. He will also start running back east if you decide to use Ranged or Magic attacks. However, if you run towards him again, the fight will resume. Repeat the process by running west again before he is able to reach you. You will be forced to restart the fight, if the warlord despawns after you take too long to kill him.

Pick up the orbs of protection after you kill him. Travel back and hand over the orbs to King Bolren. Finally, you will see a cutscene, where the orbs are returned back to the sacred spirit tree during the gnome’s celebration ceremony.



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