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OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) Vorkath Melee Guide – Most Efficient Strategy To Overcome

Posted on 2019-06-03

About the boss:

Vorkath is one of the easiest and most profitable solo bosses found in OSRS which could be killed in ranged or melee style. After release of Dragon Hunter Lance in 2019 January it became even easier and more efficient to kill it in melee style, because you get that juicy 20% increase in damage and accuracy when fighting dragons. Another perk of killing Vorkath with melee is your saved supplies, because melee style will give you higher defence bonus and you won’t need any ammo. Therefore, we will mainly focus on killing Vorkath with mele in this guide.


Average profits from a single kill range from 140k to 160k OSRS gold. Once you become very skilled in Vorkath, you can expect to hit 30+ kills per hour which results in 4.5M gold per hour, but that also depends on your gear which will be covered later. Without regular drops like noted dragon hides, coins and various alchables etc. There is a chance to receive one of the few unique drops which will boost your trips notably. You can see unique drops with current prices (2019 June) below:

Draconic visage – 6M

Skeletal visage – 36M

Dragonbone necklace – 104k

Vorki – a dope looking pet.

More valuable info:

Just like Alchemical Hydra or Zulrah, Vorkath will always give you 2 drops which will remain on the ground for 30mins (unless you will leave the instance, this will result in losing your dropped items!). If died, you will be able to receive all your items from a boatman with a 100k fee. But after some practice this shouldn’t be an issue, because Vorkath is an easy solo boss which could even be killed while watching youtube or doing some other background activities.

Salve amulet (ei) attack bonuses does stack with dragon hunter lance’s bonuses, because Vorkath is considered as undead monster. If you’re on blue dragons’ slayer task, you could also bring your slayer helmet and switch your salve (ei) amulet for torture, or fury amulet for even faster kills.

Requirements and recommendations:

You must have completed Dragon Slayer 2 which has such requirements as 200 quest points, Legends Quest, Dream Mentor, Edgar’s Ruse etc. You will also need some skills requirements like 60 Agility, 70 Smithing etc. But all these requirements are worth your hard work which will pay off!

As this is a dragon creature, you will need to have a solution against dragonfire breath which could be anti-dragon shield, dragon fireshield or extended super antifire potion which will free up your off-hand for defender which will give you some extra attack bonus. You will also need runes for “crumble undead” spell which consumes 2 air, 2 earth and 1 chaos rune. But you can use Dust runes to free up 1 inventory/rune pouch slot.

I highly recommend having Fremennik elite diaries completed, as this will give you fastest teleportation method to Vorkath. This teleportation method works well with Ornate rejuvenation pool in your player owned house, which will restore your HP, Prayer and Special attack bar. This pool requires a minimum of 82 construction which is quite high but having these options will increase your kills per hour dramatically, so it’s worth your work! If you will consider training construction, you can check our other guide on the link below:


If you don’t have rejuvenation pool and fremennik elite boots, I recommend to swap some of your supplies to saradomin brews and super restores for longer trips.

Combat Requirements:

There are no strict combat requirements to kill Vorkath, but having these combat skills will make your trips more efficient:

90+ Attack

90+ Strength

90+ Defence

90+ Hitpoints

70+ Prayer (for using Piety)


Gear setup:

  1. First gear setup is the cheapest one and should be enough to make 1-3 kills per trip. If you’re looking for item’s names and prices (2019 June) you can check a list below:

Neck slot: Salve amulet (ei)Head slot: Serpentine Helm, 3.4M (which is best head slot item except if you’re on blue dragons task, then swap it for slayer’s helm)

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: Your best cape, switch to infernal or Ardougne.

Armor slot: Any mele barrow pieces, using Guthan’s on this one, but you can get Torag’s for 300k~

Weapon: Zamorakian Hasta, 15M

Shield slot: Dragon Defender

Gloves: Barrows

Boots: Dragon Boots, 400k

Ring: Ring of wealth, 13k

Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M (best spec. weapon against Vorkath!)

Inventory: Your best supplies, don’t forget runes for “Crumble undead” spell!

  1. This setup costs around 145M (2019 June) and it will make your trips much faster. If you don’t have enough gold for all listed items, focus on Dragon hunter lance first. You can also invest in this money making method by buying some gold in our website: https://www.food4rs.com/buy-oldschool-runescape-osrs-gold/

Neck slot: Salve amulet (ei)Head slot: Serpentine Helm, 3.4M

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: Your best cape, switch to infernal or Ardougne.

Armor slot: Bandos chestplate 18M, Bandos tassets 30M

Weapon: Dragon hunter lance, 86M

Shield slot: Dragon Defender

Gloves: Barrows

Boots: Primordial Boots, 30M

Ring: Treasonous ring (imbued), 400k

Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M

Inventory: Your best supplies, Fremenik boots (if available), rune pouch (don’t forget runes for “Crumble undead” spell!)

  1. Third gear setup is the best available right now and you can expect highest and fastest gains with it. This setup will cost you around 230M (2019 June). You can see a full list of items below:

Head slot: Serpentine Helm, 3.4M

Neck slot: Salve amulet (ei)

Arrows slot: Any blessing, using unholy blessing on this example, 100k~

Cape: Your best cape, switch to infernal or Ardougne.

Armor slot: Bandos chestplate 18M, Bandos tassets 30M

Weapon: Dragon hunter lance, 86M

Shield slot: Avernic Defender, 73M

Gloves: Ferocious gloves (Barrows gloves combined with Hydra leather which costs 8M).

Boots: Primordial Boots, 30M

Ring: Berserker ring (imbued), 3,4M

Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M

Inventory: Your best supplies, Fremenik boots (if available), rune pouch (don’t forget runes for “Crumble undead” spell!)

How to get there:

There are 3 methods to get there.

  1. For first method you will need your house settled in Rellekka, after, just use your teleportation method to player owned house, exit the portal and run to boatman (all methods are displayed below). S. I highly recommend having POH in Rellekka, even if you won’t use the first method.
  2. Lunar Isle method will only work for those who haven’t done Fremennik elite diaries. Take teleportation method to Lunar Isle without Seal of passage. Talk to any NPC there and they will kick you out of Isle to location displayed below on the map.
  3. For Fremennik boots method simply click teleportation option on your Fremennik boots and make few steps towards boatman.

Vorkath Mechanics:

Before entering Vorkath’s instance make sure you have set your quick prayers to the example displayed below:

For Fire bomb attack you will need to move 2 squares away in any direction, failing to move will instantly kill you, moving only 1 square away will result in up to 70+ damage. This attack is really slow, so it shouldn’t be a problem to dodge it. You can see this attack displayed below:Now let’s take a look to Vorkath’s basic and special attacks. For basic attacks he will use Melee, Ranged, Dragonfire, Fire bomb, Magic, Venom, and Prayer-disabling attacks. That might sound like a lot, but your good defence bonus, Serpentine Helm, Super anti fire potion and prayer protection will neglect most of his attacks. To be honest, you only need to care about 2 of his basic attacks.

For Prayer-disabling attack simply press your quick prayers icon and it will turn your prayers back on. Simple as that. Example of this attack is displayed below:

1st Special attack – Zombified Spawn: Vorkath will cast ice breath which will prevent you from moving, quickly press anywhere on the map to stop attacking Vorkath and get your Crumble Undead spell ready.  After Ice breath attack which is displayed below:After every 6 basic attacks Vorkath will use 1 of 2 special attacks:

Vorkath will spawn a zombie minion which will start moving towards you for suicide attack. Use your Crumble Undead spell on him as soon as possible, failing to kill it on time will result in up to 60+ damage:

2nd Special attack – Acid spills + fireball bombardment:

For this attack, Vorkath will spill acid all over the instance and rapidly spit fireballs which will track your movement. Toggle your running off and start moving around the instance to dodge acid spills which will deal 10 damage to you and heal Vorkath for the same amount.

Moving around instance is very important. It’s better to step on the acid spill rather than stop moving, because every fireball hit can deal up to 30+ damage and Vorkath shoots these attacks every tick!

The fight:

Before entering instance, make sure you have your quick prayers ready like it was explained in this tutorial. Then take a sip of Extended super antifire and sip of Super combat potions, then enter.

While in instance, Vorkath won’t attack you until you poke him. Free up 1 inventory space by dropping a shark etc, you will able to pick it up after the fight. Now get your Bandos godsword ready with its special attack and poke Vorkath to start the fight:

If Bandos godsword spec. attack will fail to hit Vorkath, I highly recommend teleporting back to your house, drink from Ornate rejuvenation pool and start all over again. Vorkath has high defence bonus and successful special attack on the start of the fight will make your trip much faster, which means you have less time for mistakes :)

After successful BGS special attack, Vorkath will attack you with 6 basic attacks before using one of his special abilities which will be random. I highly recommend toggling your run off after 5th basic attack and get yourself focused in case he will use his acid spill attack:


After his special attack, he will continue with 6 basic attacks, then he will use different special ability. For example, if the first special attack was Acid spill, second special attack will come as Zombified spawn, then another 6 basic attacks will follow which will lead to another Acid spill attack and so on.


After the kill, pick up the loot and teleport back to your house if you have Ornate rejuvenation pool there. If not, you can just poke him again and start all over.

If you died during the fight, go to the boatman to collect your lost stuff for 100k fee. You don’t need to have 100k in your inventory, it will be taken straight from your bank.

Pro tip:

After you will become comfortable with Vorkath’s mechanics, you can consider learning a technique called “Woox walking” which is used on acid spill special attack. Basically, you will need to attack Vorkath while dodging his rapid fireball attacks by constantly moving back and forth. In order to do it, you will need to find an acid-free spot, then press attack and Vorkath and quickly move back to avoid stopping on the spot.  This technique takes a lot of practice which will make you spend 100k every time you fail to do it. But if you will master this technique, you will able to reach maximum gains per hour. This technique is kind of hard to explain, but you can see a hang of it below:


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