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8 Things You Need to Know About Old School RuneScape on Mobile

Posted on 2018-03-06

Unless you’ve spent the last year trapped under a rock in Gielinor, you’ve probably heard about Old School RuneScape coming to your phone. Kind of hard not to, really – when it was announced way back in July 2017, the OSRS Mobile release instantly became the number #1 topic within the community. The playerbase was simply dying for any scraps of info on the upcoming mobile app. Well, brace yourself for impact, boy and girls, because it looks like the release date is finally within sight! The devs have confirmed that around 2,000 or so lucky players will be able to download the OSRS Mobile beta version by the end of the month, with full release following soonTM. There’s still time to squeeze your application in, so go register if you haven’t already!

osrs mobile release data

It’s true – Santa Claus is real and is Christmas in January!

One tiny little problem, though – Jagex has been very reluctant to part with many crucial details about the upcoming app beta. Don’t panic! After digging around for a bit, we’ve compiled this handy list of things you that you must absolutely know to properly prepare for the OSRS app launch.  

1. Which platforms will OSRS be available on?

The mobile beta is currently being developed for both Android and iOS, with the full game coming to Google Play and the App Store simultaneously on release date. So good news for die-hard fanatics on either side – you won’t have to convert to download and play RuneScape on the go! On an unrelated note, our hearts go out to all Windows Phone and Linux users out there. Ring us up if you ever want to borrow our Galaxy Tab for a little taste of the OSRS mobile experience.  

2. Will there be separate worlds for mobile players?

Nope! There are currently no plans to release mobile-specific servers or develop mobile-exclusive content. Jagex aren’t making a separate, watered-down version of RuneScape. Once you download it, OSRS Mobile will be a fully functional client, meaning that you’ll be connecting to existing game worlds and adventuring alongside PC players for the full RuneScape experience.  

3. Will OSRS Mobile be free?

Fortunately, it looks like your wallet is safe – the RuneScape app itself will be completely free. No one likes to part with their cold, hard cash, and this goes double when you’re asked to pay for something you already own. Since your account is shared between the mobile and desktop versions, you won’t need to shell out for an extra subscription, either. If you’re already a member, you’ll have access to all available game worlds and member-only content; if not, no biggie – you’ll still be able to play on non-member worlds. Lastly, just like in the desktop version, there won’t be any microtransactions of any kind in OSRS Mobile. But if you need a little boost to enhance your RuneScape experience, you can always shop at Food4RS – we’ll be happy to add even more fun to your game! ?  

4. Will OSRS Mobile run smoothly on my phone or tablet?

While the specifics are hard to pin down at the moment, the dev team has made it clear that they want OSRS Mobile to be as accessible as possible. Given that the desktop version of Old School doesn’t exactly need a state-of-the-art PC to run smoothly, this most likely means is that you’ll be able to play RuneScape on just about any mobile device you find around the house. Now, before you start salivating at the prospect of traipsing around the Wilderness on your Android toaster, do keep one thing in mind – just because the entry barrier’s low doesn’t mean that the game can’t look drop-dead gorgeous on the right hardware.  

RuneScape, meet your new home.

As you can see, OSRS will run smooth as butter at 60 FPS on top-level devices. Furthermore, the devs plan to implement proper interface scaling so to make sure that players aren’t penalized for high-resolution screens, meaning that RuneScape will look even better on a good tablet or iPad! You won’t have to worry about battery drain, either. Jagex has shared some encouraging data based on their own tests – depending on the settings, RuneScape beta clocked in at about 8-12% an hour on Samsung S8 and Razer Phones. While these aren’t exactly your run-of-the-mill phones, it looks like that you’ll definitely be able to enjoy a bit of RuneScape on your daily commute. Still, if you’re seriously considering a dip into the world of mobile MMOs, you might want to invest in a good portable battery. Or at least get into the habit of carrying your charger with you.  

5. Will I be able to listen to music while playing OSRS on my mobile device?

Jagex has confirmed that RuneScape Mobile will allow music to play in the background, as is the case with Spotify and similar apps, so you thankfully won’t ever have to choose between getting more EXP and listening to your favorite song. Make no mistake – Old School RuneScape has some downright amazing tunes. But if you’re anything like us, you want to adventure to the sound of your own beat.  

6. Will playing online eat a lot of mobile data?

Initially, the answer was yes. The devs shocked us all by announcing that OSRS Mobile beta guzzled a whopping 103 MB/hour on average – a far cry from the previous “don’t worry, OSRS was originally designed with dial-up in mind” position. We were all scared that RuneScape would wring our monthly plans down in a just few sittings. Luckily, the most recent tests have shown that OSRS Mobile currently uses, on average, 500kb to 2MB of data per hour of full gameplay. Though the actual user experience may vary, these numbers sound way better than the ones before, so we can all breathe easier now. There’s one tiny ‘but’ though – the app itself is not going to be as light as it was promised. It’s going to weigh in at under 100MB instead of 30MB because it’s going to ‘pre-cache’ its data. The app’s size might even increase with updates in mind. The good thing is, this will help to prevent the game from draining your mobile data, so it all works out in the end.  

7. What will the UI look like?

The devs have tried to mimic the desktop experience as closely as possible, so there won’t be any mobile-only shortcuts. The game will default to left-clicking, registering right clicks when you hold your finger down. As is with most mobile games, camera movement will be controlled by pinching and swiping. You should also be able to use an external keyboard if your native OS supports it. I know what you’re thinking – we’re not all born pianists. “Sausage fingers” only sounds funny until an accidental slip gets you PKed and your corpse looted. With PC and mobile OSRS players existing side by side, there is real concern that the mobile UI simply won’t be able to handle the competition. Good news, though – it seems that the devs are fully aware of the issue and are working hard to solve the problem. While the early screens and the much-anticipated RuneFest 2017 demo have led to complaints about the UI feeling small, cramped and unresponsive, Jagex is exploring other control schemes and plans to introduce proper Interface Scaling for OSRS mobile by release date. This isn’t to say that the beta current version is unplayable! As you can see from the notorious and controversial RuneScape content creator’s Torvesta’s frantic duel below, OSRS Mobile players have all the tools they need to go neck-and-neck with desktop players.

High speed thrills, high skill kills.

8. Will I be able to buy gold from Food4RS for the OSRS mobile version?

Yes. Forever and always. ? Look, what OSRS Mobile ultimately aims to do is bring a little bit of convenience to your RuneScape experience. It’s a laudable vision, one that Food4RS also firmly believes in. Your time should be spent on things you find fun, not wasted on trivialities. Sadly, sometimes the fun stuff is just a little out of your character’s reach. That’s where we come in. Food4RS will always be your reliable source of Old School RuneScape gold at low, low prices. We’re trusted by more than 10,000 satisfied customers. Buying gold is as easy as a few simple clicks, with your new-found wealth delivered in mere minutes. And since accounts will be shared between the mobile and desktop versions, you’ll be able to enjoy the Gielinorian nouveau-rich lifestyle on your phone, too! So come – RuneScape Mobile is just around the corner. Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level?

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