Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Live on Steam

Posted on 26 May 2016

After a beta phase, Jagex has fully launched their new Trading Card Game title, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends on Steam. If you want to play the game, you have two options. You can play it for free on Steam or directly from the official website.

We recommend using Steam, because you will gain access to new Steam achievements and cards this way. You WILL need a Steam account, however. If you don't have one, just Sign up because every self-respecting gamer should have one.

Chronicle has a new ranked mode, where you can pit your favorite strategies against other players and rise or fall in ranks. if you find success, you will unlock cool rewards, like card backs or titles. By climbing the ranks consistently, you will also be able to earn reward chests and card packs to improve your collection further, opening new possibilities as a result.

If English isn't your native language, you may be happy to find out that Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is available in French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian, and Polish.

Card-slinger, we will meet you in the field of battle. Good luck. You will need it.

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