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    RSgold: what costs the most?

    Posted on 07 Aug 2017

    As in the real world, items in RuneScape cost money. And some of the items are more luxurious than the others which means you are going to spend quite some RSgold. We tallied up all of the items and how much they cost these days in order to find out, where can you spend the most money in RuneScape.

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    Holiday items

    These cost a lot because they are usually discontinued after certain holidays. For example, if you want to get a blue party hat that was released in 2001 and later discontinued, you would have to pay 10000M coins for it. And that is for an item that gives you no bonuses! High prices go for Christmas Cracker, Green, Red, White, Yellow and Purple party hats. But that’s RuneScape for you – the rarer it is, the more it costs.

    Another expensive holiday item – black Santa hat which you can exchange for 2200M coins.


    Another item that is in the top 10 of the most expensive items is Third-Age Dye. It costs 2,147,483,647 RSgold – same as the discontinued holiday items from Christmas, 2001. This dye is so expensive because it is quite hard to get by – again the price is influenced by the items rarity. If acquired, the dye can be used on 25 items. It cannot be removed from the dyed items.

    Magic items

    If you complete quests, you will at some point get drops. One of them is Dormant Staff of Sliske (exchange value 1,273M) that you can get from Telos. It can be combined into Staff of Sliske, which costs even more in exchange: 2,110M coins. This staff not only has 60,000 charges, but can also get you special attack “From the Shadows”.

    Generally, the more items cost, the more bonuses they give. So it is quite useful to try and get more RSgold in order to purchase wanted items. Remember, that prices do change in RuneScape, so keep an eye on Grand Exchange’s updates.


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