Theatre of Blood: What to Expect from Raids 2

Posted on 03 May 2018

This is interesting.

As time passes and life in Gielinor trudges forward, a shift in power whisps through the air.

Power that brings untold change. Change that delivers new rewards. Rewards that were once forgotten, but have resurfaced once again...

A dark cloudy presence creeps over the distant horizon.

And from its looks, it isn’t for the faintest of hearts.

Think you’re ready for the challenge?

Welcome to your last act.

Welcome to the Theatre of Blood OSRS exclusive.

What’s the Theatre of Blood?

Ages ago, the dreary Sanguinesti region of Meiyerditch was ruled by Queen Efaritay. Truth be told, the Efaritay family owned these lands for decades.

But suddenly, war with the ruthless Lady Verzik and her vampyre army brought trouble. Queen Efaritay lost her throne and a new empress emerged...

Casted from pure evil, Lady Verzik seeks continual entertainment that tests the strength of any self-claimed adventurer.

How does she satisfy her vile taste?

Her private stage.

The Theatre of Blood.

A new Runescapes update that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

It houses Runescapes deadliest warriors. Fiercest monsters. Unique creations. And adrenaline pumping puzzles.

And once you pass through the blood-stained curtains, the real show begins.

Think you’ll survive the cut?

Supplies and Death Mechanics

If you’re familiar with OSRS raids, consider this the pinnacle of OSRS raid challenges.

Once your 3-5 man party takes stage, teamwork is your key to survival.

Raids 2 Theater of Blood is unforgiving.

Since no skilling is allowed, Lady Verzik provides you bare minimal supplies throughout your performance. Therefore, what your team brings determines how long your show plays on.

Consider wearing your best gear and carry a plethora of potions and food.

Also, this new OSRS update delivers a unique death system.

When you die in a challenge room, you must sit out while your team completes that room. Once finished, you’ll reunite to conquer the next one. However, if everyone in your squad drops dead, you must restart the entire raid.

Who said your fun with human hungry vampyres stops there?

If your team fails the raid, your items (excluding your +3) are sent into a new gravestone system, where you must pay a hefty fee to retrieve them. So visit our discount gold shop when you think you need more.

Realize, the higher number of deaths means less chance of a unique raid reward OSRS.

OSRS raid rewards you say?

Yes. And these valuable treasures harbor ancient secrets.

Spectrum of Rewards

As you know, the most gripping old school challenges deliver the juiciest rewards. And these powerhouse bounties are no exception. Check it, here’s the poll passed rewards:

Bastion Potion:

  • A potent combination of ranging and super defense potion. Requires 80 herblore to make and grants you 155 xp. To concoct one you need 1 vile of blood, 1 cadantine and 1 wine of zamorak.

Battlemage Potion:

  • A tasty mix of magic and super defense potion. Requires 80 herblore to make and gives you 155 xp and uses 1 vile of blood, 1 cadantine, 1 potato cactus. Yum!

Avernic Hilt:

Avernic Hilt - Raids 2

  • Recovered from the 2nd age, the Avernic hilt is a relic of pinpoint accuracy. Requiring 70+ attack and defense to wield, it’s an upgrade for your dragon defender. Simply use it on your dragon defender to transform it into a deadly Avernic defender.
  • Note: If you dismantle it, you’ll keep your dragon defender but your hilt will wither away.

Sanguinesti Staff:

Sanguinesti Staff - Raids 2

  • Forged by Lord Draken himself, the Sanguinesti staff requires 75 magic to wield and hits +1 higher than the trident of the swamp. What makes this staff special? It uses 3 blood runes per cast. Plus, it has a ⅙ chance of healing you 50% of dealt damage.

Ghrazi Rapier:

Ghrazi Rapier - Raids 2

  • Razor sharp. Lavishly lethal. And wielded by a legendary vampyre warlord, the Ghrazi rapier isn’t for the weak. Requiring 75 attack to wield, it mirrors the tentacle whip stats but flips slash and stab. You’ll pry through armour like a dark crabs shell.

Justicular Armor:

Justicular Armor - Raids 2

  • Flashy and tanky, what’s not to love? The justicular were Saradomin's right-hand warriors. Like rogue assassins, they blinded enemies with speed and strength, much like their 75+ defense armor set. The full set absorbs damage by x/3000 (x =  your equipment defense bonus) which is based on the attack style used against you.
  • Note: The special effect doesn't work in PVP situations.

Scythe of Vitur:

Scythe of Vitur (Uncharged) - Raids 2 Scythe of Vitur - Raids 2

  • Passed down by a breathing vampyre god, Lady Verzik now owns this deadly blade. Why is this 75+ attack and strength weapon so unique? It can hit 3 separate enemies at once or 3 times on larger monsters.
  • Your first blow delivers 100% damage. Second one 50%. And last smack 25%. Also, this staff must be charged to gain max hit potential. What does it consume? 100 vials of blood and 300 blood runes.

Sinhaza Shroud:

Care to show off your Theatre of Blood completion count?

You’ll get this cosmetic cape after successfully completing your raid. And after every 100, 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 successful run, you can upgrade its appearance to show your skill.


Theatre of Blood - Food4Thought

There’s your fresh OSRS news. This is one Runescape update you’ll want to gather your maxed friends and stockpile supplies for. The Theatre of Blood will truly test your strength, wisdom and persistence. Plus, the rewards you may get make a handsome addition to nearly any account.

What ways do you think these new items will enhance your PVP and/or PVM experience?

You’ll soon find out.

So until then, prepare your combat stats. Load up on top-tier supplies. Forge a skillful team.

And brace yourself.

Because once this curtain lifts, you’ll either make it out dead or alive.

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This is interesting. As time passes and life in Gielinor trudges forward, a shift in power whisps through the air. Power that brings untold change. Change that delivers new rewards. Rewards that were once forgotten, but have resurfaced once again... A dark cloudy presence creeps over the...

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