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    RuneScape pro tips

    Slaying Overview

    Posted on 26 May 2016

    Do you love fighting monsters and travelling around Gielinor above all else? If you do, training the Slayer skill is for you. This skill, available to members, will also help you max out Combat as well, because they are closely linked, which totally makes sense when you know that you train Slayer by basically fighting and killing lots of monsters. When you max Slayer and Combat out, Buffy will be proud of you instead of sad as she is now, when you are a Slayer noob. To start your Slayer journey, you will need to find a Slayer Master and buy an Enchant

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    Invention Overview

    Posted on 26 May 2016

    Invention is the first elite skill in RuneScape. It’s used to disassemble items, gaining new materials. You can use those to create new devices or augment your gear. While the boosts provided by augments can help you in the endgame content, this is only relevant to those players, who have trained their Divination, Crafting, and Smithing up to 80, as it won’t be available if the player doesn’t meet these requirements. Invention was released on the 25th of January, 2016, with content from 1 to 99 being made available to players. While released, the skill’s development isn’t complete. Such features as tech trees, machines, full access to the Invention Guild and many other things are planned to be included.

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    Dungeoneering Intro

    Posted on 26 May 2016

    Dungeoneering and Raids are the parts of RuneScape experience that is being pushed on players this weekend. Fortunately, we don’t mind because it’s fun. If, among the users of our website, there are players who haven’t tried it before, this blog post will hopefully provide the introduction they need to get them started. Dungeoneering is different from most other skills because it can only be done in one area, Daemonheim. To reduce the boring nature of such a quirky feature, Daemonheim has 60 floors, with different outward appearance, depending on certain level ranges. To enter the area, you will need to take the ferry from Al Kharid or Taverley, or walk through the Wilderness. After talking

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