How often does this happen to you - You log in. Chat with the busy bankers working the GE. Shoot it with Zaff and buy out his superior battlestaffs. Teleport around and pray to Guthix your herb patches look healthy. And hope your favorite streamer goes live #rightnow. Suddenly, you notice your clan chat brimming with excitement. What’s happening? In the sea of spam, your captains message stands out like a rare drop....

Maybe you’ve been here. As your Runescape adventure presses onward, your stats grow stronger. Experience snowballs as you leave your noob-like wonder behind. It’s nothing strange. Just high levels set you apart. Add to your appeal. Give you an unusual god like advantage.   And prayer training is no acception... It aids you in hand to hand battles. Boosting your combat stats and saving your valuables. That’s why you want a higher level, maybe even 99....

I should’ve switched attack styles. Do you know what the worst thing in all of Old School Runescape is? No, it’s not dying to Jad 3 times back to back to back. It’s not getting smited for your Armadyl Godsword. It’s not even falling for obvious yet tempting money doubling scams. It’s staking your entire bank at the duel arena and losing it all! Nightmares that...

Each item, if not gotten in a quest, can be traded in the Grand Exchange. But if you are playing Old School RuneScape, you should be aware of expensive, yet useless items (that will give you no bonuses). We have rounded up some items that will quickly diminish your reserves of OSRS gold, and give little in return. Read this and trade carefully! Party hat & specs Just like the Blue party hat in regular Runescape (which costs 10000M coins or 2,280 $) this holiday item is quite expensive and useless. Of course, this one has the exchange price of 1,135M coins, which is still 1890 times less than the most expensive item in Runescape. This item can be made by combining sagacious...

So you finally have enough experience to go and try out Kindred Spirits, RS second quest? Not so fast – it’s not as easy as you think it might be. But do not worry, we have prepared a little guide that has some pointers for you to remember. The point of the quest As with any quest, the point of completing Kindred Spirits is to get some rewards that you can use later in the game. You can do that by helping Linza (the famous Signature Heroe) find out who kidnapped some people. In order to participate in this quest, you have to complete the quest “Missing, Presumed Death” and story arc “Robber from the Darkness”. You also have to have 60 levels of Agility, Crafting,...

Although trees belong to the natural scenery, some of them can be accessed only by high-leveled members in RuneScape. Elder tree belongs to these exceptions, which means only high-leveled members can use them for logs. More about this tree The elder tree belongs to the pay to play type of game: that means that it is members only and as it was mentioned before, only high-skilled members can do anything with it. You can find these tress all over Gielinor which is quite convenient as you can get highest level logs (also known as Elder logs) from these trees. You need to have level 90 in Cutting, Burning and Fletching if you want to use these logs, and of course, you will...

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