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Kindred spirits: RS quest guide

Posted on 2017-08-07

So you finally have enough experience to go and try out Kindred Spirits, RS second quest? Not so fast – it’s not as easy as you think it might be. But do not worry, we have prepared a little guide that has some pointers for you to remember.

The point of the quest

As with any quest, the point of completing Kindred Spirits is to get some rewards that you can use later in the game. You can do that by helping Linza (the famous Signature Heroe) find out who kidnapped some people. In order to participate in this quest, you have to complete the quest “Missing, Presumed Death” and story arc “Robber from the Darkness”. You also have to have 60 levels of Agility, Crafting, Herblore, and Smithing.

After completing the quest you will be awarded with one quest point, Herblore, Crefting, Smithing, Agility lamps (each gives 25,000 experience), access to Linza the Disgraced (with equipment), 2 Hearts of Ice, 2 Treasure Hunter keys.

Image source: https://rs-guide.com/quest-guide/runescape-kindred-spirits-quest-walkthrough/[/caption]

Pointers to remember

Although it is not mandatory for Kindred Spirits, RS gurus recommend having some supplies like: • food; • ring of kinship that helps you create exploring parties (it lets you teleport).

You should also activate lodestones (the places where you can teleport) in Burthorpe (in Asgarnia) and Draynor Village (in Misthalin). It is also recommended to keep 6 free inventory spaces as you will use them in the prison escape.

You cannot finish the quest if you do not complete Sliske’s Endgame. Of course, to complete this game, you should go through all Sliske quest series. In the series, the decisions you make will influence the end result. You will be able to replay the games and see how different choices change the result.

Even though it can be challenging at times, you should complete Kindred Spirits. RS is mostly enjoyed by doing quests and this one is by far not the most complicated and it gets you quite some awards, you can later use or exchange.

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