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OSRS Duel Arena: How to Win More Stakes Without Losing Your Bank

Posted on 2018-03-08

I should’ve switched attack styles.

Do you know what the worst thing in all of Old School Runescape is?

No, it’s not dying to Jad 3 times back to back to back. It’s not getting smited for your Armadyl Godsword. It’s not even falling for obvious yet tempting money doubling scams.

It’s staking your entire bank at the duel arena and losing it all!

Nightmares that even keep King Roald up at night. And it happened to me! I got greedy and paid the ultimate mountain troll toll. This is how it went down…

I stumbled into the duel arena last week with high hopes of doubling my stack of OSRS gold. However, I didn’t anticipate my Runescape duel arena staking adventure to unfold like this.

I wanted a new razor sharp pair of red dragon claws for Pking. So naturally I hopped to world 2 with my entire cash stack (35M) and pursued my next victim like a rough bounty hunter.

Understand, I could have selected anyone. I knew their weapons. How much they staked. I even saw their combat stats. And yet, one offer grappled my attention in the yellow sea of OSRS boxingwhipand dds spam.

Whip 1-50M”

That’s my target.” I told myself

With two more osrs attack, strength and defense levels, the odds were evermore tilted in my favor. Feeling confident, I challenged the lad and staked my 35M. We agreed to the terms and moments later my tentacle whip was equipped and ready to strike like zulrah at the word FIGHT!

I delt 21. Took 15. Smacked 18. Received 9. At this moment, lava-like adrenaline flooded my veins. All I could imagine were my new claws slicing noobs into cubes.

He was nearly red-bared when the worst thing that could've happened went down occurred.

My tentacle ran out of charges and swallowed my whip faster than Thurgo and a warm redberry pie. #Noobmove

In a flash, my lead crumbed as his osrs whip laid a beatdown on my unarmored body.

20, 9, 23. Oh dear, you are dead…

Needless to say, but this was the fastest 35M to slide through my fingers. Afterward it got me thinking, other than being a total noob, how could I increase my odds of victory every stake? Afterall, an angle of leverage had to exist, right?

Well my fellow Runescape fanatics, your prays to Guthix have been answered! And no, it’s not an in-depth how to one tick osrs guide or osrs tick manipulation blueprint, this time...

Here’s 3 legit ways you can win more OSRS stakes and open the floodgate of profits.

1. PID (Player ID) - How Low Can You Go?

As you may know, PID is OSRS priority system. You receive a number based on your IP address when you first log in and it changes every 100-150 game ticks (60-90 seconds). Players with the lower ID get priority over others when clicking at the same time.

Imagine you just began a duel. You and your opponent hastily spam click to hit. Even if you and your foe attack at the same time, someone's hit splat will appear before the others, thus determining they have the lower PID.

How to Discover Your PID

You may be thinking “how can you use PID to make billions of gp? It constantly changes”.

You’re right. PID isn’t a breakthrough mechanic or a new cast in the Ancient Spellbook. It won’t produce automatic millions. However, that extra hit you receive, as in my case, can either make or break your bank.

Want a little-known secret to see if your PID’s lower than your opponents?

It starts with a simple “follow me”. Like that bounty hunter, zero in on your next staking victim and follow them. Ask them to click one square ahead of themselves (be inconspicuous).

Now that you’re following, look for:

Mirrored Speed - If you move at the same time as them, you have better PID

Delayed Speed - If you stand still for half a second, then move, they have better PID

Keep this nugget of knowledge in your osrs puzzle box, or osrs jewelry box. As you can use it if you want to gain a slight upper hand and not lose nearly as often. Remember - select your opponent wisely...

2. Attack Style - Manipulate the Odds Ever in Your Favor

Check it, your whip possesses 3 unique attack styles.

Each style gains experience in that combat skill or combined skills. But did you know that each osrs attack style slightly boosts your accuracy, damage and, defense? I wish I did (yes, still salty over my 35M loss!) Theoatrix OSRS does a fantastic job explaining percentages and how each style benefits you. Looks a little like this:

Flick: +3 attack for better accuracy. When your osrs whip is set to flick, you have a 50.90% chance to hit your opponent vs lash or deflect.

Lash: +1 attack, strength, defense for balance. Lash is the only attack style to give you a strength bonus. On lash, you have a 50.45% chance to slap your enemy silly.

Deflect: +3 defense helps prevent damage. Deflect sponges incoming hits. When using deflect to stake in Runescapes duel arena, your chance of an accurate smack dips to 49.55%.

Now you know the percentages when using different attack styles. Inevitably you’ll want to use this wisdom to your advantage. So how do you do that?

Every time your player goes to attack, click flick. Remember, +3 accuracy. Now as soon as you witness your hitsplat or see the experience drop, switch to deflect. When your foe goes to swing, as long as deflect is selected, you get a +3 defensive boost.

Pretty helpful for little to no effort, wouldn’t you say?

Best of all, this osrs staking tip isn’t just for whip fights. Can be used in osrs dds showdowns or osrs boxing matches.  

3. Martingale System: Stake Your Bank and Still Profit

Ever found yourself standing in the duel arena lobby broke, angry and a little remorseful? I certainly have…

When it comes to OSRS duel arena stakingyou’re never 100% positive on the outcome. You can triumphantly step out with heaps of gold or get cleaned in one mighty swoop yikes!

That’s why you want to be wise as the old man. Thankfully, there’s a financial safety net for you to deploy anytime. It’s called the Martingale System and here’s what you should know:

What is the Martingale System?

Used by pro gamblers, the Martingale System is a strategic approach that helps you safely stake your GP. Essentially, you double your bet on every loss so you break even or profit. So with even stats and weapons, over time you’re likely to win just as many stakes as you lose.

How can You use this System?

When you apply this method, stake 1M osrs gold every duel. Imagine you have 50M with a baseline stake of 1M. Now every time you lose a duel, your next stake doubles. So 1 loss = 1M stake. 2 losses = 2M stake. 3 losses = 4M stake. 4 losses = 8M stake and so on.

Since staking is a 50/50 risk, you’ll eventually win. And since you’ve kept doubling up on your losses, you’ll practically receive your full 50M back when you do. Now that your losing streak broke, continue with 1M baseline stakes until you’re defeated again.

Theoretically, you never truly “lose” with this unique strategy. You’ll make back your initial sum of money (assuming you didn’t lose too many consecutive fights.) Therefore, when you apply the Martingale system exclusively to OSRS staking, profiting can become limitless.


There you go. You now know 3 exclusive ways to boost your chance of winning osrs stakes without getting cleaned nearly as much. If you want a leading edge teeming with a powerful system real world gambling tycoons use, these tactics may be what you need. After all, you won’t know until you try, right?

So apply these bold methods next time the urge to stake in OSRS lures you to the duel arena. Play around. Test them out. Because it isn’t always about your stats, but rather, what you know and how you use it.

P.S - Check our blog or shop for exclusive OSRS/Runescape tips, guides and gold.

P.S.S - Remember to charge your tentacle whip!

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