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    OSRS gold: wasting money on useless things

    Posted on 07 Aug 2017

    Each item, if not gotten in a quest, can be traded in the Grand Exchange. But if you are playing Old School RuneScape, you should be aware of expensive, yet useless items (that will give you no bonuses). We have rounded up some items that will quickly diminish your reserves of OSRS gold, and give little in return. Read this and trade carefully!

    Party hat & specs

    Just like the Blue party hat in regular Runescape (which costs 10000M coins or 2,280 $) this holiday item is quite expensive and useless. Of course, this one has the exchange price of 1,135M coins, which is still 1890 times less than the most expensive item in Runescape. This item can be made by combining sagacious glasses and blue party hat together in Patchy.

    Image source:[/caption]

    Sagacious spectacles

    This item might make your player look more stylish, but that’s still a lot for 1,124,268 coins. The item is around just 3 years now (it was released in 2014), and right now its OSRS gold value is dropping. It was at the height at September, 2015 and now while the price is still a bit fluctuating, it’s becoming more and more stable.

    Torture ornament kit

    This item can be exchanged for 6,351,910 coins in the Grand Exchange. It is presumed that the price has risen for its rarity and how it can be made untradeable (if it is attached to amulet of torture – the only possible use for this item). This way by diminish the supply, the price has risen.

    Occult ornament kit

    Similar to torture ornament kit, the occult one can be attached to the occult necklace. This item can be exchanged a bit cheaper than the torture kit though. Its exchange price is 5,875,743 coins.

    Don’t forget that you can turn these prices around. If you acquire the items without buying or exchanging them, you can sell them for their current price and get more OSRS gold.


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