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Runescape elder tree: why should you care?

Posted on 2017-07-13

Although trees belong to the natural scenery, some of them can be accessed only by high-leveled members in RuneScape. Elder tree belongs to these exceptions, which means only high-leveled members can use them for logs.

More about this tree

The elder tree belongs to the pay to play type of game: that means that it is members only and as it was mentioned before, only high-skilled members can do anything with it. You can find these tress all over Gielinor which is quite convenient as you can get highest level logs (also known as Elder logs) from these trees. You need to have level 90 in Cutting, Burning and Fletching if you want to use these logs, and of course, you will get more XP than cutting and burning Magic trees or Yew trees. In fact, the only trees that give more XP for Cutting are Crystal trees and Golden Bamboo.

  RuneScape Elder tree
Image source: https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net

RuneScape Elder tree brings benefits

The reason why RuneScape has many different trees is because they bring different benefits for players: some give more XP for cutting, others bring fruit that are available for harvest. The Elder tree is also liked by many players, because: • it takes little time to regrow branches (around 10 minutes) which allows players to profit and get more XP fast; • you can harvest logs; • you can plant Elder saplings which will grow into a tree after 70 hours; • you can sell the logs and get RS gold; • you can use the logs for not only Firemaking or Fletching, but also Construction.

Since in RuneScape Elder tree is quite wanted, there are even paths decided, how you can travel and cut the trees after some of them become inactive. The most popular path is from Edgeville to Varrock to Yanille. This way players do not need to wait 10 minutes before the tree becomes active again.

Elder trees offer quite some benefits for high-skilled players. You can not only get more XP, but also use the logs for various purposes. Try it out yourself!

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