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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Prayer Guide

Posted on 2019-04-08

Have you been trying to get 99 Prayer but don’t know where to begin or which method would be best for you? If so, this guide will contain all of the relevant information regarding the training of prayer on Oldschool Runescape. Prayer is a very important skill in Oldschool Runescape, you can protect an item, restore stats faster or use them for boosting your max hit. There are three main methods of training your prayer that is most commonly used with efficiency; Gilded altars, The Chaos Temple Altar & Ensouled heads. Prayer is also expensive when it comes to gaining xp. You will need a decent amount of gold which shouldn’t be an issue for you since you can just buy some here at food4rs with the best prices and great customer service! Why us? Just check how many happy customers there are!

The Gilded Altar method

Amount of bones needed and the cost of using this method listed below:

Big bones needed: 249,000  Cost: 57,000,000

Dragon bones needed: 52,000   Cost: 125,000,000

Dagannoth bones needed: 30,000   Cost: 270,000,000

Superior dragon bones needed: 25,000   Cost: 325,000,000

This option is the cheapest route to train your prayer while remaining in safe boundaries within the game. To begin you will need to set your player owned house to Yanille by speaking to the Estate Agent located in Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne or Seers Village. After you have set the location to Yanille you will then hop to World 330.

World 330 is the community house party world and is the bread and butter to the Gilded Altar training method as you bypass the requirement of using your own house Altar and keeping the burners lit. You will need two items before you begin this method with efficiency. The first item you will need is the bones for using on the Gilded Altar and the second item you will need is House Teleport tablets used for getting back to the house portal after banking quickly. The teleport tablets can either be made or bought from the grand exchange.

After you have gathered the items put 26 unnoted bones in your inventory and withdraw the rest of the bones in noted form alongside the house teleport tablets.

Use one of the house teleport tablets. You will then teleport to the Yanille house portal. You will see a list of people advertising outside of the portal for Gilded Altar hosts; join one of the hosts that they are advertising for.

Once you are inside of the host's house you will use the bones on the Gilded Altar by right clicking the bones and using them with the altar. You can speed up this method and experience rates by one ticking the bones which simply means using each bone separately on the altar as fast as possible. Once you have used all of the bones you will need to look around the house until you find a mounted amulet of glory on the wall. Right click on the amulet and press teleport to Edgeville. Once you are in Edgeville right click the noted bones in your inventory and use them with the banker to exchange the bones from the noted form. You will then need to click on the teleport tablet and repeat the process until you’re at your desired prayer level.

The Chaos Temple Altar method

Amount of bones needed and the cost using these methods listed below:

Big bones needed: 125,000    Cost: 29,000,000

Dragon bones needed: 26,000   Cost: 63,000,000

Dagannoth bones needed: 15,000   Cost: 135,000,000

Superior dragon bones needed: 13,000   Cost: 162,000,000

The cheapest fast method to gain your prayer levels. Every time you use this altar you will on average gain one extra bone for every bone you use on the altar. This simply means you can get to your desired prayer level on half the cost it would take with the Gilded Altar mentioned above. Careful though as the Chaos Temple Altar is located in level 38 wilderness and is a very dangerous player VS player area. If you are not afraid of the risk of being killed you will need to buy ever how many bones you will need to obtain your desired prayer level and Burning amulets to make traveling back and forth more efficient. Once you have obtained those two items you will need to withdraw one burning amulet out of your bank alongside 27 unnoted bones. Right click on the Burning amulet and press Rub and select the teleport to the lava maze option. Run West after you teleport and you will see the Chaos Temple altar. Use the bones you have brought on the Altar and you will begin gaining prayer experience. You can use the one tick method discussed above to gain faster experience rates. Once you have used all of the bones click on the table beside the Altar that has the Wine of Zamorak on it. The monks will attack you every time you click on the table. This will make banking efficient, once you die run to the bank and teleport back to the lava maze and repeat the process. If you do not wish to use the Wine of Zamorak table for quick banking you can also use the Amulet of glory method. If this is your choice run south after using all of the bones on the altar. Once you get to level 30 wilderness right click on the amulet and press teleport to Edgeville, bank for bones and use the burning amulet once again to teleport to the lava maze. Repeat this process until you have reached your desired prayer level.

The Ensouled heads method

Amount of heads needed and the cost of using these methods listed below:

Demon heads needed: 12,000 heads   Cost: 65,000,000

Abyssal demon heads needed: 11,000 heads   Cost: 73,000,000

Dragon heads needed: 8,500   Cost: 77,000,000

This is the newest way of training your prayer on Oldschool Runescape, this is not as efficient as the methods mentioned above but it is the best method possible for ironman accounts You obtain Ensouled heads by killing monsters throughout the game. The first method of training prayer with Ensouled heads is by reanimating them by using the spell located in the Arceuus spellbook and clicking on head of the monster that you have killed. You will gain experience every time you reanimate a head while it is on the ground. You can also choose to do the Bear your Soul mini-quest to unlock Soul bearer which will send ensouled heads straight into your bank. If you choose to use this method, you will have to cast the reanimate spell while being near the Dark Altar located in the Arceuus House. This method is the fastest way of training your prayer through the Ensouled heads method due to you being able to buy the heads from the grand exchange instead of obtaining the heads through killing the monsters. To do this with max efficiency you will need to teleport near the Dark Altar using the fairy ring travel method. The code you will input is “CIS”. Fill your inventory with Ensouled heads and then click the reanimate heads spell that corresponds with the head that you are using. The heads will come alive and you must kill them again to gain the experience. After you have killed all the reanimated monsters teleport to Edgeville bank and restock on ensouled heads. Repeat the process by going to the fairy ring and entering the code “CIS” again. Do this until you have reached your desired prayer level.

Congratulations! By now you most likely have decided on your method of choice to obtain your desired Prayer level in Oldschool Runescape. However, if you haven't decided yet these next sections will be dedicated to tips and my personal opinions on each of the methods mentioned above.

The Standard Gilded Altar method: For the average everyday casual player this is the best method of choice. You can also do this through the Rimmington house portal instead of Yanille. I dislike Rimmington however as there are usually fewer hosts active. The hosts that are offering this service for people are regular players and primarily do this service to help out the community. What we must always remember is that what the host is doing isn't free for them. They invest their time and money by keeping the burners lit beside the altar. In remembrance of that, it is always nice to make a donation of whatever you're willing or can afford to the host for their dedication and kindness.

The Chaos Temple Altar method: This is a great method if you're very low combat or have a friend or two that would be willing to help protect you while you use the bones on the altar. This area is very dangerous due to the high volumes of player killers that come there often trying to capitalize on those who are burying the bones. This is my least favorite method of training prayer as I don't think the risk outweighs the reward because you will most likely die many times on the journey to 99 Prayer and losing that much money back to back can be very disheartening.

The ensouled heads method: This is hands down the best method of mid-level ironman accounts as ironman accounts are not able to buy bones or ensouled heads from players or the Grand Exchange. Save every ensouled head that you're able while training combat and use them often and you will get 99 prayer overtime pretty easily without having to camp certain monsters such as dragons for many hours until you lose the passion for the game.

Questing that grants prayer experience: You are able to complete the quests listed below for prayer experience. Please look up the rewards for each of the quests before doing them to ensure you will not be messing up your account in any way. Completing all of these quests will get you from level 1 to level 43 prayer for a total amount of experience of 54,431 Prayer experience gained for free.

Prayer questing list:

Rag and Bone man grant’s 500 Prayer experience

The Restless Ghost grant’s 1,125 Prayer experience

Priest in Peril grant’s 1,406 Prayer experience

Recruitment Drive grant’s 1,000 prayer experience

Rum Deal grant’s 7,000 prayer experience

Spirits of the Elid grant’s 8,000 experience

Swan Song grant's 10,000 experience

Great Brain Robbery grant’s 6,000 experience

Another Slice of H.A.M grant’s 3,000 experience

Making History grant’s 1,000 experience

Ghost Ahoy grant’s 2,400 experience

Holy Grail grant’s 11,000 experience

Honorable Mentions:

At level 74 Prayer you unlock the ability to use Rigour, it is the best prayer for archers to use in the game due to its strength. You can only unlock it by using a Dexterous prayer scroll which costs around 70,000,000 GP currently.

At the 77 Prayer you unlock the ability to use Augury, it is the best prayer for mages to use in the game due to its strength. You can only unlock it by using an Arcane prayer scroll which costs around 7,000,000 GP currently.

 You can buy an amulet of eternal glory, this will save you time on banking using the gilded altar method.

I hope that this prayer guide has helped you in understanding and deciding the method of getting your Prayer level up in Oldschool Runescape. Remember all prices quoted above are subject to change and will vary over time as the economy fluctuates. Also, remember that you don't have to choose to do the most efficient or even only one method. You can choose to do all of the methods above. The important factor is that you're having fun while playing. Did you enjoy reading this guide? If so you should check out all of the other guides that have been written and posted to expand your knowledge about Oldschool Runescape.


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