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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Ranged Guide

Posted on 11 May 2019

Welcome to the guide, where will be explained several different methods and approaches to training Ranged in Old School RuneScape. Ranged can be a very expensive skill to train but you shouldn’t let that deter you as the rewards you can receive from higher level Ranged are incredible. Of course, there are cheaper methods which will also be discussed but it is important to realize one thing: if you have the money to train skills quickly, the more money you’ll be earning in the same time period by killing bosses faster and easier. Do you want to level up ranged fast but don’t have enough gold? No problem, you can just buy some here at food4rs! It’s really simple and fast with great prices and nonstop customer service!

Why you should train your Ranged skill in Oldschool Runescape? 

Ranged is the most effective combat method against several end game bosses, resulting in huge profits per hour, more than making up for the cost of training it to a high level. If you’re looking to tackle end game content, you will need a Ranged level of 90+ for things to go smoothly. Another reason why Ranged training is so important is for PKing. Whether you’re making a pure account for Edgeville Bounty Hunter PKing or looking to hybrid on a main in deep Wilderness, there’s nothing that can match the damage output of Ranged.

Quest Requirements 

Like every skill in RuneScape, there are quests locked behind a Ranged skill level requirement. Most of these quests are very important towards completing an account build as they are prerequisites for Recipe For Disaster as well as completing Achievement Diaries.


The complete list of quests with Ranged level requirements are as follows:

Level 25 - Underground Pass (required for Recipe For Disaster)

Level 30 - Animal Magnetism (required for Ava’s devices)

Level 30 - Big Chompy Bird Hunting (required for Recipe For Disaster)

Level 30 - Zogre Flesh Eaters

Level 37 - Spirits of the Elid

Level 40 - Cabin Fever

Level 40 - Temple of Ikov

Level 60 - Mourning’s End Part I

Diary Requirements 

Level Diary Difficulty Task
19 Falador Medium Grapple up and then jump off the north Falador wall
21 Ardougne Medium Grapple over Yanille's south wall
30+ Western Provinces Easy Claim any Chompy bird hat from Rantz.
30+ Western Provinces Medium Claim a Chompy bird hat from Rantz after registering at least 125 kills
30+ Western Provinces Hard Claim a Chompy bird hat from Rantz after registering at least 300 kills
30+ Western Provinces Elite Claim a Chompy bird hat from Rantz after registering at least 1,000 kills
39 Kandarin Medium Use the grapple shortcut to get from the water obelisk to Catherby shore
40 Kandarin Medium Enter the Ranging Guild
42 Karamja Hard Use the crossbow shortcut south of the volcano
50 Lumbridge & Draynor Medium  Purchase an upgraded device from Ava
70+ Western Provinces Hard Kill Zulrah
70 Western Provinces Hard Kill an elf with a crystal bow
70 Fremennik Elite Kill each of the God Wars Dungeon generals
70 Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Pickpocket Movario on the Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course

Quests with Ranged XP Rewards 

It is often advisable to train early levels in skills via quests as the XP they give in comparison to the time that they take is much faster than that of conventional training methods. Ranged is no exception to this, and there are a handful of quests which grant Ranged XP as well as some which offer XP in a combat skill of your choice, I will list these below.

Quest XP Reward Ranged Req
Big Chompy Bird Hunting 735 30
Skrach Uglogwee (RFD) 1,500 30
Death to the Dorgeshuun 2,000 -
Zogre Flesh Eaters 2,000 30
Heroes’ Quest 2,075 -
Horror from the Deep 4,662.5 -
Temple of Ikov 10,500 40

Quests which offer XP in a combat skill of your choice are:

Quest XP Reward
Shadow of the Storm 10,000
Contact! 7,000 twice
Dream Mentor 15,000
Dragon Slayer II 25,000 four times
Monkey Madness II 50,000 twice

With the exception of Shadow of the Storm and Contact!, these quests have very high requirements and aren’t completed with the Ranged XP in mind. However, Shadow of the Storm is often completed early on as the boss is easy killable at a low level and 10,000 XP in other combat stats is less valuable than Ranged.

Ranged Equipment 

Before training you will need to know what equipment to use and that will depend on your level of investment and Defence level. Early on in your Ranged training you should be using a combination of darts, knives and arrows, depending on your budget. Knives are the absolute fastest hitting Ranged weapon at these levels, followed closely by darts and then arrows shot by a shortbow. You should always use the rapid attack style when ranging. At 28 Ranged you are able to equip the Dorgeshuun crossbow which has comparable stats to a yew shortbow. The strength of this item comes from the effectiveness and low cost of the ammunition it fires - bone bolts. These are purchasable from the Grand Exchange for as low as 8 coins each and have identical ranged strength of rune arrows. Even though this crossbow fires slower than shortbows, darts and knives it is still faster at low levels due to the accuracy and high damage output of bone bolts.

For armor there are several different types, ranging from leather all the way up to Armadyl pieces, as well as blessed dragonhide armor, which have the same offensive and defensive stats as their non-blessed alternatives but providing a Prayer bonus. A player wearing full leather with no weapon equipped will have a +6 ranged attack bonus, studded leather will grant +14 ranged attack bonus requiring 20 Ranged and Defence, snakeskin will grant +18 ranged attack bonus requiring 30 Ranged and Defence, green dragonhide will grant +31 ranged attack bonus requiring 40 Ranged and Defence, blue dragonhide will grant +40 ranged attack bonus requiring 50 Ranged and 40 Defence, red dragonhide will grant +49 ranged attack bonus requiring 60 Ranged and 40 Defence, black dragonhide will grant +58 ranged attack bonus requiring 70 Ranged and 40 Defence, finally, full Armadyl will grant +63 ranged attack bonus requiring 70 Ranged and 70 Defence to equip. This set is very expensive however. Other important items are the Robin Hood Hat, Ranger Boots, Rangers’ Tunic, Archers Ring and Slayer Helm (i). With the exception of the Slayer Helm (i), these are all expensive and not necessary items which are easily substituted for lower cost alternatives. In the cases of the Slayer Helm (i), this is a regular Slayer Helm (Black Mask works also) which has been imbued via Nightmare Zone to grant a 15% boost to Ranged and Magic accuracy and damage, a similar effect to Void Knight equipment. It is preferable in almost every situation to use the Slayer Helm (i) over Void due to Void equipment not granting any attack bonuses. This is not the case however when the Salve Amulet (ei)’s should be equipped, as this stacks with Void, but this is rare and only really used at Vorkath.

Training Methods 

Level 1 - 25: Chickens and Cows

Everyone should know this spot, just north of the Lumbridge teleport, a farmer has left all of his chickens and cows unattended and ready for slaughter. Early on I would suggest killing entirely chickens due to their negligible defence. Any ammunition would be fine but iron knives would be the fastest. At around level 10 or so you make the move over to cows in the pen to the east. These are a bit tougher than chickens to kill and grant more XP. Don’t bother picking up the hides or burying the bones or picking up arrows here. You want to be in and out as quickly as possible here.

Level 25 - 50: Sand Crabs or Rock Crabs

Pictured on the left is the spot you would train at if you are not interested in cannoning for early Ranged XP. It is located south of Zeah and is a very popular training location due to its extremely AFK style. At your current Ranged level you wouldn’t need to find a spot with 3 sand crabs because you wouldn’t kill them fast enough for it to matter so 2 is fine, a Dorgeshuun crossbow with bone bolts will be fine at either of these locations. Don’t pick up any bolts that are dropped.

On the right is a classic training area which sees less traffic these days due to sand crabs and ammonite crabs, however it is faster than both of these areas if adequate effort is put in. You are able to cannon here, and either with your main character or with an alt, run around and agro all of the rock crabs, gaining massive amounts of XP. It’s recommended to use two accounts at once for this, as well as brining stamina potions and weight reducing armor on the account which will be running around.

Level 50 - 75: Ammonite Crabs

Here on Fossil Island (requiring Bone Voyage quest to reach) you will find ammonite crabs, these have double the HP of sand crabs and hardly any defence at all. Similar to the AFK nature of sand crabs, you will agro the ammonite crabs and stand still auto-retaliating for 10 minutes until they become unaggressive. At which time you run away and repeat the process. It is recommended to use mithril darts and an Ava’s accumulator. The amount of darts needed will depend on how often you use ranged potions as well as your equipment, but they are extremely inexpensive and shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred thousand GP. You should be upgrading your armor at 10 level intervals as you unlock the higher tier of gear. If you already have Void equipment or don’t mind the grind, that would be best armor to train with if you have the 42 Defence requirement. The cannon cannot be used here.


Level 75 - 99: Chinchompas

Pictured above are the Monkey Madness I tunnels where you would have to chin if you are a 1 Defence account, or have not reached the stage in Monkey Madness II where you could access the tunnels there. This is where you need to decide on the amount of GP you are willing to spend to train your Ranged. If you have unlimited resources I would recommend chinning to 99 without any hesitation as the benefits are enormous. However, if you would have to liquidate your entire bank to reach 99 then I would advise against it. It is the fastest Ranged XP in the game and as such it is extremely expensive. Using chinchompas in the Monkey Madness II tunnels is better GP/XP than Monkey Madness I, due to the higher HP and amount of monsters you are able to kill as well as prayer potion drops. At current prices it is much better to use red chinchompas over black and chinchompas should always be thrown on the short fuse attack style.


Because of how much you will be spending on getting 99 Ranged with this method (100,000,000 GP+), it is worth investing the time into getting Elite Void for maximum damage output. You should be using the best Ava device you have access to, full Elite Void, a necklace of anguish, a blessing of any kind, blessed dragonhide boots or pegasian boots and an imbued archers ring. Please be aware of the fact that if you die in possession of chinchompas you will NOT keep them on death, so it’s worth paying attention when your prayer points are low.

Level 75 - 99: Blowpiping in Nightmare Zone

If you don’t happen to have 100M laying around to spend training, a cheaper (profitable long term) method to train your Ranged is using the toxic blowpipe in Nightmare Zone. Due to the surplus of points you will earn doing this, you will profit around 15,000,000 GP if you consistently buy herb boxes every day for 240~ days. You should use the best ranged equipment available to you, Elite Void being the best for XP as well as using adamant darts on rapid. With this setup you can expect XP rates of up to 120,000 XP per hour.



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