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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Crafting Guide LVL 1-99

Posted on 2019-02-05

Apron (Old School Runescape Crafting Guide)Crafting is a skill generally considered to be a buyable, whereby with the right amount of OSRS gold, you can essentially pay to achieve extremely fast XP in comparison to other skills within the game. Are you running low on gold and want to afford the best skilling methods? Not a problem because here at food4rs we provide the best prices for runescape gold on market!

Why Level Crafting?

High Crafting level doesn’t have too many uses, however one notable exception is the special effect of the Crafting cape. The cape provides you with unlimited teleports to the Crafting guild, which is considered the closest bank to a teleport location in the game. This means that for skills such as Runecrafting, which rely heavily on frequent banking, the Crafting cape is actually very useful, as you’ll have unlimited teleports to the closest bank possible. Not bad. Let’s start from the very top.

Level 1 - 7 – Leather Gloves

Things start off very simply with making leather gloves. You’ll need a needle, some thread, and one leather per pair of gloves for this method. Leather gloves grant 13.5 XP per creation, and Level 1 – 7 is going to require 49 gloves made, so you’ll need 49 thread and 49 leather to achieve this. This will take literally minutes and is an initial taste of how easy the Crafting skill is. The cost for this portion of levelling is, as you’d expect, negligible.

Level 7 – 20 OR 46 – Gold Bracelets

Next, you’ll want to create Gold Bracelets until at least Level 20. This can be done by using a gold bar on a furnace whilst having a bracelet mould in your inventory. The best location for this would be either Edgeville or Al-Kharid, as both furnace locations are very close to a bank. Each bracelet made grants 25XP, meaning you’ll need to create 153 for Level 20, or 2,694 for Level 46. Bracelets can actually be created for a small profit, approximately 80gp profit per bracelet at the time of writing. Edgeville Map (OSRS) Al-Kharid Map (OSRS) Whether you choose to stop at Level 20 or Level 46 depends on your priorities – for the fastest XP and generally recommended method, stop at Level 20 and continue with the following method. However, if gold is a big concern, you may want to stick with the bracelets as you’ll be able to earn XP without losing any money.

Alternative Method: Level 10 – 99 - Bow Strings

Crafting Bow Strings from Flax is the classic method that many players will remember from their novice days. Although, if you’re dead set on achieving a high Crafting level and don’t have the funds to do so, it may not be an awful idea to investigate. Crafting one Bow String yields just 15XP per craft, meaning you’ll need to create 868,886 Bow Strings(!) to achieve Level 10 to Level 99. You’ll profit approximately 125gp per Bow String using this method, resulting in a net profit of 108M GP if you’re crazy enough to achieve Level 99. Certainly not recommended. But an option, nonetheless!

Level 20 – 54 – Cutting Gems

Assuming you have some gold to spend which if you don’t you can just buy some here at Food4RS, this is the strongly recommended method to get from Level 20 – 54. If gold is a huge concern, read onto the next method for an explanation of Level 46 – 54 using an economy method.   Gems (Old School Runescape)   Cutting gems is a very fast way of gaining XP, I’ve broken down the amount you’ll need to achieve each level milestone. You’ll be cutting the highest level gem possible with this method, with the total cost of achieving Level 54 sitting at approximately just over 1M GP, I would strongly recommend training via this route unless you absolutely cannot afford to. Level 20-27 - Sapphires. 50XP per cut, total required 106. Cost ~40K OSRS Gold. Level 27-34 - Emeralds. 67.5XP per cut, total required 156. Cost ~50K OSRS Gold. Level 34-43 - Rubies. 85XP per cut, total required 355. Cost ~175K OSRS Gold. Level 43-54 - Diamonds. 107.5XP per cut, total required 936. Cost ~900K OSRS Gold.

Alternative Method: Level 46 – 54 – Unpowered Orbs

To continue from the Gold Bracelet method, you’ll want to move on to creating Unpowered Orbs. This requires a glassblowing pipe, and 1 molten glass per orb created. This is a very simple method, granting 52.5 XP per orb crafted. You’ll need to create 1,580 of these to achieve Level 54, which shouldn’t take a huge amount of time at all. You can expect to achieve approximately 60K XP per hour with this method, losing about 120gp per orb created. That means you can expect to pay ~200K to get from Level 46 to Level 54 with this method. From this point on, an ‘economy’ method doesn’t really exist for Crafting. It’s either the expensive, or the more expensive route. Let’s explore the options. Water Battlestaffs (Old Schoold Runescape)

Level 54 – 63 – Water Battlestaffs

This is the recommended route for both XP and cost efficiency. Creating water Battlestaffs requires 1 Battlestaff and 1 Water Orb to be made. Simply use the orb on the Battlestaff and hit create all, which allows you to create 14 Water Battlestaffs per inventory. XP jumps up nicely here, as one Battlestaff creation will yield 100 Crafting XP, however at a pretty hefty loss of 700gp per staff made. For Level 54 – 63, you’ll need to create 2,179 Water Battlestaffs, resulting in a net loss of approximately ~1.5M GP. Whilst expensive, it doesn’t really get any better from here, and you should expect to continue to pay between 4-6gp per XP gained up until Level 99. The upside is that with higher level Battlestaffs, you can achieve close to (perhaps exceed) 300K XP per hour!

Level 63 – 66 – Green Dragonhide Bodies  

Green Drangonhide Bodies (OSRS) You’ll need to go and find your trusty needle again, as for these levels we’ll be creating leather armour again – but this time it’s Green Dragonhide Leather. Each Green Dragonhide Body requires 3 Green Dragon Leather (the tanned variant) and 1 thread. Each body crafted will yield 186XP, with a net loss of approximately 900gp. You can expect to have to create 2,399 Green dragonhide bodies to get to Level 71, at an approximate cost of just over 2M GP. For Level 66, you’ll only need to craft 687 of the bodies, at a cost of approximately 600K GP. Whilst this method will grant pretty respectable XP per hour rates (250K or higher per hour is achievable), it does involve far more banking than the alternative methods (notably Battlestaffs) as you’ll only be able to create 8 bodies per inventory compared to 14 per inventory via the Battlestaff method.

Level 66 – 84 OR 99 – Air Battlestaffs 

Once you reach Level 66, you’ll unlock one of (if not the) most efficient method of achieving Level 99 Crafting. Air Battlestaffs are excellent XP, with 300K XP per hour being very achievable. Particularly fast players may be able to exceed this, coming close to 350K XP per hour, dependant on banking speed. As with Water Battlestaffs, an Air Battlestaff requires 1 Battlestaff and 1 Air Orb to create. Each staff created will yield 137.5XP, and the best part is that at current prices, it costs just over 4GP per XP gained to train using this method. Whilst that might sound high, for a buyable skill yielding 300K XP per hour, it’s actually pretty affordable, and could even be called cheap when compared to other skills such as Construction which can cost up to 15GP per XP. Achieving Level 99 via this method will require 91,187 Air Battlestaffs to be created, at a cost of just over 50M GP. Not a hefty price to pay for a very quick 99, all things considered. Currently, even historically cheaper methods such as creating higher level Dragonhide bodies are more expensive (around the 8GP per XP range), and these methods require more attention due to only being able to craft 8 per inventory instead of 14. However, with Black Dragonhide Bodies you may be able to achieve a higher XP rate, so it is worth considering if you’re heading for Level 99. The pricing for this method is very stable, as the cost of a Battlestaff is reasonably fixed, due to the fact that they are stocked in various shops throughout RuneScape, at a cost of 7K per staff. Additionally, the Air Battlestaff has a high alchemy value of 9,300 GP, meaning that the ‘finished product’ will always have a high value associated, as one cast of high alchemy requires just 1 nature rune of a negligible cost. Therefore, the only variable remaining is the cost of an Air Orb, which has hovered between 1K and 1.5K each throughout the entirety of OldSchool Runescape history. That means that this method is dependable and will most likely always be a very cost effective of training Crafting!

Level 84 – 99 – Black Dragonhide Bodies

This method is identical to the Green Dragonhide Body method discussed earlier, except you’ll be using Black Dragon Leather instead. Each Black Dragonhide Body will yield 258 XP, meaning that it’ll require 39,082 bodies to be crafted in order to reach Level 99. Doing so from Level 84 will also cost a hefty 86M GP at current prices, the same levels via Air Battlestaffs would cost just 42M by comparison, almost half the cost. This may be worthwhile for those who’s main concern is the XP rate, but even so it’s a tough sell. Consider that the Air Battlestaff method is more relaxing (14 per inventory vs 8 per inventory with Dragonhide Bodies), with the added cost and only marginal hourly XP increase, it’s hard to recommend.

Alternative Method: Level 55 – 99 – Dragonstones

All that money burning a hole in your pocket? Cutting Dragonstones is debatably the fastest method of training Crafting, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny. Going from Level 55 to Level 99 using this method will require 93,584 Dragonstones to be cut, at a total cost of ~150M gold at current prices. This works out to a cost of nearly 12gp/xp, almost exactly triple the cost of getting Level 99 via Air Battlestaffs. For the cost, however, you’ll experience XP rates up to and exceeding 400K XP per hour, with the added luxury of being able to cut 27 Dragonstones per inventory, making this method extremely relaxed whilst also being the fastest in the game. Whilst I don’t personally recommend this method to the average player, it’s worth being aware of its existence, as it’s technically the fastest method and wouldn’t be considered too crazy if you’re the type of player with a cash stack exceeding 3 figures (in millions). In summary, Crafting is a pretty chilled out skill with very little depth, the general basis of it is money in equals to XP out. However, it’s an easy way to earn some extra XP, total levels and unlock the fabled Crafting cape for that sweet, sweet Crafting Guild teleport. You’ll most likely be sticking with one method for a very long time if you’re headed for Level 99, so get used to spending a lot of time standing next to a bank booth, and enjoy the higher than average XP gains whilst they last.

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