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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Herblore Guide

Posted on 2019-04-05

Herblore is a skill generally considered to be a buyable, whereby with the right amount of OSRS gold, you can essentially pay to achieve extremely fast XP in comparison to other skills within the game. XP rates vary, but you can expect to gain approximately 300k XP per hour even from moderate levels. Don’t have enough gold? No problem! Here at food4rs we provide gold for the best rates and fast delivery! Just try it out yourself and see!

Why should you train your Herblore skill in Oldschool Runescape? 

Obtaining a high level in Herblore doesn’t have too many uses, aside from the obvious benefits of increasing total level/hiscore ranks and total XP. One notable exception is having the ability to make Overload potions within the Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1). This potion requires Level 75 Herblore to create, and due to Overload potions being considered essential, this will mean that you are beneficial to a group that may otherwise not have this requirement.

Quest Requirements 

In addition to this, there are a number of quests in OSRS that have a minimum Herblore level requirement in order to complete. Many quests unlock desirable rewards within the game, therefore this could act as an incentive to train the skill. The quests with herblore requirements are as follows:  


Level 3 - Jungle Potion

Level 5 - Lunar Diplomacy

Level 8 - Zogre Flesh Eaters

Level 10 - The Digsite

Level 14 - Watchtower

Level 15 - Shades of Mort'ton

Level 18 - One Small Favour

Level 25 - Heroes' Quest*

Level 31 - Eadgar's Ruse

Level 45 - Legends' Quest

Level 52 - Grim Tales*

Level 57 - Fairytale II - Cure a Queen*

Diary Requirements 

Similarly, many Achievement Diaries in OSRS have Herblore level requirements in order to complete. Diary rewards are arguably even more useful than Quest rewards within the game, therefore this may act as a strong incentive for players to level up their Herblore skill. The Diary tasks that have a Herblore level requirement are as follows:

Level Diary Difficulty Task
12 Kourend & Kebos Easy Create a strength potion in the The Deeper Lode pub.
22 Morytania Medium Mix a Guthix balance potion while in Morytania (NOT upstairs at Ectofuntus)
36 Desert Medium Create a Combat potion in the Desert
48 Kandarin Medium Create a Superantipoison potion from scratch in the Seers'/Catherby area
66 Fremennik Hard Mix a Super defence potion in the Fremennik Province
81 Falador Elite Mix a Saradomin brew in Falador east bank
86 Kandarin Elite Mix a Stamina mix on top of the Seers' Village bank
87 Karamja Elite Create an Anti-venom potion whilst standing in the Horseshoe mine
90 Varrock Elite Create a Super combat potion in Varrock west bank

Quest With Herblore XP Rewards 

Additionally, there are a variety of quests that reward Herblore XP. You may want to complete these before heading for Level 99 if you feel that the XP reward given is worthwhile:

Quest XP Reward Herblore Req
Druidic Ritual 250 -
Jungle Potion 775 3
Recruitment Drive 1,000 -
Heroes' Quest 1,325 25
The Dig Site 2,000 10
Shades of Mort'ton 2,000 15
Zogre Flesh Eaters 2,000 8
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen 3,500 57
Grim Tales 5,000 52
My Arm's Big Adventure 10,000 31
Eadgar's Ruse 11,000 31

Starting Out 

Before you have access to the Herblore skill, you must complete the Druidic Ritual quest which is started and finished in Taverly. To get there, use the Games Necklace teleport to Burthorpe and run South. Once completed, you’ll be granted Level 3 Herblore right away and you’ll be ready to start making potions.

There are 2 primary ways of gaining XP in Herblore. The first is cleaning Grimy herbs, which is a profitable, although slow, very click-intensive and tedious method to train Herblore. The Grimy herbs, their counterpart clean herb, level requirement and XP gain per cleaned herb are as follows:

Grimy Herb Clean Herb Herblore Requirement XP Gain
Grimy Guam Leaf Guam Leaf 3 2.5
Grimy Marrentill Marrentill 5 3.8
Grimy Tarromin Tarromin 11 5
Grimy Harralander Harralander 20 6.3
Grimy Ranarr Weed Ranarr Weed 25 7.5
Grimy Toadflax Toadflax 30 8
Grimy Irit Leaf Irit Leaf 40 8.8
Grimy Avantoe Avantoe 48 10
Grimy Kwuarm Kwuarm 54 11.3
Grimy Snapdragon Snapdragon 59 11.8
Grimy Cadantine Cadantine 65 12.5
Grimy Lantadyme Lantadyme 67 13.1
Grimy Dwarf Weed Dwarf Weed 70 13.8
Grimy Torstol Torstol 75 15

However, levelling using this method is generally not recommended, and in this guide I’ll primarily be focusing on the primary method, which is finishing potions by adding a secondary ingredient to an unfinished potion. The herb cleaning method should only be used by players with very limited gold at their disposal, as cleaning herbs generally results in a profit (at the time of writing, every herb cleaned yields a profit, with the lowest being Dwarf Weed 7gp profit, and  the highest being Torstol’s at 112gp profit). XP rates, however, are low, ranging from 12.5K-75K XP per hour with a high click intensity.   Finishing potions results in a far higher XP yield and is generally recommended for the vast majority of players. Adding a secondary ingredient to an unfinished potion is a 2-tick action, and so the theoretical maximum for potions made in an hour is 3,000. Taking banking into account drops the hourly rate to about 2,500. Experience rates for each method will depend on player banking speed, this guide will assume 2,500 potions made per hour.   Additionally, completing Jungle Potion, Recruitment Drive and The Dig Site quests will elevate a level 3 Herblore to level 19 (Level 25 Thieving and level 10 Agility are required to complete The Dig Site). This may be worthwhile dependant on your goals, however this would especially be recommended if you are intending on completing these quests at some point eventually, as the XP rewards will be more beneficial sooner rather than later.

Which Potions? 

When choosing which potions you will create, some prior research is required. Due to the fluctuating nature of the prices of both Herbs and secondary ingredients, this should be investigated every time you are looking to purchase more supplies to create potions with.   An excellent resource for viewing all Potions costs, buy/sell prices, and GP/Exp costs is the website at the following link - https://rsbuddy.com/efficiency#   By inputting your current and desired level, the calculator will automatically tell you the XP gain and GP/Exp cost of each potion (those highlighted red require a level higher than your inputted level). This gives you an easy overview of how much XP each potion yields, as well as the expected cost of training using that potion.   For example, if you were to input Level 52 (the requirement for creating Super Energy potions) as the starting level and Level 99 as the goal, you’d see that you need to create 109,879 Super Energy potions, at a current cost of 5.3GP/xp, resulting in a net loss of 68.4M GP to achieve Level 99. This gives us an excellent overview of each method, and a quick way of comparing them.   The main influencer for this decision should be your in-game wealth. Players with a high bankroll may prefer to use a costlier method with higher XP rewards as the trade-off. Similarly, players that are less wealth in-game may opt to use a cost efficient method to save money for reduced XP gains per hour. However, even the more economical methods (as Super Energy potions may be considered - they’re currently the 3rd cheapest method), will yield excellent XP rates, approximately 300K with Super Energys.   I’ll now list some of the methods available and their corresponding expected XP rates.

Level 52+: Super Energy Potions 

Super Energy Potions can be made from Level 52 upwards, and are created by mixing a Mort Myre Fungi with an Avantoe Potion (unf). Doing so will yield 117.5 Herblore XP, meaning that you’d need to create 109,879 of these to achieve Level 99. At a rate of 2,500 per hour, this would take approximately 44 hours. Not bad at all for a quick Level 99 skill.   Prices vary, however at current prices you can expect to shell out 68.4M GP for the privilege of achieving Level 99. This method is pretty reasonably priced and the XP gains are very reasonable, making this a solid choice for those with a modest bank balance.

Level 63+: Super Restore Potions 

Super Energy Potions can be made from Level 63 upwards, and are created by mixing Red spiders' eggs with a Snapdragon potion (unf). Doing so will yield 142.5 Herblore XP, meaning that you’d need to create 88,884 of these to achieve Level 99. At a rate of 2,500 per hour, this would take approximately 35.5 hours.   Whilst faster than the Super Energy Potion method, Super Restore potions are considerably more pricey to make, with an approximate GP/XP rate of 7.7gp/xp. This means that achieving Level 99 with this method would cost 97.2M at current prices, significantly higher than the 68.4M GP previously quoted. However, the time saved (which could be spent training another skill) could be worthwhile for some players, especially those with some extra cash, or those who find the Herblore skill to be boring and wish to overcome it as quickly as possible.

Level 72+: Ranging Potions 

Super Energy Potions can be made from Level 72 upwards, and are created by mixing a Wine of Zamorak with a Dwarf Weed Potion (unf). Doing so will yield 162.5 Herblore XP, meaning that you’d need to create 74,678 of these to achieve Level 99. At a rate of 2,500 per hour, this would take under 30 hours. That’s incredibly fast for a max level skill, which is why some players do opt to pay the premium for the faster methods.   At current prices, Level 99 will cost a staggering 135.8M, with a GP/XP cost of 11.2gp/xp. This method is capable of obtaining anywhere from 400K up to 450K and beyond, dependant on player banking speed.

Level 90+ Super Combat Potions 

This method is unique in that it is different to creating potions the normal way, due to the fact that the Super Combat Potion is made up of 3 different existing potions, plus one Torstol. These potions are the Super Attack, Super Strength, and Super Defence potions. Using a torstol on either of these potions whilst all are present in the player’s inventory will allow the player to create a Super Combat Potion.   Level 90 is required to create the potion, and each one will yield 150XP. Slightly less than some of the aforementioned methods, however this is reflected in the GP/XP cost, which is significantly less than those previously described. In fact, Super Combat Potions are the only potion that can sometimes be made for profit! This is otherwise unheard of when training Herblore.   At 150XP per potion, Level 99 will require 51,254 Super Combat Potions. Doing so, at current prices will yield a profit of 2M GP. However, as each Potion requires 4 items in total, each inventory, you’ll only be able to create 7 potions, as opposed to the 14 you may normally create at once. This results in a higher level of click intensity, and may be a less desirable method for many players who typically prefer to use more chilled out and relaxed methods.   However, for those with a limited amount of funds this method may be suitable, it’s an excellent compromise for cost against XP rewards. Creating 1,500 per hour will yield 225K XP per hour, and whilst creating 1,700 per hour will extend the yield to 255K XP per hour. Whilst modest compared to the 400K+ per hour claimed by the alternative methods, if you can tolerate the extra clicking and intensity requirement of creating these potions, this would be the most recommended method for the final Level 90 - 99 stretch.

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