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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Hunter Guide

Posted on 2019-06-03

Disliked by many to train, Hunter is often neglected and left untrained past the early levels. It is quite click intensive and not profitable until higher levels but there are serious rewards to be had from training this skill. It can be done as a level 3 as well as on a level 126, it is as useful for Ironmen as for regular accounts and it is actually a very fast skill to train, especially with the addition of birdhouses. For beginning you will need some gold and what should you do if you don’t have any? Yes right, you should just order some here at food4rs! We offer the best prices around with 24/7 customer support! 

Why should you improve your Hunter skill in Oldschool Runescape? 

From a pure efficiency standpoint, getting 99 Hunter is a good decision because of the sheer amount of GP that it earns you. No skill can compete with the time investment to GP that 99 Hunter gets you. Before birdhouses were added, Hunter was heavily neglected by most players because of the click intensive methods that were required. However, if you are playing somewhat regularly and pay decent attention to your birdhouse timers you completely skip these levels and can start training profitably.

Quest Requirements 

Level 10 - Cold War

Level 12 - Ascent of Arceuus

Level 27 - Eagles’ Peak (required to use box traps)

Level 60 - Monkey Madness II

Diary Requirements 

Level Diary Difficulty Task
5 Desert Easy Catch a golden warbler
9 Western Provinces Easy Catch a copper longtail
11 Fremennik Easy Catch a cerulean twitch
29 Morytania Medium Catch a swamp lizard
31 Western Provinces Medium Trap a spined larupia
35 Kourend & Kebos Medium Catch a bluegill on Lake Molch
35 Fremennik Medium Catch a snowy knight
41 Karamja Medium Trap a horned graahk
42/50 Lumbridge Medium Catch an essence or eclectic impling in Puro-Puro
47 Desert Medium Catch an orange salamander
53 Kourend & Kebos Medium Catch a chinchompa in the Kourend Woodland
55 Fremennik Hard Catch a sabre-toothed kyatt
59 Ardougne Hard Catch a Red Salamander
66 Varrock Hard Trade furs with the Fancy Dress Seller for a Spottier cape and equip it
67 Wilderness Hard Catch a black salamander
69 Western Provinces Hard Catch a dashing kebbit

Quests with Hunter XP Rewards 

Similar to the quests requiring Hunter levels to complete, there are not many quests which reward you Hunter XP, however you are able to complete the Natural History Quiz in the Varrock Museum for 1,000 Hunter (and Slayer) XP at level 1 which gets you level 9 instantly, I would highly recommend you to do this instead of training through conventional methods at this low level. Below are the quests which grant Hunter XP.

Quest XP Reward Hunter Req
Natural History Quiz 1,000 -
Eagles’ Peak 2,500 27
Monkey Madness II 15,000 60

Training Hunter 

Now that you’ve completed the Natural History Quiz you are ready to start training Hunter. Unlike other gathering skills, there is definitely a right and wrong way to skill Hunter as until you reach the higher levels, nothing is profitable (other than birdhouses) so you should always do whatever will get you the most XP per hour. In regard to birdhouses, all of these methods I will list can be substituted for birdhouse runs if you’d prefer to level Hunter passively while doing other things. This will be slower in terms of total hours played but it is perfectly fine to do.

Birdhouse Runs 

Requiring 100 Varrock Museum Kudos, The Dig Site and Bone Voyage, birdhouses are an extremely popular training method for Hunter which can be done from as early as level 5, with requirements increasing up to 89 for redwood birdhouses. They function similar to farming patches for Hunter, being ready to collect every 50 minutes or so. You have the chance of receiving birds nest from the houses, making them very important for Ironmen. It is recommended to unlock these as soon as possible and do them frequently as they increase your Hunter XP per hour significantly. At level 5, a full birdhouse run would grant you 1120 XP which would boost you to level 12. The XP gained from birdhouses makes it possible to skip slow training methods entirely. It is up to you whether you want to train Hunter directly or not, but you should try your best not to neglect birdhouses.

Level 9 - 15: Feldip Weasels

You will need to catch 30 feldip weasels to go from level 9 to 15 Hunter. You will search jungle plants to discover trails and the weasel will be found after successfully searching 3 jungle plants. You will need a noose wand to hunt feldip weasels, purchasable from any Hunter shop or the Grand Exchange. Catching 30 feldip weasels should take 20 minutes.

Level 15 - 29: Ruby Butterflies and Copper Longtails

This is where training Hunter speeds up. Bring a butterfly net, 5 butterfly jars and 2 bird snares with you. You will be catching ruby butterflies and copper longtails, making sure to focus on keeping your bird snares up over catching butterflies as they grant much more XP. If you are able to afford stamina potions these will help you greatly. Even though copper longtails grant less XP per catch than cerulean twitches, it is much faster to catch these birds because of the extra XP gained catching butterflies at the same time. Depending on how focused you are and if you brought stamina potions along this process should take around 30 minutes.

Level 29 - 43: Green Swamp Lizards

From level 29 to 43 you will be catching green swamp lizards in Morytania swamp. Like last time, you will be jumping up in XP rates with this method. Bring 5 ropes and small fishing nets to set up traps on the trees nearby the Hunter icons and wait for the lizards to get caught. Make sure to release the lizards as soon as you catch them as they increase your weight by a lot. Bringing stamina potions and alchs/fletching supplies is recommended but not necessary. You will need to catch 253 green swamp lizards to go from level 29 to 43 Hunter which should take no longer than an hour. XP rates improve significantly at level 40 due to the availability of another trap.

Level 43 - 59: Spotted Kebbit and Dark Kebbits

A method that I used to hate due to how quickly my inventory would fill up because of the rapid catching, being able to shift-drop bones and fur makes this an extremely fast way to train your Hunter! From level 43 to 57 Hunter you will be training doing falconry south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, hunting spotted kebbits. You will need to bring 500 coins to pay Matthias for the pleasure of hunting these little kebbits. Weight reducing armour is recommended due to the amount of running. If you are using RuneLite and are able to tag a certain spawn to see when it will respawn that is the best method of training here. You will need to catch 1,471 spotted kebbits to go from 43 to 57 Hunter. It is recommended to do birdhouse runs whenever possible here.

At level 57 you are able to catch dark kebbits and once able you should focus on these as they give more XP than their spotted brothers. From 57 to 59 Hunter you only need to catch 339 dark kebbits, taking less than an hour.

Level 59 - 67: Red Salamanders

Caught using the exact same method as the green swamp lizards earlier, from level 59 to 67 Hunter you will be catching red salamanders north of Castle Wars and south of Ardougne. You may be tempted to catch red chinchompas and finally start making some money out of your hard effort but I’d recommend waiting. You will need to catch 1,104 red salamanders to go from 59 to 67 Hunter. This will take 5 hours if you don’t stop to do birdhouse runs. Again, I’d recommend to do your birdhouses during this grind as it will speed it up. Don’t forget alchs and weight reducing armour.

Level 67 - 73: Black Salamanders

When in the Wilderness you are able to place an extra trap, making black salamanders extremely quick XP, placing 5 traps means XP rates of around 110,000 per hour. Don’t worry about being in the Wilderness, players do not come here often and you risk nothing anyway. You will need to catch 1,393 black salamanders to reach level 73 Hunter, allowing you to catch black chinchompas.

Level 73 - 99: Black Chinchompas

It’s finally time to start making money training Hunter. Serious money. Assuming you don’t get killed once training from 73 to 99 Hunter (which is completely unrealistic), the 38,228 black chinchompas will yield 116,595,400 GP.

Obviously you will not be able to sit at black chinchompas hunting non stop until you’ve caught nearly 40,000 of them, but if you’re cautious and are quick to log out then you really shouldn’t lose many. It’s worth considering training Hunter before combat on a new account to avoid most of the players you would encounter, as it’s only level 33 Wilderness. Being so close to level 30 Wilderness means that you should bring an amulet of glory or grand seed pod to quickly teleport away. Some people would suggest you to level to 80 before training at black chinchompas because you gain access to 6 total traps at this level, however this is unnecessary as the XP rates you will be receiving when 3-ticking here before 80 is comparable to black salamanders. It is important to hunt black chinchompas on non-peak times to minimize player killers.

When hunting chinchompas, using RuneLite to tag the monster is a huge advantage, allowing you to differentiate it from others, allowing easier spawn-trapping. This is a method in which you surround a particular chinchompa’s spawn with traps, greatly increasing XP and GP rates.

Depending on your combat stats and money available for equipment, your inventory and worn items will look very different. If you’re extremely low level this is irrelevant as if someone is within your combat bracket you are likely to die regardless without overheads (HIGHLY recommended if you’re below 20 combat to get protect prayers, making you almost impossible to kill). Wearing the best possible defense against mage is effective as higher levels will use ice barrage and teleport block spells on you to try to stop you from fleeing. If you’re able to equip a Dinh’s Bulwark and are high 90s in combat stats you are virtually unkillable combined with a Serpentine Visage to prevent venom. A magic shortbow is also used to kill the chincompa if they run away from your traps.

Level 63+: Red Chinchompas

If you are getting frustrated with the amount of player killers prowling at black chinchompas, their red brothers are an acceptable substitute. Earning less XP and GP, but providing a consistent source of income and experience. Able to be hunted at level 63, it is highly recommended to wait until you’re level 80 Hunter and have access to the private hunting grounds after completing the hard Western Provinces diary. Experience rates vary on your level and focus due to 3-ticking, but it is possible to reach up to 180,000 per hour at higher levels, resulting in GP of over 800,000 per hour. If you were to train from level 63 Hunter to 73, you would need to catch 2,356 red chinchompas, taking roughly 6 hours, earning you over 3,500,000 GP at current prices, and if you were to catch red chinchompas from 63 to 99 Hunter you would earn 68,826,240.


In my opinion it is worth the risk to hunt black chinchompas instead of red as the XP and GP rates are high enough to cancel out whatever you lose by death. Also on the important topic of birdhouses, it is vital to unlock those as early as possible in your account as they eliminate the mundane and slow levels of Hunter while you’re training other skills or questing.


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