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    Australian Server Problems - Scammers Try To Take Advantage

    Posted on 26 May 2016

    We would like to warn our Australian customers about possible malicious action being carried out on their server. While this server was known for its long-time instability for a while, reports of malevolent and organized activity have been hitting the Internet recently. As the reddit user RunescapeWhiteHat warns, a vulnerability in the Australian RuneScape server has been detected. This weakness allows DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks to be carried out on the server, making it go offline for long periods of time and disrupting players’ gameplay. It’s especially worrisome when you take into account that this could happen while in a boss fight or in other dangerous circumstances. Thi

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    Another Scam Hits Gielinor

    Posted on 26 May 2016

    Some scattered reports have recently reached us concerning an old-as-the-world scam that’s been gaining popularity. Players message their clan mates asking for loans and disappear after getting what they asked for. The problem is that these malicious players aren’t really your clan mates. They are scammers, who created characters with similar looking names, trying to take advantage of your inattention and weasel some gold out of you. When you keep in mind that “SInnEr” looks quite similar to “SlnnEr”, it’s not hard to believe that some people fall for it. When you think about, a question immediately pops up – how do these people know whom to impersonate? Off the top of our head and without diving into crazy conspi

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    Avoiding scams in Runescape

    Posted on 29 Jun 2015

    Scam ways. There are lots of scam ways in RuneScape, such as armour trimming, money doubling, trust game scams and so on. What the scamming is? So, basically scamming is when a guy steals money or items from another person through deception or trickery. It is against the rules and may end in a ban or mute. You can always report scammer for attempted or successful scamming. Here is a little bit more about most common scams that people use on RuneScape.

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