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Anti-scam guide

Posted on 29 Jun 2015


Caution. In this article you will learn how not to get scammed. There is always a possibility that you can meet players in RuneScape trying to scam or trick other players for personal gains or something that has value. There are some advices how to avoid this. Let’s begin.

1. Be careful. If you want to buy or sell something (trade) from/to other player, you should take your time and carefully check the both trade screens before clicking accept button. Don’t be in a rush, because the items you saw, might be swapped at the very last second.

2. Real Value. If you want to buy some items, you should know the real value of the item before you buy it. The price that is seen in trade screen might be not accurate at all.

3. Unsafe places. Always remember that Wilderness and many other places are the places, that is not safe for trading and you will be killed by other players (lurer’s friends, which are waiting for you to come) and you will lose your stuff.

4. Distant places. If player comes to you and asks to follow him to a less crowded place, you can already know, that he’s trying to scam you. For example, if he asks you to drop your items on the ground, and then trade him for your prize, avoid that, because there is a big chance in losing your stuff and leaving without anything.

That’s pretty much it, if you will see anyone, who is doing similar things which are mentioned above, immediately REPORT him for Item scamming. Now you’ve learned how not to get scammed, so get started and big luck in playing.

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