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Why do you need to buy RS3 gold?

Have you set your mind on buying cheap Runescape 3 Gold, but had too many questions on how and where to do it and not get left holding the bag? We have got you covered.

The more sites where you can get cheap RS3 gold there are, the more careful you need to be. For a while, the only option to buy Runescape 3 gold was via scummy-looking forums, but those times are long gone. However, the nerve-racking questions remain:

  • How do I buy RS3 gold?
  • Which payment methods can I use to pay for RS3 gold?
  • How much is Runescape Gold worth?
  • How do I know it is safe?

When buying anything on the internet, it is logical that safety should be your first and main priority. The players would agree, it is hard to find a safe and cheap website to buy Runescape 3 gold.

Safe Online Trading has been on the market for over 3 years and has already gained more than 10.000 retaining customers. Having a strong policy on preventing fraud attempts and refunds, it is the best RS3 gold site in terms of usability, safety, and sc3 gold price – if you are looking to buy cheap RS3 gold, look no further.

It takes mere minutes:

  1. Choose the amount of RS3 gold you need and type it into the corresponding window;
  2. Complete your purchase with your PayPal account;
  3. Send a message to the 24/7 Live Support (that is, by the way, willing to help you every step of the way!);
  4. Get your RS3 Gold.

Solving the problem

Don’t have a PayPal account?

No problem! Although PayPal is the easiest and most common option, you can pay for RS3 gold with Bitcoins, Western Union and European bank transfers, Skrill and many other payment options provided by G2A Pay. Do not hesitate to contact the Live Support to ask if you have questions about the above-mentioned payment methods.

What about an ID? / Why do I need an ID to buy RS3 Gold? / What else do I need to buy RS3 Gold?

Keep in mind that in order to complete the purchase, you may need to have an ID at hand, as you will need to confirm your identity. This is done for your own safety – to make sure that the purchase is not being done using a stolen account.

Plus, any usage of VPN or Proxy is prohibited, thus, you can be sure that your money will go where they need to.

Buy RS3 Gold

How long does it take to buy RS3 Gold?

All orders are being processed within minutes, so once you have completed all the required steps, you will receive your RS3 gold that instant.

How much real money is RS3 Gold worth?

It might as well just so happen that you have extra RuneScape 3 gold that you would like to sell. Your wish is our command! Cheap when you buy it, expensive when you sell it.

See – exchanging RS3 gold can be quick, easy, and safe! Throw scruples overboard – less doubts, more Runescape 3 gold.


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