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    • Every $60 spent in a single order gives you a ticket. For example, if you buy gold for $60 you get one ticket. If you buy gold for $120 you get two tickets etc.
    • Your Lottery tickets will be sent to your email address after you claim your Runescape gold.
    • Message Live Chat if you won something to claim your prize.
    • More than 50% tickets are winning.
    • If you buy 07 (OSRS) gold you will be trying to win 07 (OSRS) gold. If you buy RS3 gold you will have a chance to win RS3 gold.
    • Try your luck using codes RS3TEST or 07TEST to see prizes for RS3 or 07 (OSRS) purchases. You can try these tickets as many times as you want, they are example tickets. No prizes are given for these tickets.


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