Why you should buy Runescape OSRS account from Food4Rs?

  1. All accounts are safe and can not be recovered.
  2. You will be first and only owner of purchased account.
  3. Buying cheap runescape account from Food4Rs you will receive it within minutes and can start playing in no time.
  4. All accounts are leveled using most efficient and safe methods.


IMPORTANT tips after account purchase:

  1. Change email address and password immediately after purchase! (Guide how to change email and password)
  2. Do not use any power leveling or other services on this account 1 week after the purchase.
  3. After successful transaction contact our live chat support to check your order status.
  4. All sales are final and we do not offer refunds after client has received account information.
  5. Buying cheap runescape account you accept our ToS.


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